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Site: Facebook
Country: US Only
Max CPC: .10 Cents
Max Budget: $10


49,134 Impressions
133 Clicks
0.27% CTR
Cost: $10


Offer Niche: Mobile
Clicks Reported On Affiliate Network: 136
Conversions: 2
Revenue: $18

Summary:  It took 15 tests to get there, but finally I did find an offer that converted on traffic.  This test used the same ad and targeting as test #14 but I switched up the offer.  This other offer apparently converts a lot better for this traffic.  Since these are only $10 tests, they are by no means wholly conclusive.  136 clicks is not enough information to tell a consistent conversion rate.  This particular test converted at 1.47% and yielded a .13 cent EPC (earnings per click).  Since each click ended up costing around .08 cents, the gross profit per click is around .05 cents.  The question now becomes; can you scale that out and make a decent profit?  Assuming the conversion rate stays consistent, you can make $50 profit per day if you can drive in 1,000 clicks.  $50 per day is nothing to write home to mom about, but if you can scale that out even further to 10,000 clicks per day, you can make a decent chunk of change per day. has that volume of traffic but I would NOT expect the conversion rate to stay consistent on higher volumes of traffic.  There are just too many variables when using  If I do decide to scale this out, I will do another case study to analyze what happens to the conversion rate and EPC.

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  1. Congrats! I have only had success with socialmedia when I’m collecting emails for future deployments.

  2. Ad Hustler Ad Hustler

    @Josh – Thats a pretty cool idea. Can you elaborate on how you do this without giving up your niche? Do they double opt in?

  3. @ Ad Hustler – Sure It usually costs about $1.50 to $2.00 for a double opt in. It tends to take 15 to 20 clicks to get someone to opt in and then check their email to confirm and become a double opt in. I’m sure I would have better results with single but don’t want to risk all of the BS with CAN Spam laws. (BTW I use Get Response for email and seem to get a pretty good delivery rate.) It obviously depends on the ad text and landing page to explain to your customer what they should expect to get from you, I’ve tested all sorts of techniques but have found a consistent theme works best for conversions. Meaning, My ad text explains what they should expect of me offer wise, as well my landing page explains in enough detail to interest them in opting in – further explaining the offer, the emails remain consistent and the niche doesn’t vary. (At least in my experience it seems to work best remaining consistent with the niche but I’m sure more experienced mailers would be able to tell you different.) I’ve done a lot of testing and it seems to work best conversion wise when you tell the people what’s expected of them in your ad.


    Headline: Tons of free stuff
    Ad Text: Get free stuff! Just enter your email
    Call to Action: Enter Email Now

    I tend to see a better conversion when I send the people to a personal looking blog. Not quite like the lauras’ weight loss but a plain personal blog with a small picture on the side and about me. I have found that if I throw a picture of an unassuming college aged male (males convert better than females in this instance.) and explain how I have been able to get all sorts of free stuff without giving to much information away. I then show pictures of some of the stuff I have gotten. It is very simple and not very long mostly photos. I have a email subscribe below my about me photo as well as at the bottom of the page. I am also sure to explain they need to check their email to confirm.

    I also set up the autoresponder to forward them to another domain when they first enter their name/email (an additional post in the same blog)

    I am also explaining to them that they must check their email to confirm. Here is where i have put a c form contact form, “wordpress plugin” that has a tell your friends feature. I then tell them to tell their friends about this amazing find and share the wealth, etc. etc.

    I also have set up an exit pop up script if they try and exit out or hit the back button, the pop up just asks for their email again and show a pic of the dude with some of his crap.

    I also seen good conversions with just a crappy squeeze page but have seen the best with the above method.

    This can pretty much be applied to every niche but seem to see the best success with this personal approach. I try and not make it seem scammy and only ask for their email.

    Also the first email after the opt in I tend to send them to my “favorite free stuff posting blog” BTW its my blog.
    I then tell them to subscribe and see some of the great deals.

    The blog should be truly free stuff, no free trial BS. Logical Media has some good free stuff offers.

    Follow up emails tend to have links to free stuff directly in the email.

    Sometimes I send off a blast telling the people about free stuff that gives me no immediate benefit, ex. Taco Bell giving away tacos from 2-6 today.

    Although I am greedy and remind them to check out the free stuff blog and subscribe to the feed.

    Hopefully I wasn’t to long winded in my reply and actually made sense.

    Feel free to email me if you want to chat more about it.
    Have you tried anything else other than mobile on socialmedia.

    I’ve considered some of the crush offers but haven’t
    attempted yet.

    Good day.

  4. Wow! I just re-read my post above and see a ton of grammatical errors and poor sentence structure. I guess that’s what happens when you’ve been up 24 hours drinking red bull and working.

    If you need clarification feel free to email me.


  5. Aditya Aditya

    Crush offer converts like 1 in 50 for me on SM. Tested with hundreds of clicks and by rotating various offers. The problem is sometimes things get ugly and the conversion slip to 1:100.

  6. @Josh – Great tips. I hope all readers take advantage. 🙂

  7. that’s awesome, and congrats, u finally turned a profit! yeah i agree, ur conversions prob won’t scale that well. so if u were to guess, wat do u think was the difference b/t the two offers that made this one more attractive to users?

  8. Ad Hustler Ad Hustler

    @Anthony – I honestly don’t know. Sometimes one offer just converts better then another. They were very similar so its surprising.

  9. […] Test #16 got really interesting.  After the glimmer of success in Test #15, I wanted to see if the conversion rate held up on volume.  What I did was setup a $50 campaign.  […]

  10. TheoWn3r TheoWn3r

    yo, brandon, is there any start up fees for Is it a self serve platform?

    I tried it a while back by contacting them at and they wanted $5k commitment.

    Interesting how you tested out offers for 10 bucks a pop. Any tips on how I could get on it?

    • Ad Hustler Ad Hustler

      @TheoWn3r – is a self serve platform with no more then a $100 commitment last I checked. You can fund the account in $100 increments. I definetely would not drop 5K on testing this traffic source.

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