Flagged & Removed

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Craigslist is a great website.  It’s simplicity, it’s sheer volume of traffic and it’s localization makes it a beast of a classified website.  It’s also a community moderated website, which is the issue with Craigslist.  I’d say a solid 50% of the time when I post something, it get’s flagged and removed.  It doesn’t matter whether I am giving away a swingset that is taking up space in my yard, trying to sell my car, helping a family on Christmas or trying to get some help on a project it always seems like i’m getting flagged & removed.  It’s pretty ridiculous to have your ads taken down when you are GIVING SOMETHING AWAY (no strings attached).

I think Craigslist needs to fix this.  They should have flagged posts go into moderation where a Craigslist employee makes the final decision.  Hiring people to review ads costs money so I propose they charge a nominal fee per ad (even if it was $1).  The fee would make people have to give their real information in order to validate the credit card which in turn would probably curtail fraud and abuse on Craigslist and pay for the staff of professional moderators.

Rant Over.

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Facebook Releases Multiple Account Dashboard For Advertisers

Posted by Ad Hustler | Posted in Social Media | Posted on 16-09-2010

Although Facebook Ads is a great advertising system, I feel like they don’t update it and add useful new features all that often.  As of yesterday they’ve launched a dashboard where you can manage multiple advertising accounts.  This will be a huge time saver for agencies and affiliates that manage multiple advertising accounts (for whatever reason).  The system sounds like it will be similar to Google’s “My Client Center.”

The announcement:

Do you have access to multiple advertising accounts? Would you like an easy way to view all your accounts at once?

To help you quickly view all the accounts to which you access and manage, we are providing one easy-to-digest dashboard with your basic summary statistics for each advertising account. From this single view, you can easily navigate to a specific ads account, or sort the columns and determine how all of your accounts are performing. The dashboard will be visible when you log in to your Ads Manager.?

Unfortunately, I have NO IDEA how you actually gain access to this feature.  You would think if you were announcing a feature, you’d tell people how to use it.  Maybe it’s supposed to be a scavenger hunt and it’s actually a 1×1 pixel hidden somewhere, i don’t know.

Now that Facebook Ads is in the feature adding mode they should figure out a way to add day-parting to their system.

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Marketing GOD

Posted by Ad Hustler | Posted in Doing Business | Posted on 07-09-2010

Let’s face it.  Organized religions are the best marketers in the world.  They have complete control over the product they market, can make any claims they want and never have to prove results (since results can’t be proven until death).  Dead people don’t usually complain so it’s a win/win for everyone.

In all seriousness, religions and religious groups are great marketers.  This past weekend I attended a music festival.  Some hardcore bands that I really like were playing such as August Burns Red & The Devil Wears Prada.  Although many of the people attending just want to see the bands they like, I happen to know that the concert organizers have the goal of getting the message out about their religion.  When you break down the pieces of the puzzle here, it’s genius marketing.

How do we reach a coveted young demographic and get our message out about Christianity?

  • Book bands that our target demographic likes.
  • Make sure that all advertising materials are trendy and young looking
  • Make sure to never OFFICIALLY mention that the event has a religious undertone – make subtle references.
  • Between the advertising and the bands people will show up
  • Once we have them at the event we can spread our message since they aren’t going anywhere
  • Bless the stage before acts perform
  • Tell inspirational/religious stories between bands playing
  • Best of all – Let everyone PAY to see the bands and we get to market to everyone for free

It’s really quite genius.  You get people to pay to see one thing and then you mix in your message and preach your beliefs to an otherwise uninterested audience.

Think about how you can use this to make more money.  What can you offer to people that they will find value in that will afford you a cross-promotional opportunity to sell something else?  Better yet can you charge people for something and use the sale as an opportunity to advertise something else?


2 of my favorite quotes I overheard from the show:

In the merch tent: “Watch your merchandise because theft happens. Although this is a christian event, non christians will also be coming”

From the stage: “If you need someone to pray with find anyone in a yellow shirt.  They will either pray with you or direct you towards someone you can pray with” (Guess what color shirt I was wearing that day…)

P.S. I’m not knocking anyone’s religion. Everyone is free to believe whatever they want to.

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