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Affiliate Summit East 2013 Day 1 Observations – Homeless Zombie Addition #ASE13

If you’ve been reading my ramblings for a while you know how I cover conferences.  There are no long well written posts here.  I prefer to just post my thoughts and observations….granted, my thoughts can be kind of weird.

  • Philadelphia is filled with homeless zombie types wandering all over the place.  More people have asked me for 33 cents then have tried to give me a business card so far.
  • The bigger/more expensive the watch, the smaller the penis (and likely the sooner that persons company is going out of business)
  • A lot of people at Affiliate Summit don’t do affiliate marketing anymore, which there’s nothing wrong with.  A lot of people seem to have moved to more stable areas of internet marketing.
  • There seems to be a marked comeback of nutraceuticals which as just as uncompliant at Acai so expect another crackdown sooner than later.
  • Fake it till you make it is alive and kicking. I was talking to some insiders about affiliate networks.  Some of the affiliate networks you think are doing well, aren’t.  I learned yesterday that one network that you would think kills it every month is doing about $250,000 revenue per month and making about $30,000 and then still having to pay about 8 employees.  I say it all the time but KNOW WHO YOU’RE WORKING WITH & make sure you aren’t extending too much credit to these networks.
  • The parties sucked pretty bad last night exept for Badger Ball which was pretty cool.  If you want a badass party check out Affiliate Ball tonight!
  • I feel bad for newbie affiliates who are trying to make it and live the dream.  It’s going to be a long, hard, ugly road.

That’s all for now.  Talk to ya’ll tommorow.  If you see me today, say hello!

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  1. Matt Matt

    best advice ever, going to stick with growing the family business and not get distracted with other shit. thanks for the honest advice!

  2. Wish I was there in person – but I’m with you in spirit.

  3. @matt ies, gro home biznez. No monies here. Go awai.

  4. JN JN

    what exactly is – more stable areas of internet marketing?

    maybe they are doing e-whoring on CL?

  5. Stable area of Internet marketing = the rev share side of affiliate marketing.

  6. Ad Hustler Ad Hustler

    @Shawn – I do agree that side is far more stable assuming your business model isn’t based on just SEO

  7. Oh yeah – I’ve never counted solely on SEO. Diversity in traffic sources is key, and I’ve always focused on my own list being the biggest driver.

  8. That was really a gathering of gem of persons who toiled a lot in their professional life. That was not a place for an ordinary guy like me.

  9. I need to get to one of these conferences ASAP. Sounds like I could have some fun with these guys!

  10. Peelzy Peelzy

    you said; “I feel bad for newbie affiliates who are trying to make it and live the dream. It’s going to be a long, hard, ugly road.”

    Why and what did you mean?

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