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Facebook Has A Change Of Heart

Changes To The Advertising Guidelines

At Facebook, we are working hard to improve our advertising products to help our advertisers reach users in an effective and meaningful way. Since we launched the Facebook Ads platform in the Fall of 2007, we have used advertiser and user feedback to inform product improvements and policy changes.

As a company, we are always striving to provide a great experience for our users. As advertisers, you have a significant impact on this experience. Our advertising policies help safeguard the experience on Facebook for our users while providing you with opportunities to engage with users and promote your business. In the past, we have made changes to our ad policies in response to user concerns about the quality of advertising. We realize a few of these changes have prevented some legitimate advertising opportunities and impacted ad diversity, both of which are crucial to creating a positive user experience.

In an effort to communicate our policies more clearly, we’d like to share some minor adjustments to our Advertising Guidelines. We are lifting the restrictions on some content including quizzes, surveys, some ringtones and other business opportunities. We’ll begin rolling out these changes over the next few days and the official details will be posted to our Advertising Guidelines early next week.

We hope these changes will improve your advertising experience on Facebook and create an environment in which users and advertisers can build meaningful relationships. We look forward to working with you and continuing to apply your valuable feedback to the future evolution of our products and policies.

This is nothing less than awesome.  Now if only Google would change some of their strict policies, we’d all be rolling in the dough.

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  1. adi azar adi azar


  2. I’ve soiled myself several times tonight as a result of this news.

  3. I had a few pubs call my cell today while I was down with the flu trying to get every sort of idea for facebook campaigns. I literally had about two dozen calls in bed just shooting the shit on stuff to try on their. I login tonight and have been very happy in pants. Thank you Facebook.

  4. spyderman4g63 spyderman4g63

    The email I got said that grants and such were ok but to watch out for rebills.

  5. Last night when news broke it was like someone had said that the local Walmart had left the doors open and everyone went in to take what they wanted.

    That being said many people were ill equipped, not having spent enough time experimenting to know what to do.

    The bottom line on any form of PPC, and ultimately that is what I view Facebook as, the users of a site will have the ultimate say on what they like and what they don’t and I applaud Facebook for making what must have been a tough backtrack, no doubt driven by someone telling them how much money they were losing.

    But yeah it’s late nights and submits and resubmits all round.

  6. Primes Genato Primes Genato

    This sucks. I don’t like competition.

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