Facebook’s FriendPhotoCaptcha = Your Screwed

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AdHustler.com get’s various reports about what’s going on deep in the trenches of online marketing.  One development that’s caught my eye lately is Facebook’s FriendPhotoCaptcha.  Most of us have Facebook Profiles.  Some of us (like me) get tons of friend request from random people.  Although i’ve significantly cut down on accepting friend requests from people I don’t know, I have a lot of people on my profile who quite honestly I have no idea who they are.  Since I haven’t had the time to go through all of these friends and cut out the dead weight I realized that I am putting my account at risk with Facebook’s new FriendPhotoCaptcha.

Here’s how it works.  You get a page from Facebook saying that they don’t recognize your location and that you need to “confirm your identity.”  In order to do so they put you through a FriendPhotoCaptcha test.  The test takes random Facebook photo’s (some not even of faces) and makes you pick from a list which friend it is.  I don’t know about you but I don’t know the name of a lot of my Facebook Friends by looking at their pictures.  If you get the questions wrong your account remains locked down and you can try again in an hour.


Since becoming friends requires the permission of both parties I don’t see why being friends with people you don’t actually know well is an issue to Facebook.  I’m guessing that this FriendPhotoCaptcha is a move to ensure that everyone on your Facebook Profile is actually your friend in real life and not just online.  If not, it’s a very poorly thought out security mechanism.  Either way it makes you think twice about confirming people as your friends that you don’t actually know.

If I ever get locked out of my account I hope they don’t start quizzing me on my friends favorite foods or dating preferences.

What are your thoughts on FriendPhotoCaptcha?

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  1. I assume the reason they added this was to prevent spammers from accessing users accounts. Previously, it asked for the users birthday. This was easy to find, and they can bypass the “Roadblock”, but by asking the user which friend is in the photo, the spammer would have no clue as to who is who.

  2. Was that thought up at a random night of doing drugs to come up with insane ideas to add on to facebook? That is one of the most random ideas I think they’ve thought of.

  3. Some of these people have nothing better to do. They should stop eating free sushi and brush up on their coding skills instead of dreaming up ridiculous schemes.

  4. Its like communism, sounds good, but horrible in practice

  5. Will cause many people problems
    good find and good blog post

  6. lol I know people who put their girlfriend/boyfriend as their profile picture. My own profile picture is of a car I don’t own.

    This whole thing is stupid.

  7. You serious?

    Lol, this will never work.

    Yet another brilliant idea from FB!

  8. I haven’t seen this yet with my account. I know people use bots to add friends and this can be a good move from that angle. Maybe they are targeting people who they think are spamming or using bots. It also can be a test for profiles which are reported maybe… Doing this for all profiles will drive people away from Facebook.

  9. I think there is a little confusion. Facebook doesn’t give you the profile pics. It gives the pictures from their album in which they were tagged. It will give you a list of pics that you tagged or the friends who tagged you (so you guys know each other better). I tried it once and it gave me those. Correct me if I am wrong


  10. @David – From my understanding it’s random friends.

  11. @David is correct. This happened to my partner recently when we were on holiday in Greece (though oddly it didn’t happen to me).

    What happened in her case was that she was shown photos in which her friends were ‘tagged’. However, some of these were simply pictures of landscapes, pets and so on. People ‘tag’ their friends on these so that the photos show up on their Walls (I think). But it makes knowing who they are supposed to represent totally impossible.

    Nice one, Facebook!

  12. Yeah I got in a bind the other day with this same issue..its really ridiculous if you ask me! Definitely a good post, worthy read.

  13. i wish i could advertise on the “try again in 1 hour” page. Think of all the affiliate offers the users could sign up for while waiting an hour to try to get into their account.

    I guess they are trying to figure out how to combat scenarios where fake accounts are logging in from IP addresses that are geographically far apart. However, if I sign in to my corporate VPN, my IP is in Montana, then i sign in not connected to my VPN and the IP is in New Jersey. It is a legitimate use case, and not always a bogus account.

  14. I actually ran into this page a few times, and it sucks to say the least because some of the photos that your friends might have aren’t actually them. And it could be someone that you don’t even know.

    Its a good try but maybe FB should’ve re-thought this one. Just my .02 cents

  15. This was a completely horrible idea. I am in Afghanistan working as a contractor and I travel all over. The old way of just asking questions that only I would know was a perfect security feature, IMO. However now I am completely locked out of my account. Since I am contracting I have a lot of FB “friends” that I don’t know very well, more so in passing from place to place. FB is an easy way of keeping in touch with everyone. And since everyone seems to have a FB account I normally just say “Face Book me.” Now that this ‘FriendPhotoCaptcha’ thing is employed to verify my account I get nothing but random pics of people’s farms and dogs and anything but pictures of the people I know. So if anyone knows how to get back to the old FB way of verifying your account please help.
    Thanks in advance to anyone who can help,

  16. @Pitviper7777 – Great example of why this is seriously flawed. Stay safe in Afghanistan.

  17. How about the fact that when this happened to me, FB showed me a picture of a person wearing a CLOWN MASK? How am I supposed to know who that person is, if I can’t even see their face?! This new FB captcha crap isnt going to last!

  18. Well I was finally able to log on to my FB account I was lucky enough that the 7 or 8 photos were of things I recognized and could answer which friends it was. I think it only took 20 or so tries. Anyway this photo verification thing is still such a huge hassle if it happens again. I am going back to MySpace and dropping FB.
    Thanks for reading this,

  19. If they’d ask you to ID people tagged in your OWN photos you might have a chance – There’s no way I can make out the faces of people on Facebook with some of the crazy profile picture out there, let alone the fact that I haven’t seen half of them in ages, and the other half I’ve never seen them. Yup, I don’t get out much.

  20. lol @ getting a picture of someone with a clown mask.

    Why not just do it like banks do and let you pick the picture in your account that you have to recognize for access to the account?

    Security is one of those things that when it’s dumb, it completely idiotic. (Think airport security)

  21. I have no chance logging on my account again. Ihave more than 2500 friends, and I do not know every body’s faces or names. I play games and accept players daily.
    Facebook does this to help me?
    I have tried since yesterday to log on. This is crazy and I can’t writhe them…………..

  22. @scarface The title of this post explains it all – Facebook’s FriendPhotoCaptcha = Your Screwed 😉

  23. i agree the bank picture thing works OK. However, it is from a 3rd party, sitekey, and VERY expensive. I investigated this when working for a domain registrar with 1 million customers, and it was too expensive. They would most likely have to build their own as it is priced based on the number of users

  24. fuckkkkkkkkkkkk i got screw whit that shit i have lot of friends but only for the games and some pictures are from games like pet story photo how in the hell i´ll know hwo is it whit jus that fuckin animals and ther people?????????????????????? grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr fucking FB

  25. Facebooks un gran problema y perdida de tu trabajo al no poder entrar en tu cuenta sin reconocer a todos los amigos por su nombre tengo 800 imposoble conocerlos a todos

  26. muy mal facebooks te hace perder horas de trabajo si no conoces el nombre de todos tus amigo no te permite entrar en tu pagina pero sigue activa y tampoco cancelar la cuenta

  27. Since it only takes an unfamiliar IP to trigger the roadblock its a big problem. Any gamer will have many friends who’s pictures will not be known, so they are screwed.

    Email validation is the way to go for this.

  28. fa skifo,non posso riconoscere gli amici dalle fotdo,ne ho piu di 500 e facebook non mi fa accedere nel mio profilo.

  29. :S this is nothing good!! Facebook must take this out ”Friendphotocaptcha”

  30. […] of feet, pictures of dogs, blurry pictures of people from behind, and “funny” drawings. I am not the only one. Many people have been locked out of their accounts for hours due to this impossible […]

  31. I just move to unalaska and t-mobile dont work here so i use internet to contact my friends, and the stupid facebook lock me down, nice and neat. Thanks but no thanks, I will find other websites that is less hassle

  32. This F*cking sucks!! I’m on a hotel computer and have 1500 friends. How the hell am I suppose to know who was tagged in the picture of a fucking car!! A cat!!! a kegger party!! This is the lamest idea ever. Why didn’t someone at facebook say “hey, this is probably a bad idea”. I have been locked out for two days. Even if I do get lucky and recognize the 8 friends tagged in an obscure pic, the computer will be reset when I try to log on the next day! Okay, I am done ranting! I just need my MW fix!! : (

  33. Yes I have been locked out now for 4 days,… tried many times to log in, can’t…. have over 2500 friends,… no chance.
    And the craziest thing is, that it was me, myself logging in on a code wrong, because i had forgotten, that a phone uses not’ the log in-code I use for Facebook.
    I have wrote to Zynga,…. but of course I get the same message as always and no further response…. the message they give EVERYBODY, that they would investigate.
    And to Facebook, but no’ response.
    This is to laugh at!. Ma by fine that they do it difficult for hackers, but why me?
    They could ask me for my family- there names and so on, in a mail send to me- they could ask for the secret answers, but no.
    I’m out- have spend about 2 years playing Mafia Wars, am a very high level…. but now I got robbed, killed and playing wars against.
    This is not nice!
    I am artist and have many paintings on Facebook. And I found a connection, where my paintings should be printed on T-shirts for sale…. but now I can’t write to the man and can’t do the business.
    Also I had my paintings stored there as an garanti, so I would never loose them… the pictures of them.
    Vere nice!
    I can’t get in contact with my family any more….
    I love Facebook and Zynga!

  34. Same thing happened to me I have alot of random ppl I add also and i’ve been blocked out since saturday so..I am on a different computer im at my parents out of the state and I wonder if it will recognize me when Im back on my Own computer???? anyone know that answer????
    agree this is BS!!! so stupid!!!!!

  35. Just happened to me on my new work laptop – used the “I don’t know” option up on the first two and took a lucky guess on the next before I realized I could still use my mobile phone (and process of elimination) to make it through by finding the actual photos in question on FB. This is a perfect example of why clever ideas often go down in flames in the real world. My earnest desire is that the brilliant idiots that conceived this be forced to re-take this test daily until they too have experienced this special kind of hell.

  36. This is a horrible idea!

  37. Could we not make a group against this??????
    I think many will support it, if they only knew how it works.
    The problem with Zynga and face book is, that they often chance the system without letting people know.
    And I think it’s a shame on Zynga saying yes to this, when they sell points and weapons to people and not helping them, when they are being locked out without a reason.
    When you write to them, both, you will get no’ answer.
    They are partners…. and it is Face book it self that try to get people invite a lot of “friends”, so that they can earn more money.
    Last time we made a lock-out of Mafia wars, it worked, and see Face book now, they have chanced back to the old way showing things on homepage….. Just when we where getting used to it….

  38. This caused me to not be able to log in to facebook at work today.

    This is a bad idea.

  39. Fuckkkkkk about this FriendPhotoCaptcha, i have almost 2500 friends of which many to be honest i have no idea who they are, and i haven’t checked their profile photo’s and so on, funny enough i wan’t asked about this feature or even on the security settings to change from it. it comes by default. i don’t think they even know what they are fuckin’ doing….bunch of idiots

  40. i want to see my facebook homepage

  41. i want to open my facebook homepage

  42. i just got blocked.i have an enormous number of animal activists who post usually and often as main pic the photos of the dog they want to be adopted.It is impossible to couple upnames and pics.Idiotic!i ve given uo on facebook..no time to wsste on decifering..in the long run they re going to hurt themselves…


  44. This would make sense if:

    1) It’s used for a Facebook’s Personal profile page and had clear images of actual faces of the friends.

    2) Also, should NOT be used for Business Pages as it’s designed for people you really know and not just online.

  45. Found a way to get past this, or through t really. Not everyone can do this and don’t work if your friends pages are set to private. BUT you can log on to an account that is friends with the compromised account and go through the listed friends pages and find the tagged photos. Now keep in mind you can skip up to two. So if you are having immense trouble in finding a photo from the listed friends you can skip it. only have to answer 5 out of 7. Good Luck and FB Dev’s, get off the crack and think of better ways!

  46. I have been locked out for over a month. I am out of town, 3000 miles away from home. I can not keep in contact with my children back home, like I use to on my facebook! I skype them now..but it was nice posting my daily activities for them and to see there days as well.
    I have researched and tried and Tried to get through this.
    My pictures Flash..before me..giving me NO time to identify anything!
    I wish I could get back on Facebook!

  47. The applications on Facebook games force you to add unknown friends to further your game progress. How are we supposed to recognize all the strange photos. Must be another way.

  48. OH MY GOODNESS!!! (sigh) Yea, I just went through HELL trying to just let go of all the time and patience I put into World at War. I’ve learned my lesson (I should be old enough to know better), don’t put your heart into something that could be easily lost! I was lucky to have only taken a few hours to get back into my account but, I want to help you out with something I was going to try. I know this will be less encouraging for those of you with hundreds and hundreds of friends but if it makes any of you feel better, I had 160 friends. NONE but a handful of which I knew.
    1. Make a bogus account
    2. Look for your account
    3. View your account and pull up your friends list
    4. Here comes the grueling part, start writing down names, race, sex, other attributes, etc. Example:
    John Doe White/male short dark hair, has a
    newly born baby (look
    for baby in photos or any
    other indications for a
    new born, etc.
    5. You have 5 options of names to chose from, quickly
    eliminate the girls from the boys names (this is where the
    name and male/female description will come in handy) as well as names you already know, then go through your list that should be in ABC’s order. Every time/day that goes by, make an effort to write down more and more characteristics that will help you identify the picture.
    I know you are probably PISSED, as I was! I’m so sorry. I wish you the best and I hope this has at least helped.
    ** Also, it may not be a bad idea to change the password
    to your email account asap, in case your email account is now at risk as well.

  49. I forgot another HUGE great help when you’re writing down your friend’s attributes/characteristics. . . .their ethnicity. You can also use their ethnicity to best match with the last name out of the list of names they give you. I hope this all has helped!

  50. So before anyone said i also tried couple of hours to login to my account. Yes i have traveled to another country and i play games on facebook (like Mafia wars and poker). So i have a lot of friends. But it is not ethical to watch everyone’s profile and see their personal pictures so i just chat with them. But now it seems i am screwed.

    I tried to trick the friendphotocaptcha by searching for all friends on my bothers account and clicking the right pictures but in the end i got this.

    “You waited too long to solve the security check. Please enter a response now.”

    Another hour wasted. I think i need to be very fast next time to trick the system.

  51. OK i practiced my fingers to be super fast on clicking photos of profile on each of the options they gave me. In my second attempt i was very lucky to choose all the correct people from the list and after that it was two simple steps.

    Please review recent activity on your Facebook account
    Your account was recently accessed from a location we’re not familiar with. Please review the activity details below:

    Time | Activity Details | Location
    Yesterday at 2:22pm | Login attempt to “Facebook” from a “computer” | “Country XXX”

    If anything looks unfamiliar, we’ll help you change your password (this will help prevent people in the future from accessing your account without permission). Do you recognize the account activity listed above?

    Yes I recognize it | No

  52. I am still not able to access my account. How do I get the pictures to slow down? They flash to quickly, I was thinking something is wrong with y flash drive. I am 3000 miles away from home and need some help. I try to access the account several times through out the day, no luck! I do know the people in the photos–I just see the pictures flash and then it closes and tells me to come back in an hour.

  53. You could take screen shots as well! I can tell you this, they’re usually the same pictures over and over again with different ones here and there. For example, they will use the same 14 pictures in different sequences.

  54. ok this is crazy…I identified first picture..no problem then a second picture flashed ( of my daughter) and then
    tells me to come back in an hour..this is so frustrating..
    Not enough time, is it something that I am doing?

  55. Denise? Something doesn’t sound right. It shouldn’t flash at all! Try this, delete all of your history, temp files, etc., then restart your computer, get back onto facebook and see what happens. It may ask you to wait the rest of the hour but when you are able to take it again, see what happens.

  56. Thanks for the help…it didn’t work. But it was worth the try! I deleted everything restarted, and same result.
    After I…type out the WORDS…then it tells me to start…I click start, it flashes a photo then closes..I sometimes know the person..I just can’t click…Sometimes it lets me do the first photo and then I go to the second photo and it flashes and tells me to come back in an hour. This is so frustrating. I am writing facebook, about errors and Bugs..but no reply as of yet. One reply by facebook said that this account is not disabled.

  57. That is so weird! It shouldn’t be flashing like that! So you know the email that you need to write to then?

  58. LOL. Had the same probs. Had pictures of dogs, cats and even Charly Brown and Snoopy to identify…This sucks, Fuck Facebook, there are plenty of ohter options.


  60. i can not identify this pictures .i think most of them are not my friends

  61. I am in the same boat. I am still locked out going on a week now. And I don’t think I will be able to get back in until they either provide a different way (like using the security questions we all supplied), or a way to contact them to validate directly.

  62. OMG, I have been locked out of logging in for F’in 3 WEEKS… same problem as Denise. I linked my fb to my new mobile phone and ever since; no luck. After correctly entering the security words I get a photo-captcha prompt, and the image is only on the screen a split second! No way to do anything but sit there dumbfounded that it happened once again, grrrrrrr. Has anyone had any success with face-less’ support contacting them or helping in any way?

  63. @Renee,
    no, as a matter of fact, I wrote them an email about 3 days ago when it happened to me and I still have not heard from them! If it only happens for a split second (which doesn’t sound right, something isn’t working right! My photos stayed on screen until I answered who it was), then take a screen shot as soon as it happens. I’ll tell ya, if I had not gotten my account back? I would NOT have made another account! I vowed not to! I think that if everyone sends them an email expressing our disapproval of this security feature, they will listen after awhile. If you want it to change, everyone, write them an email with the subject: WE DISAPPROVE
    The subject CANNOT be any different for the intent that they will see that we are all coming from the same group. Then spread this same message to everyone you know on FB. Even people that this hasn’t happened to! Have them do the same thing! But the subject HAS to be the same so they will take notice of it! Let’s do this!

  64. WOW…IT happened !! I got back ON !! Yes !! Out of No where …it worked..! The pictures slowed down enough for me to identify. Now I am back On .
    Facebook never wrote me back..never sent anything. I just logged on for the 5th time today, and it worked. NOW..I have been locked out for over a month.
    Good Luck…That really Sucked.

  65. i hate this soo much. yet another crap idea from facebook

  66. stupidest security idea ever! I’d have to let this person go for never testing how this works. If they had only asked me for my friends profile pictures that would be reasonable. In this case it will even ask you about any picture that any of your friends have highlighted. We should have everyone in facebook do this as a way of getting their paycheck.

  67. ….I have so many important friends in there but this is what happen to my account.. how can I unlock my account..can anybody help me..?

  68. why did they put this kind of locking account I can’t open my facebook…

  69. @Reymart, look at my posts for tips on how to get your account back!

  70. I am locked out of my account also. I can’t identify any of these people it’s showing me as I’ve added people I don’t know to play the games. I WILL NOT be making another account…facebook is stupid for putting this on their site.

  71. @foundthisone—>> hi where did you post your TIPS..? can you help me to unlock my account..?

  72. Look for my post above labeled from the date and time of:
    1/Aug/2010 at 07:08
    I used the name Frank
    It’s not “the” solution but it will definetly help!

  73. I have been locked out for over a month !!! I have sent countless emails to FB Jerks ….. I play Mafia Wars I have 1537 friends .. even if I knew them I would know their frikkin photo albums .. the IDIOT who thought this up is a LOOSER ./…

    why should we know photo albums ???? fricking nuts

    I missed Vegas ,,,,,,

    I missed my pals – all beacuse I went on fricking holiday …….

  74. ….(sigh).. I name them all but it still lock….

  75. foundthisone (Frank)…. can you make my account unlock..?

    I’ll give you my account and password…… please….!!!!!

    I cant make my account back. how can I contact them I

    don’t want to creat new account because I have my

    important friends there and my family… so please

  76. foundthisone (Frank)…. can you make my account unlock..?

    I’ll give you my account and password…… please….!!!!!

    I cant make my account back. how can I contact them I

    don’t want to creat new account because I have my

    important friends there and my family… so please help me please…

    I’m beging you I know you can make it… I trust you my friend…. T_T please…

  77. I can try, email me at foundthisone@yahoo.com
    It may take awhile but I’ll try

  78. how can i send you a message…

  79. At my email address…look at my last post

  80. ahmm… I’ll send you message by friendster..? do you have friendster..?

    add me jukio_mac@yahoo.com

  81. i know a best trick to unlock accounts.
    i got in to this shit because i tried to login my account through an proxy. so i got screwed up later i found a technique to break this.
    if u want to know this mail me at

  82. None of this works here.

    I tried login from my new blackberry phone and the facebook login said it did not recognize where I was accessing from. Then when I tried to login to facebook from computer, it took me through some security questions to identify pics tagged by friends, but I cannot as I have over 2,500 friends whom joined for Mafia Wars game. Some of the pics are, like a basket of flowers. That’s just stupid, and I cannot answer the 7 questions correctly. I have searched high and low and even clicked on Change my password, which sent a new password to my e-mail, but now I can’t even access facebook from blackberry because it says invalid login/password. I am frustrated beyond belief, and cannot possibly start over building a new account. I sent an e-mail to what appears to be some kind of support desk, but reply back to my e-mail stated they cannot look at all questions and would try and solve user problems that are common. Basically, an automated non-response e-mail.
    Please help me get the security questions prompts removed from my login so I can access my account. Please help!!!

    Facebook does everything in their power to encourage and reward users for adding more friends in games within the site, but puts this impossible step in place, with absolutely no way around the problem. I guess this is the end for my Facebook.com experience. Unless they can remove this ridiculous bullcrap.

  83. @Gary Woodman
    email me

  84. The Idiots at Faceboof have done it again!. Mix a few kids with poor programming skills. Add lack of intelligence and planning to figure out the repercusions of what they do and poof! you get this pathetic attempt at security that does nothing buy annoy your users. And worse, keep them from coming back and sponsor your advertisers!.

  85. w0w dami nang na block nang tang inang facebook na yan…

    FIX IT!!!! NAO!!!!


  87. I agree! Stupid facebook

  88. Well, add me to the growing list of lock outs. What an utter fail for an internet company. This one will be taught at schools in the future of how NOT to do it. It will be right after the “Why ebay failed” class!!

  89. it sucks. and they are apparently ignoring all these posts. even the high level security financial institutiions allow you to choose your own security questions. but i find this kind of thing happening all the time and not only with facebook. If you travel a lot with your notebook like i do, sometimes 15 or 20 countries in a year, you are totally screwed as everyplace you log in registers as “suspicious.”

  90. Fukkkkkkkkkk i locked out of facebook because i tried to log in with a proxy at school and i get pictures of walls and stuff WTF facebook

  91. get a new facebook!

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  94. What are Facebook’s authenticity guidelines?
    People on Facebook want to interact with their real friends and the people they know in the real world. Since accounts that impersonate anyone or anything can damage the integrity of this environment, Facebook doesn’t allow fake profiles (timelines) for celebrities, pets, ideas, or inanimate objects.

    In addition, Facebook accounts are meant for individual use. Joint accounts can create a privacy risk for every person involved, since others cannot privately contact only one member of a shared profile (timeline).

    If you want to create a presence for someone or something other than yourself, here are a few other options:
    People trying to promote their brand or business can create Pages. Pages are public profiles that offer features more relevant to companies or celebrities. Learn more about Pages.
    If you would like to represent an idea, group or club, the Groups application allows people with common interests to come together to discuss, share, and organize.
    Pet lovers may find it easier to represent their pets through Platform applications. Many offer similar functionality to Facebook profiles (timelines).

  95. this is so f…ing stupid…i have 1000 friends..how am i supposed to remember each ones face?

  96. My facebook is block and this function are open my id

  97. My id is lock

  98. please open my profile

  99. So many responses, but no one come with solutions. I’m currently having the same problem. Please, help. I’m tired trying to identify photos that don’t even belong to my friends. They were only tagged.

  100. please open my id profile

  101. my facebook account is temporarily locked, please help me for open my facebook. How can?

  102. so many responses,but no one come with solution.I’m currently having the same problem.please,help.I’m trying to identify photos that don’t even belang to my friends they were only tagged

  103. ????? ???? ????

  104. I am also locked. I have more then 2000 fB friends…but i don’t know every photo. Most of the time they show animals of nature pic….how do i know who’s cat or dog that is? This is a evil idea of FB. When you are mant groups then you also make friends…but you don’t know them all in real life…you are not online 24/7 to know every photo…..FB,YOU MAND crazy people! Change this evil plan!!!!!

  105. sometimes, their is no photo ..if they show a face then it would be easy! They are mad! I can’t log in anymore…what about my own pic? they own them now! Their evil system is to control us and we don’t have any rights,,,i am so angry!!!!!

  106. Hello am ahmad from India i want use my facebook account then they boucked Please Help me Am completly Blocked I’m trying to identify photos that don’t even i want to open my facebook profile User : A_warsi786@ibibo.com . attech this email Please open dis I So Cry Without my cute friends and my family members i Wanna to my facebook Account Please sir help :'(

  107. My facebook account have being blocked and I was asked to identify the pics of my friends which I could not identify plz o I need help

  108. […] Facebook’s FriendPhotoCaptcha = Your Screwed AdHustler.com get’s various reports about what’s going on deep in the trenches of online marketing.  One development that’s caught my eye lately is Facebook’s […]

  109. My facebook account have
    being blocked and I was asked
    to identify the pics of my
    friends which I could not
    identify plz o I need help

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