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Flagged & Removed

Craigslist is a great website.  It’s simplicity, it’s sheer volume of traffic and it’s localization makes it a beast of a classified website.  It’s also a community moderated website, which is the issue with Craigslist.  I’d say a solid 50% of the time when I post something, it get’s flagged and removed.  It doesn’t matter whether I am giving away a swingset that is taking up space in my yard, trying to sell my car, helping a family on Christmas or trying to get some help on a project it always seems like i’m getting flagged & removed.  It’s pretty ridiculous to have your ads taken down when you are GIVING SOMETHING AWAY (no strings attached).

I think Craigslist needs to fix this.  They should have flagged posts go into moderation where a Craigslist employee makes the final decision.  Hiring people to review ads costs money so I propose they charge a nominal fee per ad (even if it was $1).  The fee would make people have to give their real information in order to validate the credit card which in turn would probably curtail fraud and abuse on Craigslist and pay for the staff of professional moderators.

Rant Over.

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  1. I do loathe those pesky craigslist hall monitors.

  2. Yea… True, true. I completely agree with you about it all.

  3. Open Open

    Hardly a month goes by that I don’t post a few CL’s ads selling / giving stuff away. Maybe a hundred plus posts over the last couple of years.

    Not once have I ever been flagged or removed. Did not even know it was an issue.

  4. .Hack .Hack

    It’s those fucking cunts at bhw they piss me off so bad. Since they have no lives and can’t make money they use bots or manually flag shit cause they fucking suck and out methods. /rant

  5. i believe they are doing this for the jobs section already
    if enough people complain, they’ll likely make this happen to the other sections too

  6. meltifa meltifa

    if it wasn’t for the w4m and casual encounters section I would have never made the capital I have to do PPC/PPV/Media buying now 🙂

  7. I agree even giving away stuff gets flagged. Must be people with nothing to do messing with the post. I stopped posting a few months back. Try Backpages not as many users, but you don’t get flagged as much.

  8. Now that’s what I call REAL guerrilla marketing. Maybe competitors are taking you out?

  9. Brian Brian

    def bhw users.. use to browse that forum and everyone is trying to use CL to make a quick buck.. they flag any and all posts that are not theirs..

  10. Lucky J Lucky J

    Could it be possible that maybe they have email addresses on file and they just flag based on your email address? Try creating a test account, rent a computer at your local kinkos and make a similar post that originally gets flagged and see if your newly created account gets flagged, I would bet no. 🙂

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