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PepperJam Breaks The News

I opened up my email to find a survey from PepperJamNetwork.  Since it’s been over a year now and Mandy Foley hasn’t been able to figure out a way to get me into the eBay affiliate program, I figured I would let them know on their survey.  When I opened the survey I saw something that made me laugh:


Apparently there is a conspiracy. and Azoogleads are the same company.

You heard it here first.

Ad Hustler

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  1. The only reason I signed up for Pepperjam was for their ebay program. However, I have never been let in. Idiots.

  2. I wasn’t even aware of a company called Azoogleleads….

    Also love the fact you can dislike or somewhat dislike.

  3. Ad Hustler Ad Hustler

    @Josh – Same deal here.

  4. What the hell is a pepperjam?

  5. Good thing someone really thought that survey out well….This whole time I was under the impression I worked for just…seriously wow? 😛

  6. Ad Hustler Ad Hustler – It’s sort of like a traffic jam.

    @Brittany – You just popped your comment cherry 🙂

  7. No it’s nothing like a traffic jam. A pepper jam is the feeling you get in your nose after you eat a green ball of wasabi.

  8. AdHustler,

    Got to admit that’s a really silly mistake.

    Honestly, we know the difference between Azoogle and CPA Empire / – it was a typo…not entirely sure why it wasn’t caught.

    Sorry you haven’t been accepted to eBay – eBay personally reviews all of their PJN applications – the acceptance process is very difficult, which can be frustrating for affiliates.

    Thanks for the note.


  9. Ad Hustler Ad Hustler


    Interesting that you say each affiliate is pre-screened by ebay. You might want to check out my post in September:

    If eBay reviews applications themselves, why wouldn’t Mandy Foley tell me that and instead, just refuse to expedite my application? I think you guys need to give her a lesson in customer service.

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