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Site: Mix Between Variety Of Sites <—(Edited Due To The Questions In The Comments)
Country: US Only
Max CPC: .10 Cents
Max Budget: $1000


7,888 Clicks
Cost: $784.29


Offer Niche: Mobile
Clicks Reported On Affiliate Network: 7,901
Conversions: 170
Revenue: $1,530

Summary: Test #16 got really interesting.  After the glimmer of success in Test #15, I wanted to see if the conversion rate held up on volume.  What I did was setup a $50 campaign.  I blew that budget with a positive ROI so I setup another $100 campaign.  I blew that budget with another positive ROI.  I continued this cycle of creating a new campaign and blowing its budget over the course of about 3 hours (while watching TV with my wife).  When the smoke cleared I had spent $784.29 and generated $1,530 in revenue on this particular campaign.  If you do the math thats a $745.71 profit over the course of about 3 hours.  95% ROI on this type of volume is pretty sick.  Just about 8,000 clicks is also a pretty solid test to judge the future profitability of the campaign.  I will obviously continue testing it.  16 SocialMedia tests have proven a few things:

  1. You can’t judge the quality of a traffic source very quickly, because if I had, I would have given up on Social Media during the first few tests.
  2. You can’t judge the quality of a traffic source based on just one offer.  I have rotated many many offers to find one that actually converts with this particular traffic.
  3. You must endure some pain to find a profitable campaign on a tier 2 traffic source.  If you don’t have ANY money to burn, stick to tier 1.

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  1. Martin Martin

    Hehe, if i were u i wouldn’t post it.

  2. Congrats! Have you tried any of the other sites offered on social media?

  3. Dam man, I have been following the Social Media Tests since the beginning! Nice work! I can’t wait to get mine going this weekend.

  4. Adam Adam

    My question is, what kind of CTR are you getting? I’ve never had much luck with SocialMedia. My campaign runs for half an hour, then goes down to a trickle after that. I assume it distributes the impressions based a formula of CTR and bid amount.

  5. So do you primarily focus on FB? I haven’t been keeping up with your blog lately…my bad.

    I actually haven’t been keeping up with my own either. 😉

  6. Ad Hustler Ad Hustler

    To answer a couple of the questions:

    What Kind Of CTR are you getting?

    The reason that I didn’t post the CTR on this test is because it was just too confusing to do. This 1 test was actually a variety of campaigns based around different settings within SocialMedia. The different campaigns had different CTR’s so posting an average would have made no sense. On average though my CTR’s are weak, around .50%. I am working on increasing my CTR. The problem is that whenever I create an ad that actually gets a good CTR, my conversion rate is terrible which defeats the purpose.

    So do you primarily focus on FB?

    Actually the 16 tests did not concentrate on Facebook. I was doing both Myspace & Facebook. I goofed up a bit when I originally posted this. I grabbed the case study template I was using for the other tests and forgot to edit the site targeting criteria. This test used a mix of all the sites available through Social Media. As I was maxing out budgets I was testing different Social Media settings.

    Hope that answers some questions.

  7. wow, after 16 case studies, u’ve managed to find the winning formula. $745 in 3hrs, thats freakin awesome! u’ll be on ur way to making 6figs in no time…i take back wat i said about it might not scaling too well LOL.

  8. question, are u targeting day part, or are u jux letting the camps start asap for 24hrs? also, u have any problems with the setting the calendar end date? it defaults to 11/2010, so i have to click the back “<-” button a ton of times to get to the current month…very annoying.

  9. Ad Hustler Ad Hustler

    Not day parting and yes you need to keep hitting the back button on the calendar. It’s sort of annoying but what are you gonna do?

  10. u should really give myspace advertising a shot since u can only filter by country on socialmedia. i think this campaign will do even better with the additional fine-tuning.

    myspace is a bit more granular and allows u go target ur audience better with age, gender, city/state, and a ton of interest categorie filters. the top level cats are auto, books, fashion, health&fitness, misc, movies, sports, television and video games.

  11. Stan Stan

    When you were going from $50 to $100, etc campaigns would you setup a new Ad Group for each one, stick them all under the same AD Group, or just edit your original ad and budget?

    For testing I’ve been making new Ad Groups each time and the amount of time to start getting impressions varies a lot. Do you think an actual person reviews our ads?


  12. Ad Hustler Ad Hustler

    I think its manually reviewed, so I like to edit an ad if I can because it gets running faster then creating a new one.

  13. Cody Cody

    Just found your site, and read all your posts regarding socialmedia. Very interesting and I like it, most people simply talk industry news, you actually took the time to post some tests and results and a solid review.
    Thanks for the info, and I will definitely be testing them out.

  14. I’m enjoying your case studies. KEep them coming. I’m just starting to test SocialMedia myself. Let’s see how it works out.

  15. t t

    dude… socialmedia is the most corrupt company in the online marketing business at the moment. your traffic is just good because you might have a new account rep. – if you have an old account or you want to get a new account – to get good traffic you need to cut a deal with your account rep. to get decent converting traffic.
    for everybody else they have only fucktard traffic that converts around 0.00001%

  16. Raheem Raheem

    Great case study dude!

  17. smealsmooneem smealsmooneem

    ?????? ????! ????? ?????? ????? =)

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