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  1. HAHAHA… As easy to use as a back brush… Instead of scrubbing your back… now you can scrub your ass.

  2. George Kim George Kim

    lol… wait its not funny… this COULD be real deal and get popular like snuggie.

    good find.

  3. AndyR AndyR

    Ad Hustler: I’m glad that video didn’t include a demonstration or are you planning on that being in the next blog post?

    love the blog, keep up the good work!

  4. ironlogik ironlogik

    “maintain your dignity and your hygiene”


  5. Vlad Vlad

    its for people with a huge ass, who need that extra 18 inch reach.

  6. Steve Steve

    The term “Avoid Wiping” is like $2.50 a click on Google.

  7. How did the Pitchmen pass on this one?!?! 0_o

  8. And here I was expecting a money making guide for people who can’t wipe their own ass.

  9. Clue List Clue List

    Damn, was waiting for the ball scrubber and the dingle berry chopsticks to be an added bonus..

  10. They need to get the heavy Kardashian sister to endorse this.

    “What I like best is that it fits neatly in my Gucci handbag, and if anyone asks I just tell them it’s a sex toy!”

  11. “Allows me to maintain my dignity while maintaining my hygiene.”

    Guess that’s like saying for any blogger out there who wipes their ass the “old fashioned” way doesn’t have dignity.

    Oh yeah, this is truly a billion dollar product! 😀

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