Odell Beckham Jr Is Ad Hustling You

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It’s no secret that i’m a huge New York Giants fan.  I’m also a fan of Odell Beckham Jr.  His latest antics on the field actually made me like him more.  I like a guy with fire.  One thing I don’t like however is using the good will of the fans to make a buck.  I saw a blog post that Odell has on his blog entitled “Thank You” blowing up on Bleacher Report with a heartfelt message to the fans saying that he has some growing up to do and having some positive words for the newly departed Coach Coughlin.  Very nice, except for the ad smack dab in the middle of it saying “Grab my gear to show your Giants Pride all year!”

So is this a heartfelt message to fans or click bait to get sites to link to it and sell some gear?  At least you can admit you still have growing up to do.  If you want to do something heartfelt, don’t ask for money in the same message.  It doesn’t seem authentic anymore.  Giants fans and the media have been Ad Hustled.

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Google: Get Your Local Targeting Act Together

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It’s pretty well established that local online advertising is the next frontier. Local businesses have and will be jumping online to spend their advertising dollars. Local search has grown at an exponential rate over the last few years. I happen to have vast experience in the local search arena as I have done it for years. Local search is more difficult then national search for a few reasons. The clicks tend to be more expensive and the targeting is not all that precise. MSN’s local targeting is almost non existent. Yahoo’s is not too great as it only really targets on a DMA based level. Google boasts the most comprehensive local targeting out of any of the search engines. Unfortunately it has some major major problems that not everyone knows about.

Google targets local users in a number of ways but the main way is by IP address. IP address targeting is not all that reliable which makes Google’s local targeting also not too reliable. Clicks also tend to be quite expensive.

For a current campaign, I’m paying $4-$6 per click for specific keywords related to my niche.  The traffic however converts very very well which makes up for the price. The region I’m targeting is a suburb of NYC. I am targeting it using the polygon tool in the targeting options of the Google Adwords account. Here is a screenshot:

I also use Google Analytics to track my traffic.  This helps determine where visitors are coming from.  Here is a screenshot of the last 30 days:

By looking at the targeting and the report all seems well.  The analytics report shows a few clicks from outside of my targeted area but nothing major.  No biggie right?  All is well in regional targeting world……NOT!  There are some major issues because a decent chunk of the leads being derived from the campaign are coming from WAY outside my targeted area.  Since I have full access to the leads generated I can see the users location.  Here are some examples of leads derived in the last 30 days and where they came from:

Central San Diego County, California
Jefferson City, Columbia, Missouri
Metropolitan Boston, Massachusetts
Central Dallas, Texas
New Hampshire
Buffalo, New York

Those are just a few examples of the leads derviced out of the last 900 or so clicks that are unacceptably outside my designated targeting area.  This problem has been going on for years.  Even though Google Analytics shows most of the traffic as within the area I’m targeting, something obviously is wrong since all of these leads are coming from outside the market area.

This is a problem that the internet advertising companies/networks are going to have to get right before local internet advertising is a viable and accepted advertising medium for small businesses.

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Does This Commercial Irritate You As Much As It Does Me?

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ModernClick Accuses Me Of Fraud – I Accuse Them Of Spam

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Ok…The title is a little salacious but I hate spam.  March 24, 2008 I applied to this affiliate network. I don’t even remember why.  Following my application, I was never contacted by the network, never approved and actually forgot about the network, until today when I received this email:

Effective Immediately: Payment Process Change

Effective Immediately:

Our network, along with other networks, has been experiencing a
significantly high amount of fraud.
Most of the fraud comes to us because people are signing up with account
names and addresses that
are not theirs.  Fraud and providing false information is intolerable.  If
you are doing nothing wrong,
and you have nothing to hide, then applications would have been submitted
with correct data.

As an added security measure for our identification verification process
we will be sending this
month’s payment via US mail.  This will verify to us that your mailing
address is yours and you were
able to cash the check under the name on the account.

* If you do not want to follow this process, please email us, and we will
close your account for you.
* If the check is returned to us as undeliverable, we will close your
* If the check is not cashed within 90 days, we will close your account.

If you live overseas, please verify that your threshold is set high enough
so you can cash the check in
your country.  Some countries will not cash small checks.

Also note that all future new applicants will need to have their first
checks mailed to them as well.

A Devision of Gibble LLC

As stated earlier Ive never dealt with this affiliate network.  I’ve also never signed up to be mailed by them.  I’m glad that I haven’t, because the attitude they take in this message is ridiculous.  Just read that email.  Don’t they come off as the HUGEST douchepickles?

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Proof Read Your Ads

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Every so often you come across a gem of a banner ad. I was on Digitalpoint and saw this ad:

I took the liberty of highlighting and pointing an arrow at the glaring spelling/grammar mistake.  If that wasn’t stupid enough for you, read the banner again and the whole thing becomes more ridiculous.  The banner states “Triple The Traffic To Your Website… In 48 Hrs!”  It then goes on to offer you a 14-day trial.  Why would you need a 14 day trial if your traffic is going to triple within 48 Hrs?

As stupid as this ad is, I bet some Digitalpoint dummy fell for it and is crying that they got ripped off.

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