15 Google Wave Invites

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I have 15 Google Wave invites to give out to AdHustler.com readers.  The first 15 comments gets them.  The invite will be sent to the email address you place your comment with.

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Happy Thanksgiving

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Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families.  We all have things to be thankful for.

Thanks to you guys and gals for helping my voice be heard over the past years.  I appreciate you all.

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Save 35% Off The Rio For Affiliate Summit West 2010

Posted by Ad Hustler | Posted in Doing Business | Posted on 24-11-2009

Affiliate Summit 2010 is coming.  Have you booked your room yet?  Personally, I like staying at the hotel the conference is being held at.  It makes it easier to run back up to the room to get something or put something down.  I know lots of ballers won’t want to stay at the Rio, but for those who do I got an email this morning from them with a pretty steep discount.  I ended up saving over $300 off my stay so I figured I’d share……and no it’s not an affiliate link of mine.  Act fast because I don’t know how long the link will last.

Rio 7 Day Sale

Enjoy, and see you there.

Please Note: I do receive a Press Pass to Affiliate Summit which get’s me in for free however, all statements and thoughts are my own opinions.

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Top 50 US Ad Networks

Posted by Ad Hustler | Posted in Affiliate Marketing | Posted on 23-11-2009

I was recently reading through Revenue Magazine. It had a great chart of the Top U.S. Ad Networks, so I figured I’d share:

Top 50 U.S. Ad Networks by Unique Visitors, April 2009 (Courtesy of Revenue Magazine)

Rank Ad Network Unique Visitors (000) Reach (%)
1 Platform-A** 176,455 91
2 Yahoo Network** 167,129 87
3 Google Ad Network** 164,518 85
4 ValueClick Networks** 160,307 83
5 Specific Media** 158,012 82
6 Fox audience Network** 149,249 77
7 Yahoo Sites 149,118 77
8 Google 148,511 77
9 24/7 Real Meda** 147,668 77
10 Traffic Marketplace** 143,519 74
11 Tremor Media 141,971 74
12 Microsoft Media Network** 139,674 72
13 Tribal Fusion** 138,274 72
14 Casale Media MediaNet** 137,884 71
15 interCLICK** 134,834 70
16 YuMe 134,608 70
17 Turn Inc** 134,028 69
18 Adconion Media Group 133,498 69
19 CPX Interactive** 130,370 68
20 Collective Network** 129,808 67
21 ADSDAQ (ContextWeb)** 123,534 64
22 Platform-A Video Network 121,949 63
23 AudienceScience 121,001 60
24 Burst Media** 116,727 61
25 Digital Broadcasting Group 112,646 56
26 MSN Windows Live 111,783 58
27 AOL Media Network 107,469 56
28 BrightRoll Video Network 99,911 52
29 Undertone Networks** 97,053 50
30 AdBrite** 91,033 47
31 YouTube* 89,697 47
32 Pulse 360** 82,574 43
33 Vibrant Media** 80,779 42
34 Centro 75,551 39
35 National Newspaper Network: Total U.S. Newspapers 74,415 39
36 Ask Network 73,491 38
37 Adify** 73,467 38
38 Kontera** 72,870 38
39 Monster Career Ad Network 72,225 37
40 Myspace.com* 70,954 37
41 Facebook 67,481 35
42 ITN Networks 66,578 35
43 Tatto Media** 63,379 33
44 MSN.com 57,753 30
45 IAC Ad Solutions 57,650 30
46 eBay 56,319 29
47 Glam Media 54,485 28
48 Amazon.com 52,058 27
49 National Newspaper Network: Top 25 Newspapers 50,644 26
50 Business.com 48,692 25

**Denotes an advertising network
*Denotes entity has assigned some portion of traffic to other syndicated entities.

Go Make Some Money!

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Good News For Affiliate Marketing

Posted by Ad Hustler | Posted in Affiliate Marketing | Posted on 19-11-2009

All you hear is doom and gloom for affiliate marketing nowadays.  I propose that things are looking bright.

Lately you hear a lot of complaints from web surfers about the ads showing up on sites they frequent.  Web users say they don’t like seeing ads.  Does this mean all of our traffic sources will dry up in the coming years as sites shift from ad supported to paid content models?

Forrester Research recently did a study asking “If the web sites for the newspapers and magazines you read were no longer free, how would you prefer to pay for that content?”

Here are the results of that study:


80% of users simply WOULDN’T ACCESS THE CONTENT ANYMORE.  Could that be a more promising statement of affiliate marketing’s and online marketing’s future?  I think not!

Web surfers are cheap bastards.  They expect endless and excellent content and all for free.  Businesses need to meet these expectations which means they need to support their business models in another way.  This means MORE ADVERTISING OPPORTUNITIES.  Booyakasha!

Advertisers themselves are using more and more metrics to determine their return on investments, shifting ad dollars into profitable placements.  Negative ROIs means that the advertiser stops running their ads through a given media source.  This means that content providers/media sources need to make sure that advertisers are achieving their objectives or they lose their ad dollars.  This translates into more affordable advertising and more self serve supply/demand ad systems like Adwords & Facebook Ads.

The future looks bright for us.  There will be more advertising opportunities, quite possibly at lower prices as the market fragments itself.

Stay in the game and stay compliant and you will be making the internet monies for years to come.

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