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Fun Times At May 2009 Meetup202

I’m a little late writing this but better late then never.  NYC Meetup202 was last Thursday and was held at a club called Madame X.  Besides the Global Meetup’s at Affiliate Summit/Ad Tech I’ve never head of a meetup as large as this one.  Over 150 people showed up and Copeac sponsored an open bar.  I’m thinking that there must be a direct correlation between the open bar and the amount of people who showed up.  I recently saw Nickycakes post “Not Going to Affiliate Convention But Will Be In Denver For The Parties!” where he makes fun of the only 70% of people who will be attending Affiliate Convention in Denver and actually speak English.  I am thinking that they may have based this model on this last NYC Meetup because there were way too many people there who I couldn’t understand what the heck they were talking about because apparently we spoke different languages.  Some highlights of the night:

  • Ian Fernando getting yelled at and threatened by the bartender.
  • Jon from Wickedfire meeting a weird indian guy who offered to teach him to make monies online.  Jon brought me over so that I could learn too and the conversation went something like this:  He explained that a niche was like “vegan” so i asked if that means i need to cook for these people.  At the end of this retarded but hilarious conversation i asked if he’d be my guru. He requested my email address so i told him it was and this stupid fuck stood there typing it into his iphone. “How many D’s Again?”
  • Some chick stole my name tag and went around telling people she was Ad Hustler.

In summary, Meetup202’s are super fun but there are a whole lot of retards at them.  I personally like to go and hang out with my friends (and make new ones) more then actually learn because I feel that whatever is taught is very very newbie.  Here are some pictures:

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  1. sweet! wish I was still in NY, would of def been there.

  2. Looks like a hell of a time.. the open bar part at least. Can’t wait to get back to the US for ASE!

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