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Odell Beckham Jr Is Ad Hustling You

It’s no secret that i’m a huge New York Giants fan.  I’m also a fan of Odell Beckham Jr.  His latest antics on the field actually made me like him more.  I like a guy with fire.  One thing I don’t like however is using the good will of the fans to make a buck.  I saw a blog post that Odell has on his blog entitled “Thank You” blowing up on Bleacher Report with a heartfelt message to the fans saying that he has some growing up to do and having some positive words for the newly departed Coach Coughlin.  Very nice, except for the ad smack dab in the middle of it saying “Grab my gear to show your Giants Pride all year!”

So is this a heartfelt message to fans or click bait to get sites to link to it and sell some gear?  At least you can admit you still have growing up to do.  If you want to do something heartfelt, don’t ask for money in the same message.  It doesn’t seem authentic anymore.  Giants fans and the media have been Ad Hustled.

Ad Hustler

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