Learn How To Do Business Like Radioshack To Survive The Recession

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Instead of getting his money back, one Radio Shack customer got a sock in the jaw when he tried to return something. According to the police report, the employee wouldn’t let the customer return the item. When the customer asked to speak to a manager – kapow! And you thought the worst thing you had to worry about was if you kept your receipt!


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List Building & Email Marketing Case Study Part 3

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For the last couple of weeks I have been pretty much letting this list building and email marketing campaign run on autopilot.  As I stated in the last post I wanted to get the list up to 500 subscribers to see what kind of revenue I could generate off of it.  Let’s run through a quick financial breakdown of where I am at right now with 500 subscribers to the email list:

Number Of PPC Clicks: 2,347
Number Of Double Opt In Subscribers: 500
Click To Subscriber Conversion Rate: 21.30%
Average CPC: 25 Cents
Raw Cost For Clicks: $592.68

Clicks To Email Submit On Page 3:  377
Conversions: 136
Offer Payout: $1.30
Subtotal Revenue: $176.80

Conversions On Email #4: 5
Offer Payout: $31
Subtotal Revenue: $155

Conversions On A Seperate Email Deployment: 1
Offer Payout: $30
Subtotal Revenue: $30


I am now down roughly $230 and have a subscriber base of 500 double opt in subscribers.  I essentially need to milk 50 cents per person out of these people to break even.  A few issues I am running into is that most of the subscribers have gotten through the email series so are no longer receiving content.  I plan on doing a campaign to the whole list today to see if I can boost revenue.

I’ve tried throwing a message into some of the emails saying “This Message Sponsored By ADVERISER NAME” to see if they would click that and maybe produce some sales but no one has clicked that so far.  The best results have been from emails that are straight marketing messages rather then content mixed with a marketing message.  Unsubscribe rates have not been too bad on straight marketing message emails.  I have no doubt that I can get this list to break even and turn a profit.  The question is how long will it take and is this scalable?

If you have not read the other case studies in this series, here are the links:

List Building & Email Marketing Case Study
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List Building & Email Marketing Case Study EXTENDED

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I got a lot of positive feedback about the list building & email marketing case study i’ve been doing.  I initially planned on stopping the case study at 100 subscribers and reporting back what happens.  Since the results were not awful I decided to increase the test to 500 subscribers.  Although a list of 500 email subscribers is still a very small list, I feel like it’s at least a little more statistically signifigant then 100 subscribers.

The list should be hitting the 500 subscriber mark by the end of the day today.  I will try a few ways of monetizing the list and report back some new numbers to give you a better idea of how the case study is going.

To be quite honest this case study does excite me.  List building is really not a place i’ve gone in the past but I am seeing potential in it.  It’s totally different then straight PPC because you need to wait for the payoff.  What I’m trying to find out now is if the payoff is worth it.  Let’s find out together.

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Jon Fisher: Changing The Industry One Post At A Time

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There is some serious drama going down over at wickedfire.  Jon Fisher has challenged affiliate networks to change their ways:


To all affiliates:

From now on, get in WRITING (can be an email too) that YOU as the affiliate will get paid as long as you follow the rules.

The whole fucking point of a network’s existence is to be the middleman between the affiliate and the advertiser. If networks keep pulling shit like this (which they have been since the beginning) there should be some sort of affiliate uprising. Unless affiliates start taking action against the networks, the networks will just keep screwing you guys over.

I really don’t get it.. As an advertiser, we get leads that we wish we didn’t have to pay for, but we do it anyway. Why? Because that’s what the contract states. We pay for specific actions, once those actions are completed, its up to us to turn them into customers, not the affiliate’s job. The affiliate’s job is simple. Follow the rules and promote the offer, that’s it. Once their job is done, its our job to complete the rest.

So if Hydra doesn’t pay you, boycott them. Sue them. Cause so much unrest until they fucking pay you. This goes for ANY network out there. If you as an affiliate, followed the fucking rules, and a network says they aren’t going to pay you because the advertiser didn’t pay them? Well, too fucking bad. As a network its their JOB and sole existence to pay you for what you did.

For the networks:

Don’t you think it’s about goddamn time you start making your terms, rules, contracts tougher for the advertisers? You guys bitch and moan about how bad some affiliates are, well what about how bad the advertisers are?!

How about requiring deposits or suing the shit out of advertisers who don’t pay? Or tacking on heavy fines/fees for advertisers who don’t pay? You guys are supposed to have a considerable amount in cash reserves to be able to pay the affiliate first before getting paid by the advertiser, that’s the way the business worked for years. That’s the whole fucking point of being a network, is so affiliates go through you guys instead of directly to the advertiser, and you guys take care of TRACKING and quicker PAYMENTS. Networks who can afford it, pay out quicker than the standard NET 30. If you can’t fucking afford to pay out weeklies or less than NET 30… DON’T FUCKING DO IT!

I’m getting so sick and tired of hearing about affiliates who do follow the rules and don’t get paid, and then about affiliates who don’t follow the rules but do get paid.

Hell, WickedFire will even help you guys by creating a database of delinquent advertisers so other networks don’t get fucked and so you networks run into these issues less and less. (see affiliate manager section)

You know what, instead of bitching about all of this let’s see if we can get a network to change right away:

Here’s an incentive for you networks to change the way you do business…

To the first TWO networks that change their Terms of Service to address this huge issue mentioned in this thread and hereby agrees to finally back the affiliate more than the advertiser, and agrees to pay the affiliates in FULL, I’ll give you guys 3 months free advertising on WickedFire (728×90 leaderboard RON AND your own section for six months – worth over $35k total). — You MUST change your rules and prove so, don’t just email me and say “we already do this” because it’s a fucking lie. NO network I know of takes the side of an affiliate and pays them in full (full amount they are owed) and acts the way a network should act anymore and its a fucking disgrace.

Don’t do it for the incentive, do it because it’s about goddamn time one of you steps up and does something for the affiliate, the guys who make and break you sons of bitches. You’ll not only win a boatload of free advertising, but the respect and trust of the hardworking affiliates who DO follow the rules.

Jon has my utmost respect in this industry.  How much do you want to bet that Copeac or Yep Revenue is the first to act on this.

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Is It Time To Start Twittering?

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