Ad Hustler & Ian Fernando Interviewed By Wes Mahler Of Tracking202

Posted by Ad Hustler | Posted in Ad Hustler, Affiliate Marketing | Posted on 26-01-2009

Ian Fernando – |
Wes Mahler – |

It’s too painful for me to watch this myself (Hate seeing myself on Video) so let me know what you think :)

Ad Hustler


  1. I think you look good. I hate seeing myself in video!

  2. man I am like an italian mob – moving my hands and stuff – too bad it wasnt much lighting

  3. Haha “I hate people in general” classic..
    Hey Brandon what was your band called? you have any recorded stuff?


  4. @Angel – The band was called World’s Demise. You can check out some stuff we recorded at

  5. You guys rocked. MTV should get you to do a reality TV show.

    Seriously the interview was very informative for new people. Hope that many of them watch it.

  6. @Jim – Haha, unfortunately, I think that an Ian & Ad Hustler reality show would bore the piss out of anyone not into online marketing. :)

  7. what a cute couple

  8. I think you had better composure than myself.

  9. I think you came off looking like a stone-cold killa.

    P.S. It was nice to meet you at the show. Keep up the hustlin!

  10. Good interview, guys.

    “I hate people in general”


  11. Good interview, nothing new but hey its linkbait 😮

  12. Now that there is a motley crew, and ian we need to make you a honorary italian

  13. I just saw this today as I haven’t had much time to watch any videos… Wes and Steve are killing it with branding themselves!

    You guys gave a lot of great information, bro! Good stuff! Definitely worth watching and learning from.

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