How To Edit Thousands Of WordPress Posts

Posted by Ad Hustler | Posted in Web Design | Posted on 14-12-2009

Every so often you get into the situation where you are running a wordpress blog that has thousands of posts that need a small portion edited.  Unfortunately, wordpress does not come readily available with a “find & replace” type function.  There are some “find & replace” plugins but they didn’t seem to edit the HTML within the posts the way I wanted.  Since it took me a little time to figure out how this is done, I figured I’d share it with you.

1) Open PHPmyAdmin

2) Click on the name of your wordpress database

3) Click on the “SQL” tab

4) Type the following code


5) Hit ‘Go’

That’s it.  You can literally “Find & Replace” anything within all of your posts within seconds.  Hope this helps someone.

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Test Your Landing Page Compatibility With Adobe BrowserLab

Posted by Ad Hustler | Posted in Web Design | Posted on 03-06-2009

When I create a landing page, I am super careful to make sure it’s compatible in all of the major browsers.  A messed up site equals less sales which equals less money.  I was reading my daily RSS feeds and stumbled upon Adobe BrowserLab.  Adobe BrowserLab allows you to input your URL and it takes screenshots of how your page looks on various browsers.  Their are a few other services out there that do similar things but most are paid services.  For now, BrowserLab is free.  Check it out and see if your landing page is cross browser compatible!

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