Performance Marketing Summit 2013 NYC Observations

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Performance Marketing Summit 2013 NYC has come and went.  Although I probably should have written about it sooner, I’ve been busy…

In standard Ad Hustler fashion here are some notes that I wrote while I was there

  • NYC traffic on a weekday is HORRENDOUS.  I feel bad for all of you who commute into NYC, took me 3 hours.  This caused me to miss Shawn Collins stripping (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing).
  • Mike Buechele had a badass chart of all the Ad Networks out there.  Very interesting.  The charts came from a company called Luma.
  • I LOVED the short 18 minute sessions at this conference.  I kind of wish all conferences were like this.  I came up with a great idea that maybe Affiliate Summit should use.  Even though doing 18 minute sessions throughout the whole conference may not be ideal, they should use 1 conference room and just do shotgun sessions in there.  I’d probably hang out at that all day.
  • Anything duplicate will not rank on Google (Dur)
  • New fresh content will help you rank on da Googles (Durr)
  • Online press releases helps saturate search results (Dur-1)
  • Maximize Bing Ads, Very Cheap
  • Facebook sweepstakes are fantastic – use woobox
  • Facebook Connect for Landing Pages
  • – Company that has software that enables online negotiating for your website
  • Internet Explorer 10 decided to enable “Do Not Track” by default for everyone so the entire industry decided to ignore their Do Not Track signal (Zing)
  • Financial transactions are exempt from “Do Not Track” so it SHOULD not effect affiliate marketing.
  • “Progression Dynamics” such as a progress bar saying you are 50% done helps increase conversion rates.
  • Missy’s elevator pitch session was a kind of cool way to cover for a speaker that didn’t show up.  She called people up to elevator pitch the room.  Proved interesting.

If you ever get a chance to go to one of Affiliate Summit’s one day sessions, I highly recommend you do.  Lots of fun and learning to be had.

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Ball Out at Marketers Ball During Ad Tech San Fran

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Marketers Ball is back for Ad Tech – Pharcyde performing – RSVP

The biggest, baddest party returns to Ad Tech in San Francisco on March 28th at 1015 Folsom. This party averages over 1500 to 2000 invited guests and always rocks the crowd with legendary talent performing. This time around they will have The Pharcyde to take the main stage. Pharcyde is known for their alternative hip hop sound similar in nature to Tribe Called Quest and De La Soul. Hit’s include, “Running’”, “Passin’ Me By”, “Otha Fish”, “Drop” and more. More surprises are sure to happen as they always do at these events. You don’t want to miss it.

You can RSVP at

Sponsors include: InfiniteTraffic, FriendFinder, EvoLeads & KSIX.

If you’re interesting in an amazing way to get seen, hit up Darren for a sponsorship at

This is NOT a Paid Post!

Performance Marketing Summit 2013 NYC

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Ad Hustler will be attending Performance Marketing Summit 2013 in NYC tomorrow March 12, 2013.  As usual I will be covering my observations on the event/people/topics for your amusement here.  If you will be attending as well find me and say wuzzup.  I love chillin’ with Ad Hustler readers.

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Case Study: Cable TV Buy vs Google Adwords

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I recently did an interesting campaign in which we ran very similar messaging for a lead generation campaign on both Cable TV & Google Adwords.  This was in the automotive niche.  I have data on how each source performed and figured i’d share it with you since it’s pretty interesting.

Cable TV
Total Buy: $50,000
Total Spots Aired: 9,045
Cost Per Spot: $5.58
Total “Clicks” From Cable Spot To Landing Page: 1,235
Total Leads: 220
Cost Per “Click”: $40.48
Cost Per Lead: $227.27

Google Adwords
Total Spend: $8,500
Total Clicks: 765
Total Leads: 155
Cost Per “Click”: $11.11
Cost Per Lead: $54.83

So the results here prove interesting but not totally unexpected.  This is a high value niche in which CPC’s on Adwords are pretty darn expensive, yet, Adwords performed much much better than Cable TV did.  Although the Cable TV did create volume of leads it did so at a cost per lead almost 5x that of Google Adwords.  The sensible move at this point would be to reallocate Cable TV spend to Adwords/Internet spend.  My opinion is is that Cable TV, although it still does reach a good audience will never, ever be more effective than Internet Marketing.  Adwords in particular converts extremely well since the traffic has intent behind it, but i’d venture to say that for this exact same niche, almost any internet traffic source will produce cheaper leads then Cable TV will, even if the conversion rate is signifigantly lower then Adwords traffic.

Hope you guys found this interesting, if so, please share it around :)

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