“Never Come to Mumbai Otherwise You May Jail In My Land” ~Banned Wickedfire User

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The beauties of being a Wickedfire Mod

faizanazmath: Hi
faizanazmath: hi
faizanazmath: you around
faizanazmath: I have some important work with you
Ad Hustler: ?
faizanazmath: my account was banned from Wickedfire.. I have done nothing wrong
faizanazmath: please check
Ad Hustler: so how is this important to me?
faizanazmath: I am drfaizan from WF
faizanazmath: As you are a moderator you can help me
faizanazmath: I want my account ban get lifted please
Ad Hustler: who banned you and why
faizanazmath: I really don’t know may be they were thinking I am bumping my thread
faizanazmath: I have good clients out there
faizanazmath: one of them has also mailed to WF admin or moderator
faizanazmath: I could have created one more account but I want that account back
faizanazmath: I was having little reputation with that account
Ad Hustler: i would suggest going back to whatever mod banned you and begging for forgiveness
faizanazmath: I am not going to beg anyone
faizanazmath: I have not done anything wrong
faizanazmath: so I won’t
Ad Hustler: you must beg
Ad Hustler: the mod that banned you
Ad Hustler: it is the rules
faizanazmath: if I would have commited a mistake then I would have asked for forgiveness
faizanazmath: really? Who wrote the rules
Ad Hustler: lord jon
faizanazmath: is it written in rules that they will ban whoever they want to and then ask them to beg
faizanazmath: Don’t be arrogant buddy
Ad Hustler: yes it is
faizanazmath: think for others too
Ad Hustler: only for you
Ad Hustler: it is written in the rules
faizanazmath: really am I special?
Ad Hustler: quite the opposite it seems
faizanazmath: then why there are special rules for me
faizanazmath: do you work?
faizanazmath: I mean do you have any job?
Ad Hustler: no, the only job i have is to listen to you complain about getting banned from wickedfire
Ad Hustler: its an important job
faizanazmath: and do you get paid for that?
Ad Hustler: i pay for the privelage
faizanazmath: privelage?
faizanazmath: for being arrogant and cruel? How do you feed your family members? Infact how do you manage to get money for yourself?
Ad Hustler: i dont get money
faizanazmath: you don’t do any job.. you don’t get paid I wonder how you survive
Ad Hustler: i don’t, i’m dead
faizanazmath: ok so you are in hell right now?
Ad Hustler: the fact that i’m having to deal with you, i think so
faizanazmath: you are not trying to deal with me
Ad Hustler: oh right
Ad Hustler: i got confused
faizanazmath: you are begging me to beg
Ad Hustler: dont beg to me
Ad Hustler: beg the mod that banned you
faizanazmath: but why you are begging me to beg other moderator?
faizanazmath: do you get pleasure in begging others?
Ad Hustler: i dont care if you do or you dont but that’s the only way your going to get unbanned
Ad Hustler: its in the rules
faizanazmath: I have not committed any mistake so I can clarify it but not ask for forgiveness
Ad Hustler: forgiveness is necessary
Ad Hustler: There are 2 things you must do to have your ban lifted
Ad Hustler: 1) Beg forgiveness from the mod that banned you
Ad Hustler: 2) Create a video praising lord jon
faizanazmath: hmm you are so Corrupt
faizanazmath: I wonder how you guys didn’t get caught by ACB
Ad Hustler: American Council of The Blind?
faizanazmath: Anti Corruption Bureau
Ad Hustler: considering they only police Mumbai i think Lord Jon and his deciphels will be ok
faizanazmath: great so never come to Mumbai otherwise you may Jail in my land
Ad Hustler: I have taken note
faizanazmath: wise step
Ad Hustler: i must be going but good luck my indian friend
faizanazmath: Thanks between may I know with whom I have chatted ?
Ad Hustler: This is Barman of PPC.bz
faizanazmath: I am faizan seo expert
faizanazmath: will meet you in WF soon
faizanazmath: good Blog
faizanazmath: I appreciate it
faizanazmath: so you earn online Sounds good

Good Luck Bro

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Shoe Vs Yu At Affiliate Summit West 2010

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By now, we all know of the drama surrounding Dennis Yu & Shoemoney.  If you don’t then crawl out from the rock you’ve been living under.

Shoemoney, Dennis Yu and some others were supposed to be on a panel together about Facebook advertising at Affiliate Summit West 2010.  After all of these allegations came out about Dennis, people were baffled that Dennis was still going to be on the panel.  Considering all of the drama surrounding these guys, I thought that it was a great idea to leave things as they were and see how it all played out.

Yesterday, Shoemoney mentioned on his blog that he was creating a Powerpoint presentation with facts backing up his allegations against Dennis Yu.  Shawn Collins and Jim Kukral stated that a presentation of that nature on a Facebook panel would be unnacceptable.  Shoemoney in return stated that maybe it would be better if he was taken off the panel in that case.  This left only Dennis Yu and other people involved with his company, Blitzlocal, left on the panel.

Ruck made a post today on the Convert2Media blog about how Shoemoney should be put back on the Facebook panel.  I like when people are willing to take a stand and state their position, so I completely repect Rucks opinion here.  I however have a better solution of how this whole Shoemoney, Dennis Yu, Affiliate Summit drama bomb should be handled.

Shawn Collins has a point in saying that Shoemoney should not be allowed to make an anti Dennis Yu/Blitzlocal presentation at a Facebook Panel during affiliate Summit.  If it’s a Facebook Panel, then the topic should be Facebook.  Dennis Yu’s knowledge on the topic has even been called into question.  Affiliate Summit should thrown EVERYONE off of this Facebook Panel and start fresh.  There are plenty of knowledgeable Facebook guys that can replace them.

The next thing that Affiliate Summit should do is not shy away from the Shoe vs. Yu drama.  Summit is already stuck in the middle of this so they may as well confront it head on.  My suggestion here is to create a new session.  Invite Shoemoney & Dennis Yu to both present their sides of the story.  Call it Shoe Vs. Yu because it rhymes (people love stuff that rhymes).  Get Jim Kukral to moderate it because he is an awesome moderator and an extremely fair individual.  This solution would make everyone happy!

  • Shoemoney can state his case against Dennis Yu
  • Dennis Yu can state his case against Shoemoney
  • Affiliates will eat all of this up because their so involved in following this drama online already
  • Affiliate Summit would sell more full conference passes because who would want to miss that?

I can see where Affiliate Summit wouldn’t want to feed more fuel to this fire by acknowledging this war in it’s own session, but at the end of the day, they are a business.  If they can provide what attendees want to see, they do better for themselves in the end.  Heck, if Summit feels guilt over putting something like this together, charge an extra $20 per seat for admission and give the money to charity.  At least you could say all the mudslinging was for a good cause.

I have a great deal of respect for Shawn Collins, Missy Ward & Affiliate Summit.  I think they will end up doing the right thing in the end.

So what do you think?  Does a seperate session solve this Shoe Vs Yu at Affiliate Summit dilemma once and for all?

Please Note: I do receive a Press Pass to Affiliate Summit which get’s me in for free however, all statements and thoughts are my own opinions.

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I Ask For Hardcore Gangsta And This Is What I Get

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Ad:Tech NY 2009 has been a blast.  All of the exhibiting booths have their gimmicks.  One booth that was setup was called “We Design Garbage Logos {Name Withheld To Protect The Terrible.”  They had your typical stupid booth girls that couldn’t answer any questions but they said they would design a free logo for me.  This made my pants wet so I had to try it (just for fun).  They asked what style logo I would like.  I asked for “Hardcore Gangsta.”  This is what I got:


That is a terrible logo if I do say so myself.

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Will Zac Johnson Ever Offer Anything of Value On His Blog?

Posted by Ad Hustler | Posted in Affiliate Marketing, Bustin Kneecaps, Local Online Advertising | Posted on 02-11-2009

I am an avid reader of ZacJohnson.com.  I can’t explain why.  It’s like a train wreck that I can’t look away from.  The blog is horrible.  Zac never writes about ANYTHING.  All he does is take money from networks, hold stupid ass contests between outing peoples landing pages and explaining how Flogs work.  You can probably learn more from analyzing John Chow’s bowel movements then you can from a Zac Johnson post.

Does any blog really need 24 ads on its home page, not including all the promotional crap within the posts? (Yes, I counted).

Zac’s newest post is about a Gary Vaynerchuk billboard he saw on the way to a New Jersey Nets game.  He ponders whether billboards are effective advertising or not.  Rather then actually giving any info about billboard or outdoor advertising, he just writes a retarded post that offers NO VALUE.  Yea yea he’s supposed to ask Gary some questions about how it’s doing for him but I assure you, you will gain nothing from that interview.

Well…Ad Hustler likes to actually give away information that can make YOU money.  I’ve asked one of the most trusted bloggers in the industry (as well as my good friend) to do a guest post case study on a billboard advertising campaign that they recently ran.  The post will be up within 12 hours.  Enjoy.

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Learn How To Do Business Like Radioshack To Survive The Recession

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Instead of getting his money back, one Radio Shack customer got a sock in the jaw when he tried to return something. According to the police report, the employee wouldn’t let the customer return the item. When the customer asked to speak to a manager – kapow! And you thought the worst thing you had to worry about was if you kept your receipt!


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