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I Ask For Hardcore Gangsta And This Is What I Get

Ad:Tech NY 2009 has been a blast.  All of the exhibiting booths have their gimmicks.  One booth that was setup was called “We Design Garbage Logos {Name Withheld To Protect The Terrible.”  They had your typical stupid booth girls that couldn’t answer any questions but they said they would design a free logo for me.  This made my pants wet so I had to try it (just for fun).  They asked what style logo I would like.  I asked for “Hardcore Gangsta.”  This is what I got:


That is a terrible logo if I do say so myself.

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  1. Clipart graphic – check
    Size 36 generic font – check

    time to create logo – 30 seconds


  2. Looks hardcore gangsta to me. Around the world, around the worrrrrld.

  3. i;d def run from that flag

  4. That is pure gansta. I think they got the concept from westside connection with the globe and all. Ganstas make the world go round…

  5. Martin Martin

    That’s balling,

  6. Can they make the globe spin around?

  7. Lorenzo Lorenzo

    That is phat

  8. Dude wtf – so glad I didn’t ask to get one made, I was tempted to.

  9. OK. I’ve made some changes to the logo and I’m sure you’ll agree that it is now the absolute awesomest mutherfuckin logo ever created. You MUST adopt this as your official logo.

  10. Were they good looking? According to my research, design talent and good looks never correlate with females.

  11. AMagz AMagz

    More gangsta than the Aryan Brotherhood son

  12. Ad Hustler Ad Hustler

    @Zepp – We’ve all heard the term LOL but when I saw your logo it actually made me laugh my ass off. Good work.

  13. Skip Skip

    Looks like a stick figure goatse’ing the world.

    That’s pretty gangsta in my book.

  14. so when are you going to change it out with the one you have now?

  15. I’d have to say I actually started ‘popping’ and ‘locking’ when I saw this dope logo, shorty. Word to my brother, house canine.

  16. Hey they wanted to take your brand globally with cheap offshore design staff & they did just that.

  17. Probably the most awesomest logo I have ever seen. Or not. I can’t remember.

  18. cousinvinnie cousinvinnie

    Damn, that logo is straight up Gangsta

  19. LB LB

    To the idiot that wrote this..
    “Were they good looking? According to my research, design talent and good looks never correlate with females.”

    up yours. where did you research, the magazines you use to jerk off with?

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