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CASE STUDY: How to Generate Thousands of Targeted Facebook Likes with a Small $10 Budget

So…I was browsing Facebook one fine day and saw a post by an industry friend, Stephanie Lichtenstein, talking about the great results she was getting in generating real “Facebook Likes” for her clients with small budgets.  Quite frankly, I found some of what she was saying hard to believe, so I challenged her a little bit.  She didn’t back down and after I asked her to do a case study she easily obliged.  I have to respect that and this is an interesting case study on how she generates likes for her clients.  Her company is MicroMediaMarketing.

After you watch the video, please share your thoughts or any other tips you have.


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  1. Rob Rob

    Hmmm, pet fans aren’t targeted at all to a marketing consulting business though. Still, it’s very good way to get fans for the sole purpose of social proof.

  2. great job Steph. Still more to do with api bidding and banner tools to keep the image fresh for 2.8 day shelf life.

  3. Rob, we also showed another client that was targeting men in a certain demographic. The point of the ads are to show that you can actually target the right kind of people in Facebook. Even true when I saw ads running about Bridal Gowns and Photographers from the minute I became engaged.

    Thanks Brian for your feedback!

  4. THis is a really BAD case study.

    1) she is targeting DOG lovers to drive likes to a page that’s about social media marketing. totally irrelevant.

    2) this raises the issue of social media marketing campaign where you drive fan to a fanpage… SO WHAT?

    3) I have a fan page with 31k fans (all dog lovers).. they rarely buy…

    Heres the thing about facebook posts on a FB fanpage.. if you post a link that’s external to Facebook.. you’ll notice a HUGE drop off in number of impressions vs. if the link were pointing to within Facebook.

    Makes sense right? they wanna hoard traffic.

    call me crazy.. but why wouldn’t facebook give you lots of traffic if you were running ads to inside it? U’re paying them for clicks to serve themselves..

  5. tdb tdb

    Hey stephanie, why is your domain/site for sale??

    Did you stop?

  6. Stephanie Lichtenstein Stephanie Lichtenstein

    Site is back up and renewed for 10 years thanks for letting me know!

  7. Hi SuperFreshCool, in this case study I am actually targeting pet lovers for a page that is for Pets (not for social media). I have also done other case studies for many other clients in different industries, I always go after their relevant target audience and get the results they are looking for. Thanks for your feedback.

  8. tdb tdb

    No prob Steph, thought it was weird to see it for sale. You should really keep an eye on those things, your site is a valuable asset 🙂

  9. Stephanie Lichtenstein Stephanie Lichtenstein

    Yes absolutely! I had it on auto renew but the CC on file had expired so this time I renewed it for much longer. Thanks again and happy new year!

  10. tdb tdb

    no prob, the same to you

  11. wtf wtf

    ths is funny, she spend $200 for few hundred likes :))) – i dont see here secret scenario for 1000s likes for $10.

  12. Steve Steve

    Great ethical way.. I applaud you… However for those looking for the easy way.. Go to Fiverr and just pay someone $10 and get over 2k fans overnight.. Who cares if they come from fake accounts…

  13. Steve Fake Fans are good for perception not for actual interactions and long term fans. I would say for certain cases that is an easy way to do it but not for all. For most of my clients we do the targeted likes but I have had a couple that do not mind and I explain to them the difference. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Steve Steve

    Totally true Stephanie… However, as you already know having fans increases others to become fans.. For example; If you have two exact Fans sites and one has 82 fans and the other has 8,523 fans, the latter would have a higher chance of converting non fans into new ones.. And we all know that more fans=more conversions.. Not because you have more people to sell.. but because of social proof.. more fans = social proof = sales..

    Your concept is good and works.. Of course I think everyone would like to see you doing it with something a little harder than with dog lovers.. Don’t get me wrong, I do like what you are doing for everyone here..

  15. Stephanie Lichtenstein Stephanie Lichtenstein

    Yes the perception helps! If you want to see more examples of our work (this was just one of many we have helped beauty clients, music bands, home goods, etc.) you can search for me on YouTube or visit my site. All the best to you!

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