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Performance Marketing Summit 2013 NYC Observations

Performance Marketing Summit 2013 NYC has come and went.  Although I probably should have written about it sooner, I’ve been busy…

In standard Ad Hustler fashion here are some notes that I wrote while I was there

  • NYC traffic on a weekday is HORRENDOUS.  I feel bad for all of you who commute into NYC, took me 3 hours.  This caused me to miss Shawn Collins stripping (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing).
  • Mike Buechele had a badass chart of all the Ad Networks out there.  Very interesting.  The charts came from a company called Luma.
  • I LOVED the short 18 minute sessions at this conference.  I kind of wish all conferences were like this.  I came up with a great idea that maybe Affiliate Summit should use.  Even though doing 18 minute sessions throughout the whole conference may not be ideal, they should use 1 conference room and just do shotgun sessions in there.  I’d probably hang out at that all day.
  • Anything duplicate will not rank on Google (Dur)
  • New fresh content will help you rank on da Googles (Durr)
  • Online press releases helps saturate search results (Dur-1)
  • Maximize Bing Ads, Very Cheap
  • Facebook sweepstakes are fantastic – use woobox
  • Facebook Connect for Landing Pages
  • – Company that has software that enables online negotiating for your website
  • Internet Explorer 10 decided to enable “Do Not Track” by default for everyone so the entire industry decided to ignore their Do Not Track signal (Zing)
  • Financial transactions are exempt from “Do Not Track” so it SHOULD not effect affiliate marketing.
  • “Progression Dynamics” such as a progress bar saying you are 50% done helps increase conversion rates.
  • Missy’s elevator pitch session was a kind of cool way to cover for a speaker that didn’t show up.  She called people up to elevator pitch the room.  Proved interesting.

If you ever get a chance to go to one of Affiliate Summit’s one day sessions, I highly recommend you do.  Lots of fun and learning to be had.

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