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“Never Come to Mumbai Otherwise You May Jail In My Land” ~Banned Wickedfire User

The beauties of being a Wickedfire Mod

faizanazmath: Hi
faizanazmath: hi
faizanazmath: you around
faizanazmath: I have some important work with you
Ad Hustler: ?
faizanazmath: my account was banned from Wickedfire.. I have done nothing wrong
faizanazmath: please check
Ad Hustler: so how is this important to me?
faizanazmath: I am drfaizan from WF
faizanazmath: As you are a moderator you can help me
faizanazmath: I want my account ban get lifted please
Ad Hustler: who banned you and why
faizanazmath: I really don’t know may be they were thinking I am bumping my thread
faizanazmath: I have good clients out there
faizanazmath: one of them has also mailed to WF admin or moderator
faizanazmath: I could have created one more account but I want that account back
faizanazmath: I was having little reputation with that account
Ad Hustler: i would suggest going back to whatever mod banned you and begging for forgiveness
faizanazmath: I am not going to beg anyone
faizanazmath: I have not done anything wrong
faizanazmath: so I won’t
Ad Hustler: you must beg
Ad Hustler: the mod that banned you
Ad Hustler: it is the rules
faizanazmath: if I would have commited a mistake then I would have asked for forgiveness
faizanazmath: really? Who wrote the rules
Ad Hustler: lord jon
faizanazmath: is it written in rules that they will ban whoever they want to and then ask them to beg
faizanazmath: Don’t be arrogant buddy
Ad Hustler: yes it is
faizanazmath: think for others too
Ad Hustler: only for you
Ad Hustler: it is written in the rules
faizanazmath: really am I special?
Ad Hustler: quite the opposite it seems
faizanazmath: then why there are special rules for me
faizanazmath: do you work?
faizanazmath: I mean do you have any job?
Ad Hustler: no, the only job i have is to listen to you complain about getting banned from wickedfire
Ad Hustler: its an important job
faizanazmath: and do you get paid for that?
Ad Hustler: i pay for the privelage
faizanazmath: privelage?
faizanazmath: for being arrogant and cruel? How do you feed your family members? Infact how do you manage to get money for yourself?
Ad Hustler: i dont get money
faizanazmath: you don’t do any job.. you don’t get paid I wonder how you survive
Ad Hustler: i don’t, i’m dead
faizanazmath: ok so you are in hell right now?
Ad Hustler: the fact that i’m having to deal with you, i think so
faizanazmath: you are not trying to deal with me
Ad Hustler: oh right
Ad Hustler: i got confused
faizanazmath: you are begging me to beg
Ad Hustler: dont beg to me
Ad Hustler: beg the mod that banned you
faizanazmath: but why you are begging me to beg other moderator?
faizanazmath: do you get pleasure in begging others?
Ad Hustler: i dont care if you do or you dont but that’s the only way your going to get unbanned
Ad Hustler: its in the rules
faizanazmath: I have not committed any mistake so I can clarify it but not ask for forgiveness
Ad Hustler: forgiveness is necessary
Ad Hustler: There are 2 things you must do to have your ban lifted
Ad Hustler: 1) Beg forgiveness from the mod that banned you
Ad Hustler: 2) Create a video praising lord jon
faizanazmath: hmm you are so Corrupt
faizanazmath: I wonder how you guys didn’t get caught by ACB
Ad Hustler: American Council of The Blind?
faizanazmath: Anti Corruption Bureau
Ad Hustler: considering they only police Mumbai i think Lord Jon and his deciphels will be ok
faizanazmath: great so never come to Mumbai otherwise you may Jail in my land
Ad Hustler: I have taken note
faizanazmath: wise step
Ad Hustler: i must be going but good luck my indian friend
faizanazmath: Thanks between may I know with whom I have chatted ?
Ad Hustler: This is Barman of
faizanazmath: I am faizan seo expert
faizanazmath: will meet you in WF soon
faizanazmath: good Blog
faizanazmath: I appreciate it
faizanazmath: so you earn online Sounds good

Good Luck Bro

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  1. tom tom

    great you answered him now he’s going to feel entitled to argue with everyone he talks to. don’t feed the animals.

  2. LOL the best part was “good blog”

  3. hurrdurr hurrdurr

    LMAO reading this blog was funny, but I noticed something.

    Ad Hustler can’t spell disciples and privilege.

    If he can be WickedFire admin and make money online, then I can do it too!

  4. I’ve been banned on WF before…. then I made another account and banned again. 🙂

    It’s not worth it anyway. IDK why he got his indian panties in a wad anyway.

  5. Ad Hustler Ad Hustler

    @hurrdurr – no ones perfect

  6. Headbutt Headbutt

    “You may jail in my land” is my new favorite phrase:
    “Never call me at 2 am asking to me to drive you down to Long Beach, otherwise you may jail in my land”

  7. Making fun of ESL peeps is mean. Poor guy just wanted his acct back so he could sell more sweet link wheels.

  8. Jonathan Volk Jonathan Volk

    Lol!! This is so awesome. Made my day

  9. “i would suggest going back to whatever mod banned you and begging for forgiveness”

    I see you speak good Indian-English. Great work!

  10. I know why so many Indians get banned from forums, networks etc. The problem is in the law here. Laws in India are not strict and you can get away with anything and everything…especially if you are not in a cities like Mumbai, Bangalore etc. People try and follow the same rule on the Internet and think they would get away by breaking the becomes a habit. I am sure this guy would have threatened to kill or screw you in real life if you said you are an Indian….Lol.

  11. Wow Barman really screwed this guy over!

    how he going to makes monies online now you be bad to not feed his families


    Go back to DP = (I’ll translate this part), that’s DigitalPoint where the seo ninjas make monies.

  12. newjersey newjersey

    this is the best thing i read all day.

    faizanazmath: you are begging me to beg

    im dieing

  13. I’m glad to have brightened your day 🙂

  14. Ben Ben

    “faizanazmath: I was having little reputation with that account”


  15. “I don’t, I’m dead” – made me LOL.

  16. I learned something: dead people are hilarious.

    You are hereby sentenced to jail a lifetime in land…in Mumbai, no less.

    faizanazmath will be missed on WF (please tell me where his next stand up routine will be if not at WF).

    He will not beg anyone but AH…which is a grand irony: “I will not beg” and –

    faizanazmath: but why you are begging me to beg other moderator?

    WTH? So, INDIRECT BEGGING is NOT begging. Noted.

    The last thing I learned was NOT to simultaneously drink Coke when I’m reading this — now my nostrils burn, and my monitor’s sticky. Thanks.

  17. […] Never Come To Mumbai Otherwise You May Jail In My Land – This post has 0 useful information so if that's what you're looking for, don't click it. If you're up for laughing at a ridiculously awesome conversation between AdHustler and a banned wickedfire user, then this is for you. I've read it three times now and it's still funny. […]

  18. hahaha thanks for the laughs. Always wondered if people beg to get unbanned now i know. good times im sure

  19. Ha ha, I’m a bit late. Love this post. Made my day as well as it did everyone else.

  20. faizanazmath faizanazmath

    Hey Guys its me real Faizanazmath here.

    Good to see that my conversation has made few people laugh. Few even said it made their Wonderful.
    “Land it Jail”, it was a answer filled with humor. Adhustler was asking me to do something by which his so Called Lord John will become happy and it was something like bribe so in reply to that I gave him a humorous reply that he may land in jail for offering bribe or something similar like that.

    Between to Adhustler and all other marketers. This post shows adhustler’s frustration. He was trying to dominate me and at every point of my arguement the opposite was happening. I was giving him resounding replies which he was unable to bear and as a result to get support from other marketers he copied our arguement and put it on his blog and yes he got support from you guys too.

    This conversation also proves a point that How ARROGANT this guy is and Remember Arrogance will not survive longer. This is not the case of Indian or any other guy but because of few arrogant guys like him many others also comes under the same Scanner. I hope I answered you all and one more thing those who are enjoying reading this post keep reading it again and again to find how Adhustler lost to me in his conversation. I must also thanks Adhustler because of whom this post came live and I was get noticed by many big marketers.

  21. Ad Hustler Ad Hustler

    @Faizanazmath – I think a career in content writing is in your future.

  22. faizanazmath faizanazmath

    @Andrew Wee.. Keep supporting the arrogance.

    @Adhustler… I know my future is secure don’t worry about it, because I am not arrogant and Arrogance kills.

  23. lol lol

    dude, why didn’t you drop the make monies online bomb?

  24. Someone should construct a book outta stuff like this… lol.

  25. I wonder why every SEO newbie in India claim to be an SEO expert..!!

    Barman, saw you in Youtube (affiliate summit west). You looked cool. Oh.. yes, you won’t get jail in Mumbai. I assure you.. Lol..!!

  26. Bahahahaha! That was the funniest conversation I’ve ever read! Awesome!

  27. I am so pissed at myself. I have had had many conversation just like this — and never thought to add them to my site. Lesson learned. I am still laughing.

  28. Well he must not want his account back bad enough if he is not willing to beg – plus they have to give a reason he did something wrong they are not going to ban him cuz they have nothing better to do.

  29. Tim Tim

    Too funny. My fav: “I am faizan seo expert” Well, aren’t we all.

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