Don’t Forget The Past

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In an effort to not forget the past, here are my favorite posts of 2009.  Thank you all for reading and exposing my writing to others.  I appreciate you all.

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Enjoy Friends…

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Flagged & Removed For Christmas

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For a while now i’ve given thought to ways of directly helping people that are in need.  I’m not a huge fan of charities in general.  I feel like a lot of money is wasted in trying to get more donations and that sincerely pisses me off.  A great example is the ASPCA.  I donated $50 to those asshats like 2 years ago and they’ve easily sent me $200 worth of crappy stickers and requests for more money.  It’s happened with other charities i’ve donated to as well.

For Thanksgiving I posted an ad on Craigslist to buy Thanksgiving Dinner for a family in need.  I got tons of emails.  I chose the first legit sounding family and bought them a Thanksgiving Dinner with all of the trimmings.  All went well.

For Christmas I decided to make another posting.  Since I didn’t really know what to offer (I don’t celebrate Christmas), I posted an ad stating that I would pick a family in need to help if they told me what they needed.  Minutes after the posting went up I got a bunch of emails with requests and summaries of the hard times they were going through.  Then my listing was flagged and removed.  This just shows how retarded the craigslist flagging nazis are (yes I know that the flagging is done by users).  I was making a legitimate offer to help a needy family and they removed my listing.  The sad thing is that this solidifies why I have a strong dislike for most people.

2 Things Could Have Happened

  • Non-Needy people could have flagged the listing for removal because they don’t want someone in need to be helped.  They could have done this because they either are just pure evil or just didn’t understand the concept.
  • Someone who emailed me asking for help could have flagged the listing so that no one else could get helped.

After I was flagged, I posted again and got flagged & removed again.

Either way, it makes me feel kind of sad for the human race.

All was not lost.  I did find a family to help in the first set of emails that came through.

Share your stories in the comments :)

Disclaimer:  This post is not meant to brag.  I’m sure other people give a lot more than I do, but you have to start somewhere.

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HP Computers Are Racist

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Pure Gold

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Ad Hustler In Issue 9 Of FeedFront Magazine

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Issue 9 of Feedfront magazine is out and i’m in it talking about my local online marketing series.  Bryn also has an article published in it, so check that out as well.  The magazine is embedded below.  Thanks to  Shawn Collins & Missy Ward for publishing my article!

FeedFront Magazine, Issue 9

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The Middle Way

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This is a Guest Post By Ad Hustler Contributor: Kim Ann Curtin, Life Coach

The Middle Way

“He who finds the path in the middle learns to eliminate the blind spots and illusions, and to apply common sense to all areas of life. ~JJ Dewey

I’ve a confession to make; I’ve lived most of my life as a sort of extremist, and still do on occasion. This clarity comes to me after a few weeks of being in the midst of a major personal transition. Things were going very smoothly with it, a couple of weeks ago, when I started to worry about some imagined possible negative outcomes. A friend then said, “It’s as though you don’t know how to be happy and relaxed, I think you have a habit of being anxious.” Then the other day I was given an introduction to someone who might be a great connection for some very big plans I have. I was ecstatic about it and started to describe the great possible imagined outcomes. This same friend responded; “Yes and you have to wait and see what may or may not come of it.” When she saw my expression she asked had I wished she had shown more excitement. Yes, I responded, but I could see her pragmatic approach was really more appropriate.

Being raised in a home with a mother who had Borderline Personality Disorder I experienced a world of extremes. Black and white. Good or bad. All or nothing. Borderlines don’t live in a world of gray or moderation. They usually swing between extremes of idealization and devaluation of others and circumstances. Situations or people are either hopelessly awful or perfectly sublime. Growing up in that environment taught me to respond from one of these two extremes regardless of the concern or joy.

Add to this mix the culture and religion we live with and how they all endorse extremes. From Madison Avenue to Washington DC many of our politicians, celebrities and religious leaders live in and from extremism. And we respond in kind. We idolize them until their humanity shows up and then we crucify them. Think Tiger Woods pre car crash and post. Even our view of beauty today is extreme. Have you seen the magazine New Beauty? It describes itself as “a must-have for anyone interested in improving their appearance.” What does it feature? Plastic surgery and aesthetic injectables.

One of Merriam Webster definitions of the word Extreme is “Situated at the farthest possible point from a center.”  So how does one keep oneself in the center?

  • Be mindful of your responses to situations. Do you get overly sad or happy when the outcome is different than expected? Are you able to be with those who have opposing views? Notice if you are coming from an all or nothing stand point on issues or with your beliefs.  Noticing and being aware of this reaction is your first step.
  • Be the authority of your life. Allow yourself to be the final word on what matters to you. Check in with those you respect and want to emulate, but allow your choice to come from you and your heart. Live your life from the place of what you want and not in response to what you don’t want.
  • Surround yourself with those that are hopeful and practical. I’m fortunate to have friends that embody both of these qualities. Both are extremely important. If those closest to you don’t have these qualities then widen your circle and fast. Remember that we tend to mirror those we spend our time with.
  • Have a practice of stillness. Be it mediation, prayer or just sitting still, we all need a place to escape the loudness around us and within us. Having a steady practice of being-ness allows us to more often than not bring our pendulum back to the middle.
  • Step out of your comfort zone. Expose yourself to different views, cultures and people. I spent 6 hours in a tattoo parlor to support my friend, who finally decided to get the tattoo he always wanted. I sat spellbound in a deep conversation with the enlightened Dave Shoemaker a very gifted tattoo artist. Being in new environments and meeting new people opens you up in ways you would never expect.

We have used the label “extremist” to describe those that are blinded by their beliefs so much that they refuse to consider other viewpoints. Seeing things from multiple perspectives opens your mind to a larger more generous world view.

Gautama discovered what Buddhists now call the Middle Way; a path of moderation between the extremes of self-indulgence and self-mortification.  Anglicanism was created to be the Via Media “the Middle Way” between Catholicism and Protestantism.  In Chinese tradition they speak of having an “Everyday heart,” as well as how the highest form of an evolved life is one of “plain water.”

The older I get the more aware I become of the shades of gray that exist but old habits die hard. And thanks to the experience of coaching I’ve been able to consider and step into multiple paradigms. These different perspectives assist me in seeing how many ways there are to approach life and business. Coaching keeps me aware of the default settings that are ingrained, not by making me wrong but by providing me the tools to reset them when they show up so I may create a more harmonious life. A life not lived in the extremes but in the balanced middle.

Kim Ann Curtin – Website | Blog | Twitter | Youtube

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