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PPV Case Study #1

I tried a small test on a popular PPV network.


Country: U.S.
Keywords/URL’s: 4
Budget: $25


Views: 1,168
Cost: $22.80
Average CPV: 0.0195 cents


Leads Generated: 7
CPA: $1.25
Gross Revenue: $8.75

Net Revenue: -$14.05

My first test was not a winner but not a complete disaster either.  I got a feel for how the system works and what type of traffic comes through.  The conversion rate was rather low but I have a feeling it always is on the low side considering its adware traffic.  To get this right I’m pretty sure that I will need to test a lot of different niches.  One thing I want to try is an offer that pays out better then a buck or two.  Since the conversion rate is low, a higher paid offer may do well for ROI, if targeted correctly.

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  1. You mind sharing the names of a few “more reputable” ppv networks you are working with or considering?

  2. stroz stroz

    would like to give ppv a go as well just not sure who to do it with..hint hint

  3. There are a bunch of these providers. I honestly cant vouch for any yet, but Zango and Traffic Vance are two pretty well known ones.

  4. Interesting case study. In all honesty that is not bad for a first attempt.

    I know I have just seen this now but did you get any better results in further tests?


    • Ad Hustler Ad Hustler

      Definitely test everything!

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  6. Hi, do you have another ppv case study?

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