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Affiliate Summit East NYC 2010 Pre-Game Observations #ASE10

Some observations about last night

  • I think that some affiliates are super insecure about either what they are doing as a life choice or how much they make because people brag WAY TOO MUCH about money.  Money is good to have but if your purpose of coming to Affiliate Summit is to brag about how much you make, maybe you need to examine yourself a bit.
  • Too many affiliates are socially awkward.  I think they need practice speaking in normal social situations rather then on Wickedfire.
  • I’ll talk to anyone, I love meeting new people but seriously do you have to tell me your life story?
  • For an industry where everyone is technically your competition, people are very willing to share what they are doing.  It’s something that makes affiliate marketing unique.
  • These big affiliate parties are kind of lame.  I’d much rather just chill and talk to knowledgeable people rather then go to some bar chock full of people in suits who are just there for the open bar.
  • Wickedfire affiliates have a much different attitude then all other affiliates

Were you in the hizzouse last night?  Anything to add?

Please Note: I do receive a Press Pass to Affiliate Summit which get’s me in for free however, all statements and thoughts are my own opinions.

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  1. are these ALL the observations you have about last night? lol

  2. Kris Kris

    ^^ there needs to be a “like” button for comments on wordpress.

  3. I skipped the show, but have to say from past shows, your observations are on point.

  4. Gregg_Sugerman Gregg_Sugerman

    Hey Hustler- nice meeting you yesterday.

    This is my first ASE (or industry event of any kind) and somethings that jumped out at me-

    I was shocked at how lame some of the networks “pitches” were. 80% of them were giving me the exact same speech like they were all reading from the same script.

    Also shocked at how few of the people there understood how to PROJECT THEIR GODDAMN VOICES. There’s thousands of people around. It’s loud. Why are you whispering? I’m only going to say “what”? “huh”? and lean in so many times before I have to walk away.

    Other than that I was pleasantly surprised at how many cool people I met and at how accessible some of the bigger named network guys were.

  5. Ad Hustler Ad Hustler

    @Gregg – great input – nice seing you too. I notice the same thing about people talking way too low.

  6. Wallace Wallace

    Hey whats going on brother.I have to say it was crazy meeting people at one of the big party’s.They were asking me hey man you look like you make lots of money tell me what your doing. I’m like dude i make $5 a month lol and they just look at me like what the hell, not knowing i make way more then that.I agree with you.Its not about how much money you make, its all about peace of mind because we all make money on the internet.People with the ego’s saying i make 50k month look @ me I’m a super super affiliate, i think there lamers. see you @ the party brother

  7. > Wickedfire affiliates have a much different attitude then all other affiliates

    What do you see as the difference?

  8. I can’t read Wickedfire it’s too annoying.

    Most industry parties are boring

    I thought talking about how much money you make is an American thing.

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