More Fun With Local Online Advertising Clients

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Sometimes, when you are dealing with clients, since they are paying you the money, you need to do what they say.

I had a client insist it would be a good idea to bid on Nissan terms as part of a “bad credit car financing” paid search campaign. They were advised against it, but insisted.  The results? :


Google then gave us the old:

Keyword(s) are currently inactive for search.
These keywords are marked in the Status column of the Keywords tab below. Improve their quality through optimization, delete them, or raise the keywords’ bids to the minimum bids indicated. (Raising the bids to at least the minimum will activate the keywords.)

The lesson behind this is pretty simple. If you forget WHY search engine marketing works, it will never WORK for YOU! Search engine marketing works because people have intent behind the searches they make. If you can match your ad with the users intent, you now have a good campaign. The intent behind a search performed on a Nissan related keyword is not to find someone who will give them a “bad credit car loan.” The intent behind that search is to either find information about a Nissan, Nissan pricing, Nissan Dealers etc.

Step 1: Match your ad with the searchers intent
Step 2: Profit

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Big, Selfless & Simple

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This is a Guest Post By Ad Hustler Contributor: Kim Ann Curtin, Life Coach

Big, Selfless & Simple

“Find the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.” ~Frederick Buechner

Most of the clients that I’ve worked with either immediately or eventually discuss their dissatisfaction with their careers. Some of them are in positions with companies that don’t challenge them in any way and don’t utilize their strengths effectively. Then of course there are those that have created their own businesses yet feel it is more challenging than they expected it to be and although they don’t want to return to “working for the man” they are still anxious for improvement.

I’m a big believer in finding out what one’s needs are. Once we get our needs identified (which are actually hiding below our wants) we stand a much greater chance at having them met thus attaining satisfaction and happiness in every area of our life.

And its because of this I’m very excited about Rick Smith’s new book called The Leap.  After his assessment ( ) which determines our needs and natural gifts, he then provides us with an unusual measuring stick. He asks us to create something Big, Selfless and Simple from these gifts. He states that once we can do that, we’ll propel our career from good to great.

Smith actually believes it’s possible to find the career that will satisfy and fulfill you, as well as be profitable.  That’s right, profitable. You don’t usually see the word “selfless” next to the word “profitable” often however the interesting truth is that those selfless ideas are usually the ideas that really generate. To be selfless means that you are focused on meeting others needs; i.e. the needs of the market place. If that is job #1 and you really focus on other people and their needs and where and how those needs can be met by you or your service/s then you will absolutely find yourself a smash hit.

What he identifies as “myth” is the story that those that make The Leap must reinvent themselves, charge forward alone or be a daring risk taker; when in reality he argues, they actually are those that become more completely themselves, are carried to success on the shoulders of others, and are keen risk mitigators.

For me personally I’m happy to hear this because as much as I like adventure and see myself as courageous, I’m still someone who checks the cables on the safety nets before I go swinging from any trapeze bar. I actually don’t like to gamble in Vegas or anywhere else. Maybe a wee bit for entertainment but the whole time I can’t help but think what a waste – fully aware the odds are against me. This “Dare Devil-Come What May” moniker that my non-entrepreneurial friends gave me has never fit. I always said that being an entrepreneur required me to be resilient and unstoppable more than anything else.

Of course being an entrepreneur does require chutzpa, I will attest to that, but it’s time to put to rest that there is anything irresponsible about it. I actually believe that there are those out there who have been so indoctrinated with this perspective that that alone keeps them from venturing out even in small ways in their career choices. As a coach, I’m all about people stepping into new perspectives, yet I’m aware that this one is very challenging for the majority of folks. Most are sheep following the path others have set for them. As for your being an affiliate marketer, yes it’s true that you are stepping further out than a nine to fiver yet are your really blazing your own new path?

Fear holds most people back be it from ourselves or our responsibilities to our families that it’s challenging to considering what we might create professionally on our own that is brand new.  This is why in addition to reading books such as Smith’s one needs to create a support system. Whether it is a coach or a group of like minded entrepreneurs that will support your investigating other avenues as well as encourage you to find your sweet spot.
Having honest, supportive and challenging peers around you will allow you to see the bigger picture. Sometimes we simply can’t see the forest for the trees without at least one set of neutral eyes.

And remember this doesn’t mean you stop what your doing, just begin the investigation.  Do it incrementally, like Vaynerchuk says, after hours is plenty of time to cash in on your passion.  I realize that making cash is awesome. And most likely you are experiencing that right now however imagine not only creating income but also enjoying and feeling satisfied with your efforts as well. That’s true wealth. This is why finding out what our “deep gladness” is is the first step.

Discovery your strengths so you can create a business that will utilize them effectively. You have the opportunity to build your career house on a solid foundation identifying your strengths early on so that your unique gifts will be brought into your venture from the start. And this will mean assuring your deep gladness will meet the world’s deep hunger.  And isn’t that what pleasure is all about both parties satisfied?

Kim Ann Curtin – Website | Blog | Twitter | Youtube

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Case Study: The Offline To Online Local Media Buy

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If your dealing with local clients sometimes you have an agency type relationship with them where you buy all of their media for a percentage of spend.

I happen to have had access to an offline to online media buy recently and wanted to share the results with you guys.  The media purchased was cable TV.  The media buy cost roughly $25,000 spread over 2 weeks of cable TV advertising.  This cost represented 200 cable spots which breaks down to about $125 per commercial.  I did not place this buy or create the commercial, but was responsible for landing page design and tracking.  Also keep in mind that cable TV is a branding medium and branding was a large goal in this campaign.  Direct response results were an additional advantage

Results over a 2 Week Period
Absolute Unique Visitors: 132
Unique Email Leads: 40
Total Phone Calls: 6
Landing Page Conversion Rate: 35%

If you were measuring the campaigns success solely on leads generated through the landing page this campaign would be a bomb however that was not the sole basis of success or failure.  The average cost per lead was $543 yet the campaign has been running 3 months past this original buy and the client is thrilled with the results.  The landing page converted a huge amount of the visitors to leads however if the client were only trying to generate leads, I would have suggested internet advertising before dropping this kind of cash on cable TV.

I thought you guys would find an offline to online case study interesting so I hope you did.  Do you have any questions about this?

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Hell Has a New Name: The Local Online Advertising Media Buy

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So continuing on in my local online advertising series we now encounter the inevitable desire of a local client.  Placing online display ads in local media.  You usually encounter this more when a client is paying you a retainer or percentage of spend.  The local clients reasoning is just in wanting to place online display ads on their local news, newspaper and media websites.  Since they used to or may currently still advertise in the newspaper it’s only natural to think they want their ads on the newspapers website.  Here’s the issue: Local newspapers are out of their minds with the pricing they charge.  Let’s take an example of a media buy I am currently in the process of negotiating (Keep in mind, this is local, so the numbers are a lot less then your affiliate marketing style media buy):

Price: $8,970
Length: 2 Week Run
Total Impressions: 601K Impressions
Effective CPM: $14.93
Estimated CTR: 0.12% (Based on the average ad that has run on the site in the same position in the same niche)
Estimated Clicks: 720
Estimated CPC: $12.45
Estimated Amount of Leads at 5% CR: 36 (Based on an estimate I have in my mind of how this offer is going to convert)
Estimated Cost Per Lead: $250 (This type of lead is worth $30-$40 on the high end)

At that kind of cost per click, I can buy media pretty much anywhere else for a heck of a lot cheaper.  In addition, the amount of impressions is not guaranteed, however its a percentage of the available inventory on the site based on previous months and you can be guaranteed that the impression count is inflated.  A $15 CPM is actually reasonable compared to the CPMs i’ve encountered for other newspaper websites.  In fact i’ve seen as high as $55 CPM (hugely popular newspaper website) and let me tell you the traffic was NOT worth the monies.

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Google Adwords Local Targeting Is Badly Flawed

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I wrote a post called Google: Get Your Local Targeting Act Together about a year ago.  Since it is so appropriate to the Local Online Advertising series that I am doing right now, I’d like to re-share it with you.  Nothing has changed since that post.

Your Thoughts?

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