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List Building & Email Marketing Case Study Part 3

For the last couple of weeks I have been pretty much letting this list building and email marketing campaign run on autopilot.  As I stated in the last post I wanted to get the list up to 500 subscribers to see what kind of revenue I could generate off of it.  Let’s run through a quick financial breakdown of where I am at right now with 500 subscribers to the email list:

Number Of PPC Clicks: 2,347
Number Of Double Opt In Subscribers: 500
Click To Subscriber Conversion Rate: 21.30%
Average CPC: 25 Cents
Raw Cost For Clicks: $592.68

Clicks To Email Submit On Page 3:  377
Conversions: 136
Offer Payout: $1.30
Subtotal Revenue: $176.80

Conversions On Email #4: 5
Offer Payout: $31
Subtotal Revenue: $155

Conversions On A Seperate Email Deployment: 1
Offer Payout: $30
Subtotal Revenue: $30


I am now down roughly $230 and have a subscriber base of 500 double opt in subscribers.  I essentially need to milk 50 cents per person out of these people to break even.  A few issues I am running into is that most of the subscribers have gotten through the email series so are no longer receiving content.  I plan on doing a campaign to the whole list today to see if I can boost revenue.

I’ve tried throwing a message into some of the emails saying “This Message Sponsored By ADVERISER NAME” to see if they would click that and maybe produce some sales but no one has clicked that so far.  The best results have been from emails that are straight marketing messages rather then content mixed with a marketing message.  Unsubscribe rates have not been too bad on straight marketing message emails.  I have no doubt that I can get this list to break even and turn a profit.  The question is how long will it take and is this scalable?

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  1. I don’t know how your emails look but a guy that does lists told me that I need to not send offers each email. He said, you need to offer them something off the bat, sure. Then send 2-3 “trust building” emails with good info. Then hit them with another offer.

    I have no clue about how you’re doing your emails but I thought that would be some good advice that I would pass along to anyone reading this post.

    I have been following your study as I need to use my Aweber account instead of having 200 emails sitting there.

  2. interesting case study. i’m sure you can build a fan base to promote. then get them to become social media friends and build the brand of this person you developed for the site to work. good luck

  3. I’ve really been enjoying this series. I haven’t started list-building yet but when the time comes this info will really help.

  4. DH DH

    Great series you’ve got going here. I think what would be really helpful to both you and your readers is to split test your subscribers to see if you really need to “build trust”.

    For example, put half your subscribers into a list where you send out content rich emails, build trust, and then slip in an offer every now and then.

    The other half you simply spam the hell out of them with every related offer. Using the emails that affiliate networks give you. Since you’re doing this for profit and not branding or reputation building purposes. Right?

    Also, have you tried using the content network? A CPC of .25 for list building seems like a lot. Another thought would be to try a higher payout item in the place of the email submit. Even if your conversions dropped big time you’d be making more money of that first action post subscribing.

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  6. Hey Hustler,

    Has anything changed in your email marketing attempts? I’m about to get started in a smaller niche in the next coming weeks and having a tough time planning my autoresponder series along with what offers to try and use as there is only one main offer I can find.



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