It’s Time To Get Gangsta Up In Here

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My good friends over at have launched a new service to actually HELP affiliate marketers.

In this industry you need protection, style.

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Ad Hustler Says There Are No Excuses

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You know what really chaps my a$$?  Excuses.  I can’t stand them and I can’t stand when people complain and make excuses as to why they can’t resolve their issues.

We have a lot of people in this country who are either out of a job or fearful of losing their jobs.  Why aren’t they honing their skills?  Why aren’t they starting businesses on the side?  Why aren’t they looking for other jobs?  EXCUSES!

Question: Why aren’t you honing your skills or going back to school to learn a new and more useful trade?
Typical Answer: Because we can’t afford that!

Bologna.  No matter how bad your situation you can improve upon your skills.  You can get a book from the library and start learning something new.  You can learn on the internet.  You can find a job in a field willing to train you.

Question:  If you’re fearful of losing your job, why not look for another one.
Typical Answer: There are no jobs out there, it’s a bad economy!

Just because it’s a bad economy it doesn’t mean NO ONE is hiring.  What does it cost you to bust your butt a little and look?

Question:  If you aren’t making enough to get by, why don’t you look for additional income?
Typical Answer: I just don’t have the time.

You can MAKE the time, for things that are important for you.  Not having the time is not an excuse for anything.

I’m just sick and tired of hearing people make excuses for the situations they are in in life.  Stop making excuses and start doing things to better your life.

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It’s Time To Get Shady Baby

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There’s a lot of different people and styles of marketing in the affiliate marketing industry.  Some people like to keep it completely clean and safe.  Some people are shady.  Some people are in between.  I feel like more and more people will be pushed into some shadier styles of marketing/tactics this year.

Why do I think this?

Every time you turn around one of our traffic sources is cracking down on something.  Facebook hates mobile, they hate weight loss, they hate profit.  Google pulls the same stunts.  Google hates ringtones, they hate landing pages that collect info, they hate berries, they hate landing pages with no content, they hate blog style landing pages.  So what’s a pimp to do?

All of these crackdowns and policing just force people to get more and more shady.  On Facebook, advertisers cloak their ads or they change the landing page after an ad gets approved.  People are now teaming up to cloak Google.  Who would have ever thought that publishers would get together to beat big brother?

The bottom line is that all of these crackdowns and shake ups will result in one thing.  The people getting cracked down on will get smarter, take more risks and turn up the shady factor a notch.  My suggestion to traffic sources is to let the market rule.  If enough people are scammed with blog style landing pages, people will stop believing them.  If every sponsored search result on Google is people will become suspicious.  You don’t need to be big brother and protect everyone from us evil affiliates.  We will wear out our own welcome and only the strong would survive.

Keep Hustlin’

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Banned From Warrior Forum

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Crackin CAPTCHA’S, Bustin’ Kneecaps

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Most of us know what a CAPTCHA is.  It’s that obnoxious little squiggly set of characters you need to type before a website allows you to do something (like posting a comment, buying something etc.).  These CAPTCHA’s are used to keep automated programs from executing sets of commands.  For a while, life was good.  Automated systems could actually use character recognition to decipher the images automatically, rendering CAPTCHA’s useless for those advanced enough to come up with such a system.  When ReCAPTCHA was released, life changed.

ReCaptcha is more then just a standard CAPTCHA system.  The characters are crazier, their are math equations, it can track and ban IP’s, among a sleuth of other features to stop automated programs from cracking them.  The only problem is that these are even easier to crack.  Just Hire Indians!

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