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Tatto Media Sponsors Case Studies

I like to maintain minimal advertising on  I respect my readers enough not to bombard you with tons of crappy offers like many affiliate bloggers do.  To be quite honest, i receive at least a few advertising offers for this blog each week and I turn most of them down.  Tatto Media approached me with an interesting proposal that is win/win for everyone.

The Back Story: Mike from Tatto Media has been a supporter of this blog (especially the case studies) since I started it.  He has sent a lot of his new affiliates to check out my case studies and has thrown a lot of support my way.  His network (Tatto) has always been very private.  The extent of their promotion has been some really classy parties/cocktail hours at Ad Tech and other conferences.  Tatto has decided that they want to open up their network to more affiliates and approached me with an interesting proposal.

The Proposal: Tatto knows that I don’t like to whore out and they also know that case studies are interesting and helpful.  Tatto has offered to donate $25 for each approved affiliate into their network, for case studies on  I have agreed to take this money and do some new case studies that will be totally transparent.  Whether the case study fails or succeeds, i will post the ads, landing pages, offers, revenue etc.  You as the reader benefit with new transparent case studies funded by Tatto Media & you get to work with a great affiliate network.


About Tatto: Tatto is a private affiliate network with some really exclusive offers and a history of coming up with “the next big thing.”  Tatto Media was instrumental in bringing mobile offers mainstream and own some of the biggest winners in mobile.  They also own a lot of other exclusive offers in a variety of niches.  Tatto tests their offers in house to ensure they perform.  Tatto Media has a propietory tracking system that is really clean, easy to use and accurate (i’ve used it myself).  Sign up for Tatto Media, check out their offers and if you see something you like, give it a try.

Sign Up For Tatto Media – Get $25 Towards Public Case Studies

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  1. Nate Nate

    This sounds cool, will definitely sign up!

  2. louie louie

    I saw the same pumping of tatto media on ubers blog but I like your offer, I will give it a go too. I do mentoring for affiliate marketing and have been using your site as a site examples for others to follow

  3. Nice gonna check it out going to good cause don’t see why not to sign up

  4. Looking forward to seeing the results.

  5. I’m back in business after few months of being away! I’m big fan of Adhustlers blog and these case studies!

    I’m going to sign up. Thanks for this post.

  6. The link is not working anymore. I’ll check out that later or maybe sign up from the main site…

  7. @Monkeyman – This is no longer going on. Thanks for the support though 🙂

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