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Big, Selfless & Simple

This is a Guest Post By Ad Hustler Contributor: Kim Ann Curtin, Life Coach

Big, Selfless & Simple

“Find the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.” ~Frederick Buechner

Most of the clients that I’ve worked with either immediately or eventually discuss their dissatisfaction with their careers. Some of them are in positions with companies that don’t challenge them in any way and don’t utilize their strengths effectively. Then of course there are those that have created their own businesses yet feel it is more challenging than they expected it to be and although they don’t want to return to “working for the man” they are still anxious for improvement.

I’m a big believer in finding out what one’s needs are. Once we get our needs identified (which are actually hiding below our wants) we stand a much greater chance at having them met thus attaining satisfaction and happiness in every area of our life.

And its because of this I’m very excited about Rick Smith’s new book called The Leap.  After his assessment ( ) which determines our needs and natural gifts, he then provides us with an unusual measuring stick. He asks us to create something Big, Selfless and Simple from these gifts. He states that once we can do that, we’ll propel our career from good to great.

Smith actually believes it’s possible to find the career that will satisfy and fulfill you, as well as be profitable.  That’s right, profitable. You don’t usually see the word “selfless” next to the word “profitable” often however the interesting truth is that those selfless ideas are usually the ideas that really generate. To be selfless means that you are focused on meeting others needs; i.e. the needs of the market place. If that is job #1 and you really focus on other people and their needs and where and how those needs can be met by you or your service/s then you will absolutely find yourself a smash hit.

What he identifies as “myth” is the story that those that make The Leap must reinvent themselves, charge forward alone or be a daring risk taker; when in reality he argues, they actually are those that become more completely themselves, are carried to success on the shoulders of others, and are keen risk mitigators.

For me personally I’m happy to hear this because as much as I like adventure and see myself as courageous, I’m still someone who checks the cables on the safety nets before I go swinging from any trapeze bar. I actually don’t like to gamble in Vegas or anywhere else. Maybe a wee bit for entertainment but the whole time I can’t help but think what a waste – fully aware the odds are against me. This “Dare Devil-Come What May” moniker that my non-entrepreneurial friends gave me has never fit. I always said that being an entrepreneur required me to be resilient and unstoppable more than anything else.

Of course being an entrepreneur does require chutzpa, I will attest to that, but it’s time to put to rest that there is anything irresponsible about it. I actually believe that there are those out there who have been so indoctrinated with this perspective that that alone keeps them from venturing out even in small ways in their career choices. As a coach, I’m all about people stepping into new perspectives, yet I’m aware that this one is very challenging for the majority of folks. Most are sheep following the path others have set for them. As for your being an affiliate marketer, yes it’s true that you are stepping further out than a nine to fiver yet are your really blazing your own new path?

Fear holds most people back be it from ourselves or our responsibilities to our families that it’s challenging to considering what we might create professionally on our own that is brand new.  This is why in addition to reading books such as Smith’s one needs to create a support system. Whether it is a coach or a group of like minded entrepreneurs that will support your investigating other avenues as well as encourage you to find your sweet spot.
Having honest, supportive and challenging peers around you will allow you to see the bigger picture. Sometimes we simply can’t see the forest for the trees without at least one set of neutral eyes.

And remember this doesn’t mean you stop what your doing, just begin the investigation.  Do it incrementally, like Vaynerchuk says, after hours is plenty of time to cash in on your passion.  I realize that making cash is awesome. And most likely you are experiencing that right now however imagine not only creating income but also enjoying and feeling satisfied with your efforts as well. That’s true wealth. This is why finding out what our “deep gladness” is is the first step.

Discovery your strengths so you can create a business that will utilize them effectively. You have the opportunity to build your career house on a solid foundation identifying your strengths early on so that your unique gifts will be brought into your venture from the start. And this will mean assuring your deep gladness will meet the world’s deep hunger.  And isn’t that what pleasure is all about both parties satisfied?

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  1. Can you tell me who did your layout? I’ve been looking for one kind of like yours. Thank you.

  2. That is a good idea.. our careers being being altered from good to great is a great achievement.

  3. Tony Tony

    Thanks 🙂

  4. Hi Kim,
    The best aspect of this post is that though its suppose to be informative review, its much more than that. Its a revealing, dynamic & life-altering post in in itself if you keep your eyes open. I think you have changed the way of perceiving things just by one guest post. Indeed, its more than encouragement anyone (including me) would need to buy & read the book.

  5. Thanks Chris! Let me know your thoughts after you read it, and would be curious to hear what your Primary Color turns out to be.

  6. amber amber

    really great post! I am going to the bookstore later today to pick up a copy of the leap! thanks for the inspiration.

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