CASE STUDY: How to Generate Thousands of Targeted Facebook Likes with a Small $10 Budget

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So…I was browsing Facebook one fine day and saw a post by an industry friend, Stephanie Lichtenstein, talking about the great results she was getting in generating real “Facebook Likes” for her clients with small budgets.  Quite frankly, I found some of what she was saying hard to believe, so I challenged her a little bit.  She didn’t back down and after I asked her to do a case study she easily obliged.  I have to respect that and this is an interesting case study on how she generates likes for her clients.  Her company is MicroMediaMarketing.

After you watch the video, please share your thoughts or any other tips you have.


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Are You Indispensable?

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This is a Guest Post By Ad Hustler Contributor: Kim Ann Curtin, Life Coach

Are You Indispensable?

“The only way to get what you’re worth is to stand out, to exert emotional labor, to be seen as indispensable, and to produce interactions that organizations and people care deeply about.” ~Seth Godin

Did you know that to take us former hunters and farmers and transform us into rule following, non-thinking factory workers; gin carts were pushed up and down the aisles of factories to keep us, the workers “happy?” Well it’s true. It took a while but after twenty years man’s spirit was inebriated enough so that the carts were no longer necessary. But since they had to make sure that the products these factories produced in bulk kept selling they also needed to ensure that a different kind of production line also ran, the one called “consumers,” and so another sort of gin cart was created, one that made sure that mediocrity and standardization reigned as king, thwarting individuality and uniqueness. The name of that cart pushed up and down the aisles of every American town was and is the public school system.

These are just two of the many shocking things I’ve learned from Seth Godin. I heard him speak at this year’s Small Business Conference. He was discussing his new book Linchpin and his talk brought the entire room to their feet with loud applause. One of the only standing ovations I’ve ever experienced at a business conference! The crowd responded to what he said as though we were at an old style revival meeting. There was hope in every business person in the room unlike I’ve ever seen. And I actually had tears in my eyes when he finished.

The truths that are revealed in this book, the subtitle of which is the name of this column, are a total game changer. And I’ll warn you if it’s an easy answer you seek or the black and white clarity about what you are supposed to do next, it won’t satisfy you. What you will find is that he advocates you turning for direction to the one place that our culture, society and education system has kept you from; yourself.

Like peroxide that must be poured on an infected wound or a mother bird that pushes her children out of the nest when it’s time for them to learn how to fly, Mr. Godin spares us no mercy. He startles us with the news that yes indeed that light barreling down the track towards us is a train and it’s headed straight for us and the “factories” we are working in. (Including the white collars ones.) He stresses that if we don’t want to be hit by this train then we have to stop waiting for our boss or another authority figure to tell us what to do and how to do it. Get off the damn track, he advocates, and begin the inquiry of what we can do to make a difference perhaps for the company we now work in or decide if it’s time to begin our own.

To survive in this new world we have only one hope and that’s to become indispensable. And why must we become this? Because, “There are no longer any great jobs where someone else tells you precisely what to do.” He explains; we aren’t two teams any longer (management and labor) but three; the third team are the linchpins. “The death of the factory means that the system we have built our lives around is now upside down.”

Either way we need to wake up and realize the bill of goods some of us were sold; work hard, follow directions and stay in line; has now turned into a pink slip. Now we must think for ourselves and stop waiting for someone else to choose what’s next for us. If we don’t we’re toast.  The days of authority rule are finished. Each man must become his own authority.

Initially it’s scary but then you begin to realize that what he is talking about is the one thing you gave up hope on finding years ago. A world in which you and your “art” get to make a difference, a world where you get to contribute all of who you are and design the map instead of following someone else’s. And here’s the important part this can be done within organizations too. You just have to be brave enough to begin without getting permission.

You will walk away from this book realizing you are more critical to this world then you could have ever imagined. And that we are all in desperate need of you and your gifts. And in the most important chapter of the book (in fact he tells you to read this chapter even if you read nothing else) titled The Resistance, he explains how hard-wired we all are to resist the feelings we experience when we are about to make our own path, create something unique or embark on a break though.

Read Linchpin and learn from a very wise man, who believes in you and is begging you to help transform the world.

Kim Ann Curtin – Website | Blog | Twitter | Youtube

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Five Simple Steps to Get What You Want from a Freelancer

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This is a guest post written by Dina Riccobono

Freelance projects are a convenient way to partner up with talented designers, writers, and tech geniuses for online marketers on a time or budget crunch. As a professional that has been on both sides of the negotiating process, I have come across some situations that have provided insights that need to be shared. No matter which side of the fence you’re on, there are some very clear-cut tips that should be, but often aren’t followed. Here are some spring cleaning tips for your project work.

-Know what you want.
One of the biggest time wasters in any negotiating process is running before you can walk. If you aren’t ready to launch a project until 2015, don’t start shopping for a contractor today. Be ready to rock and roll the first time you start your search. Discussing hypotheticals is useless for you and the freelancer who you just spent an hour devising a plan to open virtual hotel on Mars in the year 3000. It makes great content for Conan O’Brien’s new show, but it’s not going to help you make money, or friends in the industry.

-Know what you can afford.
Big problem with a lot of you online marketers- you’re big BSers. Yup, I said it. STOP LYING! If you have $2/ hr to pay a programmer, Fine but don’t look stateside. There are plenty of sites out there who will find you a freelancer from a third world country for a penny a day. If that’s what you want, great. Quality is probably not important to you, and that’s ok (more on this below).

Sometimes you just need a project done and skill sets are irrelevant. If you want Einstein to solve your math problems, though, expect to pay accordingly. I can’t tell you how nuts I go when unnamed potential clients try to ‘do you a huge favor’ by giving you a 500 page novel to write for $5 or less. It’s great that there are service providers that can meet any budget, but you get what you pay for. Freelancers have to pay their bills just like you do.

-Quality Score Your Project.
This tip will help in almost any facet of your business. Know what you’re willing to sacrifice and what you absolutely can’t live without. Think of your project on a scale of 1-10. Rating relevant aspects of your product, service, or project by budget, quality, deadline, and experience needed will help you find the right person for the job. It will also save you time- you won’t be calling anyone and everyone trying to convince them that your $5/ 500 pager is reasonably budgeted. What does saving time do? Save money! Why? Time is money. Come on, biz big shots, you already knew that.

-Know When to Say No.
Just like every freelancer out there won’t be perfect for your project, your project won’t be perfect for every freelancer. If the initial consult doesn’t go well, or you’re questioning the knowledge or abilities of the vendor day 1, trust your instincts. The issue with the availability of hundreds of thousands of freelancers is some will be more qualified then others, while some won’t be qualified at all. You know how everyone thinks they’re a ‘social media expert’? It’s ok to tell them politely, of course (at first anyway) that they’re not.

-Help Me Help You.
I try to make this a key theme in almost every post I write, because it is so absolutely essential to any project. If you’re difficult to get ahold of, set deadlines that get missed because there’s documents missing, or are never happy but don’t communicate that without flipping out well after you spent $10k but made 10 cents, you are your own worst enemy. Communication is key. It doesn’t matter if you’re a rocket scientist, a marketer, or a CEO. If you can’t express what you want calmly and efficiently, you’re not going to get it. Remember, you hired a developer, not a psychic.

While not everyone has the philosophy of ‘I turn down work because I can’- most freelance workers operate their businesses the same way you run yours. Have the same attitude. While there won’t always be a perfect match, you can pick and choose who you trust your business with. As with any deal, read the fine lines and in between them. A little prep work goes a long way for you and your bottom line.

Dina Riccobono is the VP of Business Development for 1938 Business– a video advertising/production agency. She is returning to the online TV space with a new show, 1938 Cares, launching this month on the 1938 Media platform.

Dina also created the Freelancer Network, a project sharing group for project workers and clients looking to partner together in the online marketing industry.

Offline Billboard To Online Affiliate Offer Case Study

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This is a guest post by Internet Gangsta Kris Trujillo From

The Holy Grail of Local Offline Advertising

About a year ago I got into advertising in local classified ads.  When I first started out I was quite surprised by the return on investment that I could make in certain niches.  However… my ultimate goal was to advertise on a Billboard!

Now, you may think that Billboard advertising is expensive… But I will be the first to tell you that it really isn’t. Often times I could pick up advertising spots in local areas for cheaper than the cost of adwords in the same geotargeted location.

I got an idea a few months back when I saw a “Single in McKinney” sign. I had recognized the little black and white message in several other suburbs.  So I figured to myself… If they are successful enough to have these signs on every major intersection than how profitable would it be to purchase a spot on a Billboard.

I did some digging around.  On average you can get a Billboard spot for $500 for 30 days. Talk about CHEAP.  While on the phone with some of these Billboard companies I asked questions like “how many people pass the sign in a given month” (impressions) and they would give me their best guess.  See, companies that place Billboards have to know their numbers.  And if they don’t… Then their no good.

Anyways… After some more research I thought I would start out advertising on a bus… So I jumped in with $1000.

Billboard On Bus

The bus company I went with was “trimet”.  They are the mass transportation providers in the Portland Oregon area.  I used to work for Trimet when I was in highschool.  So I contacted a few people that I know still worked there and I got in contact with their marketing department.  Sure enough… Trimet offered many different marketing plans.  I just had to pay for the banner creation and placement for a 30 day period.

I found that my $1000 could grab 3 banners roughly 6′ wide by 2′ high for 30 days.  That didn’t include the actual banner design. So I had my banner created and placed on 3 different buses.

The trimet marketing department estimated that a banner placed on the right side of the bus would be seen about 300,000 times in 30 days.  That means that my banner would would receive 300,000 impressions in any given month. Now, I had 3 banners placed.  Thats a total of 900,000 impressions combined.

For my $1000 spent and my 900,000 impressions received I spent a total of $0.001 per impression.  If I had continued to use the banners then the cost would go down as I would not need to pay for more banners.

Okay so we’ve figured out the cost of my advertising… Now let me give you some hints on promoting other people’s offers. You have to be careful how you promote when it comes to billboards or other mobile advertising.  If I was to promote a netflix offer I couldn’t just put up a netflix ad.  Instead I had to tailor the advertisement in such a way that people would want to go to my landing page instead of the traditional netflix page.  To combat this you can create your advertisement with the city in mind.  For example, Portland is known for rain. So… every one of of my advertisements played on the rainy portland days.

My banners looked like they were washing away from the rain AND the URL was memorable to Portlanders. I won’t give you the exact URL but here is an idea of what I used… “”.  Do you get it?  People are stuck inside because of the rain… and they have netflix to watch videos!

Anytime you can humor your audience you will grab their trust!

My landing page had quite a few hits. In the 30 days that I had the advertisements running I had approximately 10,000 hits which equated to roughly 1.1% clickthrough rate. And my actual landing page was just a HUGE banner… And honestly… I had it stuff the netflix cookie onto the visitor incase they decided to leave and visit netflix direct.

So let me talk to you a little about what I made that first month.  I spent a total of about $1000 so in order for me to make a profit I had to convert roughly 45 people to break even.  To be honest with you… I didn’t make my goal… I was short of my original spend by $100. BUT … that was ok and here is why…

If you remember we spent $500 to create the actual ads.  This was a cost that I didn’t have to spend month after month.  Instead I just have to spend about $500 each month that I want the advertisements to continue running. So in two months if my profit remains the same I would have spent a total of $1500 and made $1800… That is only $300 profit for two months… But what about three months?  Or 4? $2000 spend for 3 months with roughly $2700 profit! $2500 spend for 4 months with roughly $3600 profit.

Do you see how you can benefit from this?? It may take a while but that is only because you have initial costs to create the actual ads.  You don’t have to pay for new ads every month… You can re-use ads month after month until you want to change up your campaign.

So… If you haven’t looked into advertising on a Billboard or some sort of Mobile advertisement I would highly suggest you give it a shot… Just remember… If you don’t risk it you won’t make it.

Kris Trujillo is an internet marketing veteran and writes

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Big, Selfless & Simple

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This is a Guest Post By Ad Hustler Contributor: Kim Ann Curtin, Life Coach

Big, Selfless & Simple

“Find the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.” ~Frederick Buechner

Most of the clients that I’ve worked with either immediately or eventually discuss their dissatisfaction with their careers. Some of them are in positions with companies that don’t challenge them in any way and don’t utilize their strengths effectively. Then of course there are those that have created their own businesses yet feel it is more challenging than they expected it to be and although they don’t want to return to “working for the man” they are still anxious for improvement.

I’m a big believer in finding out what one’s needs are. Once we get our needs identified (which are actually hiding below our wants) we stand a much greater chance at having them met thus attaining satisfaction and happiness in every area of our life.

And its because of this I’m very excited about Rick Smith’s new book called The Leap.  After his assessment ( ) which determines our needs and natural gifts, he then provides us with an unusual measuring stick. He asks us to create something Big, Selfless and Simple from these gifts. He states that once we can do that, we’ll propel our career from good to great.

Smith actually believes it’s possible to find the career that will satisfy and fulfill you, as well as be profitable.  That’s right, profitable. You don’t usually see the word “selfless” next to the word “profitable” often however the interesting truth is that those selfless ideas are usually the ideas that really generate. To be selfless means that you are focused on meeting others needs; i.e. the needs of the market place. If that is job #1 and you really focus on other people and their needs and where and how those needs can be met by you or your service/s then you will absolutely find yourself a smash hit.

What he identifies as “myth” is the story that those that make The Leap must reinvent themselves, charge forward alone or be a daring risk taker; when in reality he argues, they actually are those that become more completely themselves, are carried to success on the shoulders of others, and are keen risk mitigators.

For me personally I’m happy to hear this because as much as I like adventure and see myself as courageous, I’m still someone who checks the cables on the safety nets before I go swinging from any trapeze bar. I actually don’t like to gamble in Vegas or anywhere else. Maybe a wee bit for entertainment but the whole time I can’t help but think what a waste – fully aware the odds are against me. This “Dare Devil-Come What May” moniker that my non-entrepreneurial friends gave me has never fit. I always said that being an entrepreneur required me to be resilient and unstoppable more than anything else.

Of course being an entrepreneur does require chutzpa, I will attest to that, but it’s time to put to rest that there is anything irresponsible about it. I actually believe that there are those out there who have been so indoctrinated with this perspective that that alone keeps them from venturing out even in small ways in their career choices. As a coach, I’m all about people stepping into new perspectives, yet I’m aware that this one is very challenging for the majority of folks. Most are sheep following the path others have set for them. As for your being an affiliate marketer, yes it’s true that you are stepping further out than a nine to fiver yet are your really blazing your own new path?

Fear holds most people back be it from ourselves or our responsibilities to our families that it’s challenging to considering what we might create professionally on our own that is brand new.  This is why in addition to reading books such as Smith’s one needs to create a support system. Whether it is a coach or a group of like minded entrepreneurs that will support your investigating other avenues as well as encourage you to find your sweet spot.
Having honest, supportive and challenging peers around you will allow you to see the bigger picture. Sometimes we simply can’t see the forest for the trees without at least one set of neutral eyes.

And remember this doesn’t mean you stop what your doing, just begin the investigation.  Do it incrementally, like Vaynerchuk says, after hours is plenty of time to cash in on your passion.  I realize that making cash is awesome. And most likely you are experiencing that right now however imagine not only creating income but also enjoying and feeling satisfied with your efforts as well. That’s true wealth. This is why finding out what our “deep gladness” is is the first step.

Discovery your strengths so you can create a business that will utilize them effectively. You have the opportunity to build your career house on a solid foundation identifying your strengths early on so that your unique gifts will be brought into your venture from the start. And this will mean assuring your deep gladness will meet the world’s deep hunger.  And isn’t that what pleasure is all about both parties satisfied?

Kim Ann Curtin – Website | Blog | Twitter | Youtube

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