Zip Code Email Marketing To Auto Dealer Case Study Part 1

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We are solicited all the time by companies with the following pitch

“We have a huge database of opt-in email data based on zip code and demographics that we can mail your clients offers to.”

A long time ago I actually took a company up on the offer and it did very very poorly.  Recently we were contacted by a company that I kind of knew from the affiliate marketing space with the same kind of product/offer.  I heard them out and decided to give it a try.  I have a Lincoln dealer that’s looking for some more leads to boost up business so we decided to try mailing their offers through this companies system to see if this is a viable option.

The demographics and quantity we chose were as follows.

  • 10 Miles Around The Dealership
  • Household Income of $100K or more.
  • 83,334 Emails Sent (Based on Above Data)

The email creative we used was as follows (certain pieces blocked out for confidentiality)


Then when they click through the email they go to a VERY similar landing page with a contact form:


This setup allowed for complete tracking of the campaign.  The landing page had the ability to track email leads generated back to this campaign only.  The landing page AND the email had tracking phone numbers so that calls generated from the campaign could be tracked back to this campaign only as well.

Before the campaign began I spoke to some of my staff to get estimates of how many leads they thought this campaign would generate.  Granted some are artists or social media specialists so I wouldn’t really expect them to make the best of estimations but here were the estimations nonetheless (I found this interesting so I thought you may as well)

  • Myself: 10
  • Artist: 60
  • Coder: 123
  • Social Media: 1,000 (I laughed too)
  • Other Artist: 80

So, as you can see our estimations were all over the map.

The email went out on Tuesday (as of this writing it’s Thursday morning) and these are the stats on the campaign:


So that’s 83,334 emails sent, 7502 Opens & 1102ish Clicks over to the landing page.  That’s a 9%+ open rate which i’m actually really impressed with and it’s a LOT higher then I expected.  If you would have asked me before the email was sent I would have guessed a 3% open rate.

The unfortunate thing here is that 0 leads were generated.  That’s right ZERO.  Not ONE.  So everyone lost on the estimations (but I was closest even though I still would have lost on The Price is Right).  I’m actually really disappointing with the fact that no leads were generated.  I really would like to use this as a viable method of lead generation but every time i’ve tried it, it never provides a measurable ROI.

Even though i’m disappointed with the results I’m going to reserve judgement.  We have the ability to buy a list of the postal addresses of the openers and clickers (which i’m going to do).  I’m then going to ask the dealership for a list of everyone they sold a car to for the month.  We will then see if we can match any of these Openers/Clickers to a sale that was made at the dealership in the Month of May.  The theory here would be that the email triggered someone to walk in instead of email or call.  If there ARE matches then this could still be considered a success.

Find out what happens in Part 2

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Case Study: Cable TV Buy vs Google Adwords

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I recently did an interesting campaign in which we ran very similar messaging for a lead generation campaign on both Cable TV & Google Adwords.  This was in the automotive niche.  I have data on how each source performed and figured i’d share it with you since it’s pretty interesting.

Cable TV
Total Buy: $50,000
Total Spots Aired: 9,045
Cost Per Spot: $5.58
Total “Clicks” From Cable Spot To Landing Page: 1,235
Total Leads: 220
Cost Per “Click”: $40.48
Cost Per Lead: $227.27

Google Adwords
Total Spend: $8,500
Total Clicks: 765
Total Leads: 155
Cost Per “Click”: $11.11
Cost Per Lead: $54.83

So the results here prove interesting but not totally unexpected.  This is a high value niche in which CPC’s on Adwords are pretty darn expensive, yet, Adwords performed much much better than Cable TV did.  Although the Cable TV did create volume of leads it did so at a cost per lead almost 5x that of Google Adwords.  The sensible move at this point would be to reallocate Cable TV spend to Adwords/Internet spend.  My opinion is is that Cable TV, although it still does reach a good audience will never, ever be more effective than Internet Marketing.  Adwords in particular converts extremely well since the traffic has intent behind it, but i’d venture to say that for this exact same niche, almost any internet traffic source will produce cheaper leads then Cable TV will, even if the conversion rate is signifigantly lower then Adwords traffic.

Hope you guys found this interesting, if so, please share it around :)

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CASE STUDY: How to Generate Thousands of Targeted Facebook Likes with a Small $10 Budget

Posted by Ad Hustler | Posted in Case Studies, Guest Posts, Social Media | Posted on 03-10-2012

So…I was browsing Facebook one fine day and saw a post by an industry friend, Stephanie Lichtenstein, talking about the great results she was getting in generating real “Facebook Likes” for her clients with small budgets.  Quite frankly, I found some of what she was saying hard to believe, so I challenged her a little bit.  She didn’t back down and after I asked her to do a case study she easily obliged.  I have to respect that and this is an interesting case study on how she generates likes for her clients.  Her company is MicroMediaMarketing.

After you watch the video, please share your thoughts or any other tips you have.


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Case Study: Google Adwords Call Extensions Effect On Local Lead Generation

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Whatup my peeps?

Ad Hustler is back with a pretty interesting case study.

The Backstory

I have a local client (local traffic but located halfway across the country from where I am) who I’m running a campaign for.  The client is a national chain but locally franchise owned.  For this reason, we were unable to create a landing page and track all of the leads that the client was getting because corporate requires that the franchise owner uses the main corporate domain for all advertising purposes.  This ruled out traditional lead gen type pricing so they opted to hire me on a retainer.  Although I could easily just collect their money from now until eternity, I like to be able to offer true results.  I pride myself on it.  Local businesses are usually very focused on phone calls so this presented a bit of a problem since I had no way of editing the corporate site to replace the phone number with a tracking number of my own.  I decided to use Google Adwords Call Extensions, just to see if by adding the phone number using a call extension gave me any trackable results whatsoever.

The Case Study

This case study doesn’t focus on the entire campaign that I am running for the client.  What it focuses on is how the call extensions performed as a trackable metric for an otherwise untrackable campaign.  Although the call extension is able to run with every ad in my account, Google picks and chooses when it actually shows the call extension to a searcher.  Below you will find 2 weeks worth of stats for only ads that displayed WITH the call extension and my results.

Impressions: 4,970
Clicks: 294
Click Through Rate: 5.92%
Avg CPC: $0.46
Cost: $135.24
Trackable Phone Calls: 60

REMEMBER: THIS is only phone calls that occur BEFORE the click, not once they land on the website which is bound to be plentiful as well.

Something interesting to note here is that Google is supposed to track how many calls your receive if someone click-to-calls and track those within your account.  They track me as zero click-to-calls, hence each phone call I recieved actually converted off of a FREE impression, rather than a PAID click.

Another thing to note is that these phone calls are CHEAP.  The average call is costing only $2.25.  If you were selling these on a per-lead basis they could be quite profitable.


If you are running a local lead gen campaign DO NOT FORGET AD EXTENSIONS.  Let me repeat: DO NOT FORGET AD EXTENSIONS!  Not only can you get results like this off of very little spend but they make your ad stand out from the rest, driving up click through rate and driving down cost per click.  If you are using a landing page and tracking all the calls to charge on a per lead basis, you can add these ad extension phone calls onto your reports and create better results for the client and more monies in your pocket.

Anyone else have experience with ad extensions?  Please Share!

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Case Study: Does Live Help Increase Conversions?

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I’ve owned a successful ecommerce site since before I even knew what affiliate marketing was.  One thing i’ve always done is offered extremely limited support.  My site has no phone number you can call and only a contact form.  The honest reason for this is that I never thought there was much of a need to deal with idiots asking idiotic questions on a daily basis.  It always seemed like it would be a waste of time since at one point I worked for an ecommerce site and answered the phone calls and saw first hand how idiotic they were.  Don’t get me wrong, we offer excellent service.  You get exactly what you order, delivered quickly and we accept all returns.  We under-promise and over-deliver on every order and that has lead to a very loyal customer base.

I was ordering something from another website and saw a live help popup.  It asked me if i had any questions and indeed I did so I typed my question and got live help.  I was impressed with the service and decided to look into the software that was hosting the live help popup.  It was a company called Olark.  I found it was really easy to install, full of features and cheap so a marketing test was born.  I decided to try this live help app on my ecommerce website.

To make sure things were handled appropriately, i dealt with all of the live help chats myself over the course of 3 days.  If anyone can sell someone something it’s me so I figured having myself handle the chat’s would give us the best chance of success (for a test, i’d never do it full time).

My Process:

  1. Got an Olark account and installed the script (very easy)
  2. I used a function called the “welcome assistant” which initiates a conversation with the website visitor after xx seconds.  I chose 60 seconds.
  3. The “welcome assistant” would send out a random message from a bunch that I entered.  Example: Hi, this is {Name}.  Can I answer any questions or help you find anything?
  4. If someone answered the “welcome assistant” i would get the message in my AIM client and chat there.

One of the things that is kind of cool about these chats is that you can actually see what the person is looking at.  Just like if you were a salesperson at a store and guide them towards the best product (or the most profitable).

My test results (this isn’t the most scientific of case studies):

Time: 3 Days (Approx 24 hours logged into live chat)
Chats: 16
Increase in Immediate Sales: 0


  • The vast majority of visitors have no interest in contact by the site, however, some obviously do.
  • Most of the people who want to chat are tire kickers aka window shoppers.
  • None of the people I spoke to actually bought.
  • A few of the people I spoke to were super appreciative of the help I gave and told me they would only buy from us from now on – but they didn’t buy anything after our chat so either they are lying, or will be buying in the future (this is where tracking becomes difficult)
  • People who initiate a chat seem to spend a LOT more time on the site then people who don’t.
  • People want advice about what they should do or what they should buy.

Overall, i’d consider this test a fail for live chat.  Olark is a pretty sweet service though.  Maybe it would work better on a higher priced more complicated product or service.

I would like to try another case study in the future where I put the live help on an affiliate landing page and see how it increases conversions.

Have you tested live chat on a site you own?  If so, did it lift your conversions?

P.S. My Favorite Live Chat:

Website Visitor: do you ssuck dick
Me: Yes
Website Visitor: i love yo ass
Me: thanks it is pretty sweet
Website Visitor: i was just wondering since we have some cemminstree can i ha’ yo numba showty
Me: 867-5309

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Disclaimer: NO compensation was received for mentioning Olark in this post