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Affiliate Summit East 2010 Coverage – Changing Things Up

Affiliate Summit is coming upon us.  As always Ad Hustler will be there covering the event.  If you will be there make sure you say Hi.  I love meeting new (and old) friends.

I will try to do daily updates of the event however, I am going to do it a little differently this time.  Rather than long drawn out posts about what I did, where I went and who i met, I am going to just state observations.  I’m going to attempt to share what I learn and what I see in short “brain fart” type entries similar to how I covered the Affiliate Summit NYC Social Media event a couple of years ago.  If you’re at Affiliate Summit this week, add your own brain farts in the comments.

See you in NYC

Please Note: I do receive a Press Pass to Affiliate Summit which get’s me in for free however, all statements and thoughts are my own opinions.

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  1. James Gucci Boi Dollas James Gucci Boi Dollas


    Can you take some photos of Ian’s party bus for us? (inside pics, outside pics and a pic of ian posing with the bus)


  2. @James – I wasn’t invited. I heard the bus is full.

  3. Adam Adam

    I hear they could squeeze in another guy in or two.

  4. Arthritis Treatments Arthritis Treatments

    party buses are the coolest vechicles on town, riding them is so much fun _

  5. you don’t often see party buses everyday, i just thought that they are the coolest stuff in town :“

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