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Test Your Landing Page Compatibility With Adobe BrowserLab

When I create a landing page, I am super careful to make sure it’s compatible in all of the major browsers.  A messed up site equals less sales which equals less money.  I was reading my daily RSS feeds and stumbled upon Adobe BrowserLab.  Adobe BrowserLab allows you to input your URL and it takes screenshots of how your page looks on various browsers.  Their are a few other services out there that do similar things but most are paid services.  For now, BrowserLab is free.  Check it out and see if your landing page is cross browser compatible!

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  1. ric ric

    @Bsod: I was using browsershots too, until i read this post. That tool is awesome! Thanks Brandon…

  2. Nice tip. I just used 5min ago though.

  3. Adobe says that BrowserLab is currently not accepting any new users, guess I will stick to browsershots.

  4. Ad Hustler Ad Hustler

    @Trevor – Damn, they closed that pretty fast!

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