Fun Times At May 2009 Meetup202

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I’m a little late writing this but better late then never.  NYC Meetup202 was last Thursday and was held at a club called Madame X.  Besides the Global Meetup’s at Affiliate Summit/Ad Tech I’ve never head of a meetup as large as this one.  Over 150 people showed up and Copeac sponsored an open bar.  I’m thinking that there must be a direct correlation between the open bar and the amount of people who showed up.  I recently saw Nickycakes post “Not Going to Affiliate Convention But Will Be In Denver For The Parties!” where he makes fun of the only 70% of people who will be attending Affiliate Convention in Denver and actually speak English.  I am thinking that they may have based this model on this last NYC Meetup because there were way too many people there who I couldn’t understand what the heck they were talking about because apparently we spoke different languages.  Some highlights of the night:

  • Ian Fernando getting yelled at and threatened by the bartender.
  • Jon from Wickedfire meeting a weird indian guy who offered to teach him to make monies online.  Jon brought me over so that I could learn too and the conversation went something like this:  He explained that a niche was like “vegan” so i asked if that means i need to cook for these people.  At the end of this retarded but hilarious conversation i asked if he’d be my guru. He requested my email address so i told him it was and this stupid fuck stood there typing it into his iphone. “How many D’s Again?”
  • Some chick stole my name tag and went around telling people she was Ad Hustler.

In summary, Meetup202’s are super fun but there are a whole lot of retards at them.  I personally like to go and hang out with my friends (and make new ones) more then actually learn because I feel that whatever is taught is very very newbie.  Here are some pictures:

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Azoogle Says Hellz No, You Can’t Pretend To Be The Government

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Just the fact that Azoogle has to send this out to it’s publishers is why I LOVE this industry!

Dear Publishers,

Please be advised you are not permitted to represent yourself as a .gov website or having any affiliation with a government agency by way of search engine display URL, actual url, and/or text or images within your site. Impersonation of government sites and agencies will not be tolerated. Publishers who do not comply with this rule will have their accounts terminated and any outstanding commissions withheld. If you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to contact 201-308-8509 ex 3246.
Thank you,
The AzoogleAds Compliance Team

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Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

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People live within their comfort zones.  It’s only natural to do so.  Remaining comfortable often can stunt your growth as a person and as a business.  Sometimes you need to step out of your comfort zone to get to the next level.

In the next few weeks I plan to run offer niches I’ve never tried before and attempt marketing methods I don’t know well in order to get to the next level.  Will I succeed?  You don’t know until you try!

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Douchebag Affiliate Manager Friday

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Affiliate Manager:  So what seems to be doing good for you now at days?
Affiliate Manager:  How can me and you do some business?
Affiliate Manager:  There is no doubt in my mind that you know your stuff. <<——–
Ad Hustler:  not looking for a network right now
Ad Hustler:  nor do i care if you think i know my stuff

Affiliate Manager: =)

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Nothing is Better Than a Free Lunch….Except for FREE TRAFFIC

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The majority of us rely on PPC, Social Media & Media Buying for our traffic.  All of these traffic sources are great and can provide huge volume and profit for our businesses.  They also all have an inherent risk as they are paid sources of traffic.  Why do so few utilize free traffic sources to their advantage?  Probably because these sources don’t appear to be super valuable but they can be if done right.

I’ve been spending some time learning the ins-and-outs of different free traffic sources and discovering ways to leverage this traffic to my advantage.  Sites like Craigslist, Twitter, Facebook etc. can be HUGE sources of free traffic that you shouldn’t be overlooking.  Although the volume and results may not come as fast as just paying for your traffic, there is a certain high to knowing that the few hundred/thousand dollars you made yesterday came with NO COST ATTACHED!

Spend a couple of hours this week on free traffic sources.  The results may surprise you.

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