Affiliate Summit East 2009 Is Coming….Are You?

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Affiliate Summit 2009 is quickly approaching on August 9-11, 2009.  If you are involved with the affiliate marketing industry and don’t know what Affiliate Summit is you must have been sleeping.  Affiliate Summit is the PREMIER affiliate marketing conference in the U.S.  I can already hear some of newbies asking yourself this question:

If affiliate marketing is an internet based business why do I have to waste my time going to a conference?

OH BOY!  Affiliate marketing is just like any other industry.  You need connections.  Affiliate Summit provides a conference that tons of industry folks attend, making it easy to make new connections, friends & business partners.

This years Affiliate Summit East 2009 is taking place in NYC on The Avenue of The Americas at The Hilton.  This is the same hotel that Ad:Tech has taken place at for many years.

If you have not been to an Affiliate Summit yet here are some tips:

  • If you are the educational type, like to hear lectures and enjoy hearing from experts in the field, get a full pass.  If you could barely make it through high school because of your inability to sit in a class just get the silver pass which enables you to enter the meet market & conference hall.
  • Stay in the hotel at the conference or one in very close proximity.  It makes it easier to meet up with people.
  • Set some meetings before hand.  If their is an affiliate manager you want to meet or another affiliate you want to share a meal with, set up the meeting berfore hand.  Affiliate Summit can get hectic and people do book meetings way before.
  • RSVP to all parties before you get there.  Typically a few weeks before Summit you start seeing the parties being announced with online RSVPs.  Do yourself a favor and just RSVP to all of them.
  • Last but not least.  Affiliate Summit as well as FeedFront magazine is run by 2 really cool people.  Shawn Collins & Missy Ward.  Say hello to them at the show and let them know how much you appreciate what they do for this industry.

So….Are you going to attend?  Post a Comment!

Please Note: I do receive a Press Pass to Affiliate Summit which get’s me in for free however, all statements and thoughts are my own opinions.

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Billy Mays Dead……WHAT?

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They are dropping like flies around here.  I don’t care if you thought Billy Mays was a douche….I thought he was a genius and an expert in the art of the sale.  RIP Billy Mays.

Billy Mays Dead

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Michael Jackson Dead…..WHAT?

Posted by Ad Hustler | Posted in Off Topic | Posted on 25-06-2009

I can’t believe it.  Michael Jackson is dead.  I was hoping for a Vegas show so I could at least see him perform before I died.  I guess that won’t happen.  Ad Hustler will miss Michael Jackson.


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Niche Alert: Marketing To People Who Can’t Wipe Their Own Ass

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This is going to be a billion dollar product

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How To Fix Prosper202 If Spy/Analyze Stops Working

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As you all know I am a huge fan of the Prosper202 & Tracking202 team.  Wes & Steven are some of the most down to earth and cool cats in the affiliate marketing industry.  I run a lot of traffic through prosper202.  I happen to wipe the databases on one of my prosper202 installations quite often.  I had recently wiped the database on one of the installs and a few days later my spy and analyze view stopped working.  This had me concerned so I hit up a few affiliate buddies who tried to help me.  I was in a bind and couldn’t figure out what was up so I called up Wes Mahler.  This dude went above and beyond to help me resolve the issue.  Since it’s such an easy fix i figured I’d post some step by step directions so other people don’t need to bother the prosper202 team.

If your SPY/Analyze views stop working and you are no longer seeing subids getting passed along to the affiliate network, here is what you need to do:

1) Open the MySQL section in your cPanel
2) Scroll to the bottom of that page and launch phpMyAdmin
3) In the left menu bar of phpMyAdmin select the database that is running your prosper202 install
4) This will launch the database and show you all of the tables within the database
5) Find the table called ‘202_clicks_spy’
6) Click the trash can icon next to that table (MAKE SURE YOU ARE DOING THIS ON THE CORRECT TABLE)
7) The message Do you really want to TRUNCATE ‘202_clicks_spy’ will popup.  Click ok.
8) The message Table 202_clicks_spy has been emptied – Your Prosper202 is now fixed.

What is happening is that there is a memory limit on the tables within MySQL.  On my server it appears to be 16MiB.  Once that limit is reached it causes the Prosper202 install to stop functioning properly.  Wes sent me a text later on letting me know this as well:

If you want to adjust the max memory size of the table max_heap_size is the mysql setting that increasing from 16mb+ will fix the issue.  Once the setting changes, the server will need to be restarted for it to work.

I hope this helps someone who runs into the same problem.

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