The Truth About Storm On Demand

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As internet marketers the most important weapon in our arsenal is our web server.  A crappy server that’s constantly going down is a liability that WILL cost you money.  The typical options that you had in the past were shared server, VPS or dedicated server.  Any serious marketer that is BUYING traffic is probably on a dedicated server.  I have multiple hosting accounts including all of the previously mentioned.  One dedicated server in particular was constantly having issues.  The server housed an installation of Prosper202 as well as a few landing pages.  As soon as a huge influx of traffic would come in, the server would start not resolving pages.  Redirects also didn’t work so I would just lose money when the server went down.

At this point I was seriously considering buying a much more powerful server at another hosting company but Liquidweb convinced me to try their “Storm On Demand” cloud offering.  The salesperson that they had call me gave me a bunch of misinformation.  What I want to do is tell you how Storm On Demand cloud hosting REALLY works so that you can decide if it’s right for you:

What Is It?

Storm On Demand claims to be a cloud server provider.  There is debate on web hosting forums whether they are a TRUE cloud or not a true cloud.  Honestly, I don’t really care and neither should you.  What Storm On Demand allows you to do is provision a server (or instance) and get billed hourly for that server rather than a flat monthly fee.  You pay 3 fees with each server instance.

1) The Server Instance Itself – You can choose how much CPU power you want, how much ram you want and even what hardware is in your server using the “storm bare metal configurations.”  Pricing starts at $50 or $0.07 cents per hour for the lowest server specs and more as you add more resources.  If you only use the server instance for 15 days then that’s all your billed for.

2) Management/Software – If you want the typical Cpanel/WHM & Full Management that you are used to with a dedicated server it’s going to cost you $20 per month.  If you want to manage it yourself then no charge for this.

3) Bandwidth – Your typical dedicated server comes with a bandwidth allocation per month.  Storm servers do not come with ANY bandwidth included.  Bandwidth is charged in one of two ways.  You can either pay as you go for bandwidth at the rate of $0.15 cents per GB outgoing / $0.08 cents per GB incoming or you can pre-buy an allocation of bandwidth at cheaper rates.

This setup allows you to scale your server up and down at a whim (without contacting customer support).  What happens is you hit a button which scales the server either up or down with the specs you specify and then the StormOnDemand backend system “syncs” your data with another server instance that meets your specifications.  You are then billed at the rate of whatever the new server instance costs per hour.  Your resource use is billed similar to a utility company and is totaled up at the end of the month for your bill.   It also shows you what you are going to owe as you go.

For the lowest level Storm On Demand server you are looking at the following pricing (over the course of 1 month):

Server Instance: $50 (2GB Ram, 150GB Disc, 1 CPU)
Management/Cpanel: $20
Bandwidth: $0.15 cents per GB
Total: $70 + Bandwidth

If you get a more powerful instance setup it will probably cost you about what you pay for a dedicated server now but you have the ability to scale up and down much more easily.

Why Would You Want This?

Depending on the type of traffic you buy, you may experience that you get huge volumes of traffic in spurts.  Maybe even only certain days of the week or even certain months.  Storm On Demand allows you to cut the waste and make sure you always have the resources you need.  Let’s say you don’t run any traffic on the weekend.  You can scale down from a super server on Friday night and scale back up on Monday morning to save some cash.  The possibilities are really endless (especially if you can write some scripts because they have an API).


  • Scale your server up and down to account for traffic spikes and dips
  • Pay about the same as a dedicated server for a better server only when you need it
  • Deploy additional servers and load balancers if you need them
  • Store images of your server so that you can restore to a previous state any time you need to
  • Super fast
  • Flexible billing
  • Works exactly as your dedicated server does with the same Cpanel setup
  • Anything you can run on a dedicated setup you can run on this

Disadvantages & Needed Features

  • In my experience the resizing process takes 35-60 minutes with a few minutes of ACTUAL SERVER DOWNTIME towards the end of the process.  The process ends with a reboot of the server which completely takes it offline.  The sales guy DID NOT tell me this, so I am telling you.  If Storm On Demand could figure out how to complete this process without ever actually causing downtime, it would be way better.  If the resizing process could take closer to 5 minutes that would also be helpful.
  • There is no scheduling.  Let’s say every night at 8pm you want to re-provision your server resources.  You can’t without logging in or writing some kind of script.
  • Bandwidth on the pay-as-you-go plan is too expensive.  The whole point of cloud based servers is to be able to adjust with the flow of traffic.  Requiring you to pre-buy a package of bandwidth in order to get a better price kind of defeats the purpose of the flexibility.
  • There are no email alerts to tell you when you have reached a certain bandwidth limit.  This would be helpful so that you can monitor what your bandwidth is costing you if your not the type of person who wants to login to their server control panel often.  Also, i’m not sure how Storm On Demand would catch an issue like a DDOS that would suck your bandwidth and cause you to get a super costly bill at the end of the month.  An email alert at a predetermined GB usage would help.
  • A way to setup server rules would be helpful.  For instance, “If my server reaches 80% of it’s resources, resize to the next level automatically.”  With the current system you have to monitor this yourself and choose the appropriate settings.

Overall, I suggest you giving Storm On Demand a try.  I think this style of offering is the future of web hosting.  My new setup i’s the smoothest i’ve ever seen my Prosper202 run, my landing pages are serving up faster and redirects are noticeably quicker as well.

Have you tried Storm On Demand or any other Cloud based servers?  Share your thoughts…

Note:  No compensation was received for writing this post. All points made are Ad Hustler’s opinion.

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Email Your Ad To The ENTIRE Internet

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Act Now

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DON’T Just DO It

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You always see all of these affiliate blogs offering the advice “just do it!”  While I see their point that the only way to see success is to try things, accumulate data and try again, i’m not sure it’s always the right advice for every situation.

I would currently like to concentrate a percentage of my efforts on a long term business model.  I have no lack of ideas.  In fact, ideas constantly pop into my head for longer term business models.  The problem is that I’m smart enough to know that not all of these ideas are great nor practical.  I’d say for the last 6 months i’ve been in a mode where I come up with ideas for long term business models but don’t act on them.  The reason I haven’t been acting is that I don’t 100% believe in the concept or idea.  I’m not afraid to take a leap or make a move – I just want to put my efforts towards something that I truly believe in because confidence get’s you through the tough times.

I think that all entrepreneurs should be able to tell a good idea from a bad one even if they came up with it themselves.  It’s true that you need to do SOMETHING to move forward but leaping from project to project with no direction or plan in the name of doing something isn’t a good strategy at all.

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Facebook’s FriendPhotoCaptcha = Your Screwed

Posted by Ad Hustler | Posted in Social Media | Posted on 19-07-2010 get’s various reports about what’s going on deep in the trenches of online marketing.  One development that’s caught my eye lately is Facebook’s FriendPhotoCaptcha.  Most of us have Facebook Profiles.  Some of us (like me) get tons of friend request from random people.  Although i’ve significantly cut down on accepting friend requests from people I don’t know, I have a lot of people on my profile who quite honestly I have no idea who they are.  Since I haven’t had the time to go through all of these friends and cut out the dead weight I realized that I am putting my account at risk with Facebook’s new FriendPhotoCaptcha.

Here’s how it works.  You get a page from Facebook saying that they don’t recognize your location and that you need to “confirm your identity.”  In order to do so they put you through a FriendPhotoCaptcha test.  The test takes random Facebook photo’s (some not even of faces) and makes you pick from a list which friend it is.  I don’t know about you but I don’t know the name of a lot of my Facebook Friends by looking at their pictures.  If you get the questions wrong your account remains locked down and you can try again in an hour.


Since becoming friends requires the permission of both parties I don’t see why being friends with people you don’t actually know well is an issue to Facebook.  I’m guessing that this FriendPhotoCaptcha is a move to ensure that everyone on your Facebook Profile is actually your friend in real life and not just online.  If not, it’s a very poorly thought out security mechanism.  Either way it makes you think twice about confirming people as your friends that you don’t actually know.

If I ever get locked out of my account I hope they don’t start quizzing me on my friends favorite foods or dating preferences.

What are your thoughts on FriendPhotoCaptcha?

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“Never Come to Mumbai Otherwise You May Jail In My Land” ~Banned Wickedfire User

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The beauties of being a Wickedfire Mod

faizanazmath: Hi
faizanazmath: hi
faizanazmath: you around
faizanazmath: I have some important work with you
Ad Hustler: ?
faizanazmath: my account was banned from Wickedfire.. I have done nothing wrong
faizanazmath: please check
Ad Hustler: so how is this important to me?
faizanazmath: I am drfaizan from WF
faizanazmath: As you are a moderator you can help me
faizanazmath: I want my account ban get lifted please
Ad Hustler: who banned you and why
faizanazmath: I really don’t know may be they were thinking I am bumping my thread
faizanazmath: I have good clients out there
faizanazmath: one of them has also mailed to WF admin or moderator
faizanazmath: I could have created one more account but I want that account back
faizanazmath: I was having little reputation with that account
Ad Hustler: i would suggest going back to whatever mod banned you and begging for forgiveness
faizanazmath: I am not going to beg anyone
faizanazmath: I have not done anything wrong
faizanazmath: so I won’t
Ad Hustler: you must beg
Ad Hustler: the mod that banned you
Ad Hustler: it is the rules
faizanazmath: if I would have commited a mistake then I would have asked for forgiveness
faizanazmath: really? Who wrote the rules
Ad Hustler: lord jon
faizanazmath: is it written in rules that they will ban whoever they want to and then ask them to beg
faizanazmath: Don’t be arrogant buddy
Ad Hustler: yes it is
faizanazmath: think for others too
Ad Hustler: only for you
Ad Hustler: it is written in the rules
faizanazmath: really am I special?
Ad Hustler: quite the opposite it seems
faizanazmath: then why there are special rules for me
faizanazmath: do you work?
faizanazmath: I mean do you have any job?
Ad Hustler: no, the only job i have is to listen to you complain about getting banned from wickedfire
Ad Hustler: its an important job
faizanazmath: and do you get paid for that?
Ad Hustler: i pay for the privelage
faizanazmath: privelage?
faizanazmath: for being arrogant and cruel? How do you feed your family members? Infact how do you manage to get money for yourself?
Ad Hustler: i dont get money
faizanazmath: you don’t do any job.. you don’t get paid I wonder how you survive
Ad Hustler: i don’t, i’m dead
faizanazmath: ok so you are in hell right now?
Ad Hustler: the fact that i’m having to deal with you, i think so
faizanazmath: you are not trying to deal with me
Ad Hustler: oh right
Ad Hustler: i got confused
faizanazmath: you are begging me to beg
Ad Hustler: dont beg to me
Ad Hustler: beg the mod that banned you
faizanazmath: but why you are begging me to beg other moderator?
faizanazmath: do you get pleasure in begging others?
Ad Hustler: i dont care if you do or you dont but that’s the only way your going to get unbanned
Ad Hustler: its in the rules
faizanazmath: I have not committed any mistake so I can clarify it but not ask for forgiveness
Ad Hustler: forgiveness is necessary
Ad Hustler: There are 2 things you must do to have your ban lifted
Ad Hustler: 1) Beg forgiveness from the mod that banned you
Ad Hustler: 2) Create a video praising lord jon
faizanazmath: hmm you are so Corrupt
faizanazmath: I wonder how you guys didn’t get caught by ACB
Ad Hustler: American Council of The Blind?
faizanazmath: Anti Corruption Bureau
Ad Hustler: considering they only police Mumbai i think Lord Jon and his deciphels will be ok
faizanazmath: great so never come to Mumbai otherwise you may Jail in my land
Ad Hustler: I have taken note
faizanazmath: wise step
Ad Hustler: i must be going but good luck my indian friend
faizanazmath: Thanks between may I know with whom I have chatted ?
Ad Hustler: This is Barman of
faizanazmath: I am faizan seo expert
faizanazmath: will meet you in WF soon
faizanazmath: good Blog
faizanazmath: I appreciate it
faizanazmath: so you earn online Sounds good

Good Luck Bro

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