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The Thankful Thanksgiving Post

It’s Thanksgiving.  I decided it’s time to reflect on what I’m thankul for.  Here is a top 5 list:

5) This Industry

The affiliate marketing/internet marketing industry is unique.  Although there are some real douchepickles, it’s also filled with really helpful people, who do extremely generous things.  2 generous people in this industry that I am thankful for are Wes Mahler & Jon Fisher.  I wouldn’t say I know either of these guys all that well but both have made meaningful contributions to my life.  Jon is the owner of Wickedfire.  Without Wickedfire I probably wouldn’t do half as well as I do today.  Jon doesn’t charge us affiliates a dime to use it.  Wes created Tracking202 & Prosper202.  I use Prosper202 and it has helped me to really make some serious bank.  Wes to this date has not charged anything to use his software.

Two other guys I am thankful to have met this year are Ian Fernando & Waynedog.  The 3 of us have a masterminds group where we bounce ideas off each other and help each other with campaigns.  It’s nice to have 2 guys you can trust not to steal your ideas and give constructive criticism on what you are working on.  Forget about the marketing side, these are both just 2 awesome guys.

4) Family

Family is good.  I am thankful for my family.

3) A Goal Accomplished

Ever since I was a kid, I only had 1 true goal.  At age 23 I met that goal.  I always wanted to own my own home.  In the NY area that’s not the easiest feat to accomplish.  Between the home prices and taxes around here, you need to make some serious bank to survive.  I don’t have many friends from my childhood that have accomplished this.  In fact, most still live with mommy and daddy.  Being a homeowner is a source of pride for me and it’s something I’m very thankful for.

2) My Noggen

One of my biggest assets is my brain.  Let’s face it.  To thrive in an ever changing industry you need some smarts.  I truley believe that I can do anything I set my mind too as long as I can get motivated enough to do it.  It’s all about the Hustle.

1) The Wife

Ahh, the #1 thing that I’m thankful for is my wife.  My wife is the most dynamic, funny and interesting character I have ever met.  She is my partner in every way.  She shares my life, she helps with my businesses, she runs the house and she would do anything for me.  I would do the same for her.  We are very different people but somehow share the same beliefs, ideals and values which is why we are a perfect match.


Happy Thanksgiving To All.  What are you thankful for?

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  1. Lorenzo Lorenzo

    Wes Mahler AND Steven Truong created 202 for your info 🙂

  2. @Lorenzo – My bad. I tend to forget that there is a team behind the product. I guess I always think of Wes as the frontman for it. Either way, you’re right, all parties involved in the creation of that software should be thanked 🙂

  3. I always knew the Hustler had a soft side.

  4. Good thing you thanked your noggen!

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