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Traffic Derivatives – Think Outside The Box

Let’s face it.  It’s getting harder and harder to get access to the traffic we need to remain profitable.  Facebook ads are a nightmare to get approved.  Myspace must have hired Facebookers, because they are disapproving a lot of ads now too.  It’s the same story for all of the traffic we know converts and need to get our hands on.

I’m not a huge stock investor but I do listen to Jim Kramer’s Mad Money everyday.  He always speaks about buying derivatives of stocks.  For instance, If you believe in Apple and feel that the stock for Apple is overvalued, but still want a piece of the action, what do you do?  You buy companies whose stock increase because Apple does well.  Stocks could include hardware manufacturers, partner companies, software companies that make software compatible with Apple etc. (Note: this is not stock advice, nor do I like Apple, it’s just a concept)

So how does this relate to getting the traffic we need?

It’s pretty simple actually.  Think outside the box, to find ways to get at the same users through alternative advertising systems.  There is more then one way to get at the same users and you need to develop a way of thinking to get around your traffic problems.  Let’s say you need to get at Facebook users.  You can buy ads directly through Facebook’s self serve system, you can do a media buy on, you can buy ads through 3rd party apps ad networks such as SocialMedia or Cubics or you can contact apps owners directly and buy advertising space on their apps.  That’s just a few of the ways to get at that same Facebook traffic.  The same type of derivatives can be ton with sleuths of other websites.   Can’t get a Myspace ad through?  Have you tried Google Content Network?  The list goes on.

When you get an ad you believe in dissaproved, you CAN NOT give up.  You need to work around your problems, and one way to do this is by thinking in terms of traffic derivatives.

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  1. Josh Josh

    Well put! Keep up the great posts! There is always a way in… even on the big Gs content network. 😉

  2. very well said. it’s impossible to rely on one, two, three etc types of traffic anymore – diversification is needed on all fronts.

  3. Back in the day when we did black hat PPC we used to build landing pages in something that was acceptable to Google and then run banner ads for offers that were no acceptable, say gambling. Ultimately you go through the same process of assessing results, crunch the numbers and if your ROI looks good then bingo.

  4. Good post. Spoken like a true hustler.

  5. Preach! Yeah it can be discouraging as all hell but you just gotta get back on that testy ass horse.

  6. Yeah before fbook can easily be gamed and you can make a ton just by following nicky’s steps… Now its harder, I mean i cant even get my ads approved!

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  8. jl jl

    Good point but bad analogy for “Derivatives of Stocks”. Derivatives as Cramer would be talking about them are financial instruments that derive their value from the stock’s value like Options and Futures not stocks of similar companies or industries.

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