Affiliate Summit East 2013 Day 1 Observations – Homeless Zombie Addition #ASE13

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If you’ve been reading my ramblings for a while you know how I cover conferences.  There are no long well written posts here.  I prefer to just post my thoughts and observations….granted, my thoughts can be kind of weird.

  • Philadelphia is filled with homeless zombie types wandering all over the place.  More people have asked me for 33 cents then have tried to give me a business card so far.
  • The bigger/more expensive the watch, the smaller the penis (and likely the sooner that persons company is going out of business)
  • A lot of people at Affiliate Summit don’t do affiliate marketing anymore, which there’s nothing wrong with.  A lot of people seem to have moved to more stable areas of internet marketing.
  • There seems to be a marked comeback of nutraceuticals which as just as uncompliant at Acai so expect another crackdown sooner than later.
  • Fake it till you make it is alive and kicking. I was talking to some insiders about affiliate networks.  Some of the affiliate networks you think are doing well, aren’t.  I learned yesterday that one network that you would think kills it every month is doing about $250,000 revenue per month and making about $30,000 and then still having to pay about 8 employees.  I say it all the time but KNOW WHO YOU’RE WORKING WITH & make sure you aren’t extending too much credit to these networks.
  • The parties sucked pretty bad last night exept for Badger Ball which was pretty cool.  If you want a badass party check out Affiliate Ball tonight!
  • I feel bad for newbie affiliates who are trying to make it and live the dream.  It’s going to be a long, hard, ugly road.

That’s all for now.  Talk to ya’ll tommorow.  If you see me today, say hello!

Last Chance To Sponsor Affiliate Ball East 2013

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Hot Off The Presses: 

The Affiliate Ball maintains a consistent, high standard when it comes to throwing private industry parties during the Affiliate Summit. This party is no exception!  The Affiliate Ball has secured legendary superstar, Busta Rhymes to perform this Summer’s ASE!.

The Affiliate Ball is an experience that connects business with pleasure.  Keeping this in mind, there will be no VIP area for this special show,  however there will be a VIP hour from 9:00 pm until 10:00 pm on August 19th at the Whisper Club with regular doors opening at 10:00 pm.

AdSupply will be sponsoring this VIP networking hour and will be serving the BEST Philly Cheese-Steaks in town, fresh from Tony Lukes (featured recently on the TV show “Man vs Food”). Be sure to ask the sponsors of this party for this special networking pass, which will have about 500 of our industry’s best affiliates and publishers looking to prospect serious business deals. The Affiliate Ball wants to give you a chance for these VIP hour passes by liking them on facebook , 20 “lucky likers” will be awarded a pass.

The AFFY Awards will also be back saluting a few industry veteran’s for their outstanding internet achievement. This party is all about turning the spotlight back on the real superstars of our industry.

You can RSVP at Passes will be emailed a week before the show or you can stop by the “Affiliate Ball Meet Market” booth to pick them up in person.

The main sponsors of this mega party are SocietyInvite and OasisAds with AdSupply as a Gold level sponsor. Other sponsors include SellHealth, CallPixels and TrustedRevenue.

Only a few sponsorship’s and reserved tables remain. All sponsorship’s include lot’s of VIP hour passes and huge exposure. If you or your company are interested in securing a sponsorship please contact Darren Blatt at or visit today for more information.

Copy Matters – One Sentence Can Ruin a Sale

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I went into NYC yesterday with my wife for a nice day out.  We wandered around and overall acted like tourists.  We went to Bryant Park near Times Square and they set up this pretty awesome Christmas Village.  There were all of these little vendors selling cool art.  We got to a vendor who was selling these clocks that looked like dogs with a wagging tail.  Now, I don’t like this kind of crap but I thought that my parents and grandparents might as a gift for the holidays.  I’m terrible with gift buying so any opportunity that I see something people may like I buy it.
So I’m looking at these clocks and debating whether to get them or not.  Will my parents and grandparents like them was going through my head.  So i’m on the fence but I decide what the hell I’ll get them.  They were $39.99 each.  So I say to the guy….”any deal for 2?”  I can afford (2) $39.99 clocks just fine, but your a sucker if you don’t at least ask nicely for a deal.  Even if the guy said I can’t do anything, I would have bought them.  The guy says to me, “this year we have a special deal, 2 for $90, we’ve decided to only do deals that benefit us.”  So I look at the guy like he’s an asshole (which he is) and say “I was going to buy them, but I don’t like that sales line so now I’m not” and walked away.  I was 100% going to buy the clocks too.

It just goes to show, be careful of the sales copy you use.  Sometimes when you think your being witty or trying to create urgency or whatever, all your really doing is turning off prospects that are on the fence.  Copy Matters

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BMI Elite Buys Car for Employee

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So I was surfing around and saw the video below.  It starts off a little slow but if this is all true (which I assume it is), what a great thing to do for an employee.  I love seeing companies who take care of their own (and no this isn’t a paid post).

Affiliate Tip 2012

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Affiliate Tip: As soon as you start hearing a bunch of affiliates complaining about a network not paying, especially if they are affiliates you know, BEWARE!!!!  In this industry, history has a tendency of repeating itself.

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