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Will Zac Johnson Ever Offer Anything of Value On His Blog?

I am an avid reader of  I can’t explain why.  It’s like a train wreck that I can’t look away from.  The blog is horrible.  Zac never writes about ANYTHING.  All he does is take money from networks, hold stupid ass contests between outing peoples landing pages and explaining how Flogs work.  You can probably learn more from analyzing John Chow’s bowel movements then you can from a Zac Johnson post.

Does any blog really need 24 ads on its home page, not including all the promotional crap within the posts? (Yes, I counted).

Zac’s newest post is about a Gary Vaynerchuk billboard he saw on the way to a New Jersey Nets game.  He ponders whether billboards are effective advertising or not.  Rather then actually giving any info about billboard or outdoor advertising, he just writes a retarded post that offers NO VALUE.  Yea yea he’s supposed to ask Gary some questions about how it’s doing for him but I assure you, you will gain nothing from that interview.

Well…Ad Hustler likes to actually give away information that can make YOU money.  I’ve asked one of the most trusted bloggers in the industry (as well as my good friend) to do a guest post case study on a billboard advertising campaign that they recently ran.  The post will be up within 12 hours.  Enjoy.

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  1. I don’t know Zac personally but I read his blog back in the day and unsubscribed a long time ago when I realized it was all crap.

  2. Anyone that links to Chow and Comm in their blogroll is officially a douche…

  3. Are you implying by association that WF’s “Shooting the shit” section has no value?

  4. Ad Hustler Ad Hustler

    What You Talkin ‘Bout Wee

  5. a post out of the ol’ playbook.

    good. good.

  6. Lorenzo Lorenzo

    Oh he b da husaalaa hussaalaa!

  7. The easiest way to unsubscribe from 90% of blogs you read – For each blog… ask yourself: has this blog given me any ideas to make me more money? If no, unsubscribe.

    This seriously made me more money by giving me more time.

  8. ruud ruud

    He is now locating “google cash” rebill banners in his post.

    That defines his reader group, we’re not.

  9. @Brandon

    No one takes StS seriously because they read it for entertainment.

    Likewise, unless a site claims to teach you something and fails to deliver, then there’s a case for failing to deliver.

  10. rusky rusky

    don’t tell me that billboard post is going to be authored by dennis yu

  11. xentech xentech

    Do you mean using billboard advertising for an online product/cpa offer? If so that will be pretty cool 🙂

  12. Ad Hustler Ad Hustler

    @Rusky – Your safe, it’s not Dennis Yu

    @Xentech – In fact it is a billboard to CPA offer.

  13. PijCar PijCar

    Zac’s blog is about as useful as your ‘offline’ posts…

  14. Ad Hustler Ad Hustler

    @Dennis – Now THAT’S a good post.

  15. Bradley Woods Bradley Woods

    Wow you just put him on blast! I have to agree its more like “blah blah blah…now sign up for this network…blah,blah,blah.”

  16. Zac Johnson is unintentionally hilarious.

  17. Ad Hustler Ad Hustler

    @Dennis – I actually like Volk. He seems like a decent guy too.

  18. […] in affiliate marketing. For example, Adhustler, a nice guy, got so sick of Zac Johnson’s shit that he made a post about it. And today, Goober the best post he’s ever […]

  19. Mo Mo

    Well done! I thought I’d learn something there – but you are absolutely correct — there is NOTHING of value on his blog at all. It amazes me because there are other blogs, like this PPC.BZ and a few others that DO OFFER valuable information but most people will write them off because they don’t subscribe to the “group mentality” of supporting the gurus. Guh.

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