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Douchebag Affiliate Manager Friday

Affiliate Manager:  So what seems to be doing good for you now at days?
Affiliate Manager:  How can me and you do some business?
Affiliate Manager:  There is no doubt in my mind that you know your stuff. <<——–
Ad Hustler:  not looking for a network right now
Ad Hustler:  nor do i care if you think i know my stuff

Affiliate Manager: =)

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  1. Kris Kris

    You just quoted my AM from Copeac. Super annoying.

  2. Ad Hustler Ad Hustler

    @Barman – Damn Skippy

    @Kris – There are WAY too many annoying AM’s in this industry.

  3. yo yo

    must have been maggie from azoogle, worst AM ever

  4. Eqgymnast Eqgymnast

    @Yo – LOL – Indeed she is absolutely horrible… Azoogle probably lost my traffic because of her and their delaying of my AM switch request.

  5. Evan Evan

    More E-mail marketing case studies por favor

  6. What’s hilarious about these comments is that everyone names an affiliate manager they think it is and yet it’s not any of those people. What this means is there must just be a ton of douchey affiliate managers in this industry.

  7. ScottyB ScottyB

    Oh man. You guys probably just broke that girls heart. She’s crying in the bathroom for sure.

  8. Ad Hustler Ad Hustler

    @Scotty – I feel honored that the one, the only Scott stopped by 🙂 – Hang around bro.

  9. Me Me

    You could have been a little easier on him/her. Very unprofessional and douchebag-ish

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