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Shoe Vs Yu At Affiliate Summit West 2010

By now, we all know of the drama surrounding Dennis Yu & Shoemoney.  If you don’t then crawl out from the rock you’ve been living under.

Shoemoney, Dennis Yu and some others were supposed to be on a panel together about Facebook advertising at Affiliate Summit West 2010.  After all of these allegations came out about Dennis, people were baffled that Dennis was still going to be on the panel.  Considering all of the drama surrounding these guys, I thought that it was a great idea to leave things as they were and see how it all played out.

Yesterday, Shoemoney mentioned on his blog that he was creating a Powerpoint presentation with facts backing up his allegations against Dennis Yu.  Shawn Collins and Jim Kukral stated that a presentation of that nature on a Facebook panel would be unnacceptable.  Shoemoney in return stated that maybe it would be better if he was taken off the panel in that case.  This left only Dennis Yu and other people involved with his company, Blitzlocal, left on the panel.

Ruck made a post today on the Convert2Media blog about how Shoemoney should be put back on the Facebook panel.  I like when people are willing to take a stand and state their position, so I completely repect Rucks opinion here.  I however have a better solution of how this whole Shoemoney, Dennis Yu, Affiliate Summit drama bomb should be handled.

Shawn Collins has a point in saying that Shoemoney should not be allowed to make an anti Dennis Yu/Blitzlocal presentation at a Facebook Panel during affiliate Summit.  If it’s a Facebook Panel, then the topic should be Facebook.  Dennis Yu’s knowledge on the topic has even been called into question.  Affiliate Summit should thrown EVERYONE off of this Facebook Panel and start fresh.  There are plenty of knowledgeable Facebook guys that can replace them.

The next thing that Affiliate Summit should do is not shy away from the Shoe vs. Yu drama.  Summit is already stuck in the middle of this so they may as well confront it head on.  My suggestion here is to create a new session.  Invite Shoemoney & Dennis Yu to both present their sides of the story.  Call it Shoe Vs. Yu because it rhymes (people love stuff that rhymes).  Get Jim Kukral to moderate it because he is an awesome moderator and an extremely fair individual.  This solution would make everyone happy!

  • Shoemoney can state his case against Dennis Yu
  • Dennis Yu can state his case against Shoemoney
  • Affiliates will eat all of this up because their so involved in following this drama online already
  • Affiliate Summit would sell more full conference passes because who would want to miss that?

I can see where Affiliate Summit wouldn’t want to feed more fuel to this fire by acknowledging this war in it’s own session, but at the end of the day, they are a business.  If they can provide what attendees want to see, they do better for themselves in the end.  Heck, if Summit feels guilt over putting something like this together, charge an extra $20 per seat for admission and give the money to charity.  At least you could say all the mudslinging was for a good cause.

I have a great deal of respect for Shawn Collins, Missy Ward & Affiliate Summit.  I think they will end up doing the right thing in the end.

So what do you think?  Does a seperate session solve this Shoe Vs Yu at Affiliate Summit dilemma once and for all?

Please Note: I do receive a Press Pass to Affiliate Summit which get’s me in for free however, all statements and thoughts are my own opinions.

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  1. I think it’s unfair the 2 are putting them in the middle of this.

  2. Ad Hustler Ad Hustler

    @Scot – If they are in the middle, they may as well capitalize on it.

  3. I would pay to see an ASW “Shoe vs. Yu” at the RIO! I can see the bets coming in now!

  4. Lorenzo Lorenzo

    Im totally down!

  5. Phoenix Phoenix

    Best “Idea” I have heard on the subject and what better place then Vegas where we can all place wagers 🙂

  6. eugeniu eugeniu

    Definately this Facebook Panel can’t be transformed into Shoe vs Yu because it’s about Facebook tho there are some things related to Facebook in this it’s more about the reputation/scams of Yu.

    If someone wants to give a chance to Yu to present his side of the story he has his blog to do so and as we can see he doesn’t want/can do it (yes I know about his blog post about this topic but it’s not something you could take into consideration).

    My opinion Yu should be thrown away from it until he can’t prove some things on his blog, it’s not acceptable someone with a bad reputation as Dennis Yu to talk to a panel like this.

    Too bad Shoemoney could get withdrawn from this panel, I am not sure he is the perfect guy for this position but at least he is a good guy for it.

    And I agree there are a lot of guys who could do a better presentation for the facebook panel.

    Also a scenario Shoe vs Yu is not acceptable, maybe there is room for a new convention Aff Drama or something, lol.

    PS: I can’t imagine how Dennis Yu could show up at a conference like this after all this and I highly doubt he could prove that he is a honest guy.

  7. emily emily

    bring back the acai jello wrestling, lets settle this.

  8. Hustler, you make a good point about the situation I overlooked after reading Shoe’s post. I would start with a fresh new panel and state your “sincere” apologies to those that you had to dismiss. It would be fair to all parties involved.

    Furthermore, I do like the idea of a separate panel with Shoe vs. Yu. It would be a jury of industry peers and could drive volume of attendance up. I will be there nonetheless to enjoy the city of LV with friends and colleagues. Also, I think Shoe would rather enjoy his time there in a better way than schwack Yu.

    What happens in Vegas….Stays on your Lip!

  9. Not a bad idea, but I don’t know that Affiliate Summit is the place for it. While they are a business, they are also focused on educating affiliates and allowing them to network. Maybe you should host the brawl on your blog?

  10. I think the Shoe vs Yu session might be more full than any other session. ^_^

  11. Ad Hustler Ad Hustler

    @Volk – You are 100% right 🙂

  12. tsr tsr

    * Shoemoney can state his case against Dennis Yu
    * Dennis Yu can state his case against Shoemoney
    * Affiliates will eat all of this up because their so involved in following this drama online already?
    * Affiliate Summit would sell more full conference passes because who would want to miss that?

    Or they can do this in a courtroom where this type of shiz belongs. Dennis Yu needs to be under oath so that when he tells his lies it is a legal issue and not a talk show episode.

  13. This is some Jersey Shore drama!

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