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Make Money With Twitter – New Method

2 Months ago I posted a Make Money With Twitter Tutorial.  Tons of people jumped on board and I’ve heard of quite a few doing well with it.  The jist of that post was that Twitter Follower Bots+ RSS content + ebay RSS feeds = Profit.  Recently, the eBay Partner Network has cracked down on ANYONE posting links to sites that they don’t own.  That makes my old method a bit outdated (although there are some sneaky ways to hustle the eBay Partner Network).  Those who can’t adapt, can’t survive in this industry so let’s adapt.

The whole Follower Bots + RSS Content is still necessary.  This way you can grow your profiles and have a constant flow of tweets without you really needing to do anything.  However, our monetization method is about to change.

I am making the assumption that you followed my guide in the last Twitter Tutorial and already have Twitter accounts built up with large follower bases.  I have multiple niche accounts in the 10,000+ Followers range.  It’s really not that hard so you should too.  So here’s the concept: We are going to use email submits to make more then was ever possible with the eBay Partner Network.  To demonstrate the process I am going to use the example of a Twitter account based around the iPhone.  We are going to integrate the email submits in as a “sponsor” for a Twitter contest.  Let me show you an example of how I would work this on this fictional Twitter account:

iPhoneExample Hey guys, we just got a sponsor who will be giving away iTunes Gift Cards.  Stay Tuned For More Info.

15 Minutes Later

iPhoneExample iTunes promotion will start in a few minutes.  Just dotting some i’s & crossing some t’s.

10 Minutes Later

iPhoneExample The contest begins.  (50) $50 iTunes Gift Cards.  Enter your email address to see if you qualify LINK (participation required)

15 Minutes Later

iPhoneExample Whoa, Lot’s of entries.  Get your free iTunes Gift Card,  Enter your email to see if you qualify LINK

30 Minutes Later

iPhoneExample Only 40 iTunes gift cards left.  Go to LINK and enter your email address to see if you qualify

Rinse & Repeat for the rest of the day at 30 minute intervals counting down how many cards are left and sending people into your email submit.

This may seem like it takes a lot of time but it doesn’t.  Simply get a free account at and pre-schedule your tweets.  In addition you can copy the past tweets so when you do this again on the same account or a different one, your tweets are pretty much pre-written.

If you have accounts that have a lot of followers, this is the easiest money you will ever make.  If you have multiple accounts with many followers, even easier.  You can’t do this type of contest every day, but once a month is fine.  If you can build 30 accounts to a lot of followers, you can have 1 account to do this to per day.  On an account with 10,000 followers, I would say it’s fairly easy to make $100-$200 off one of these contests.

Have you tried this?  Will you try this?

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  1. Kelly Kelly

    Cool info, thanks! A few questions..
    1. Which friend follower bot do you use?
    2. What is your method for not getting banned by twitter as you are building these accounts? Do you use proxies? How many friends to you add over time? etc.


  2. Conv3rsion Conv3rsion

    Another great post, thanks for dropping that knowledge. Also was cool meeting you at ASE

  3. How about doing the eBay thing but linking the tweets back to a website that you setup?

  4. @Kelly – I recommend Twitter Snipe & Hummingbird. Use them both. With Twitter you should fly under the radar a bit so If you can get multiple IPs it would be helpful. Try for IPs. Also, don’t run any advertising for at least a couple of weeks after starting the account. Let it age a little first.

    @Conv3rsion – Anytime brotha and a pleasure meeting you as well. Stay in touch.

    @Chicago Bears – Good call here and I figured I’d go into that in another post at some point. What you can do is set up an ebay SPLOG with PHPBay or Auction2Post and then scrape the SPLOGS RSS feed and feed that into Twitter. It is a similar strategy except that you will drop less eBay cookies that way since they have to click twice.

  5. newjersey newjersey

    sweet – this is so easy and can be done in spare time and you really don’t even need to track or screw around too much.

    i just tried it on an account with 2500 followers. I’ve been using twollo for automated followers but it has been slower than i would like. might need to bite the bullet and get twittersnipe.

  6. Hey really fun info!
    I think you are a hustler. i would definitely use it. Thanks anyway for making it simple + fast = Effective.
    Would sure tell you how it works for me.

  7. I think this way is so easy for the beginner to earn money in a simplest way.I would definitely use it.

  8. install one of the twitter plugins to auto tweet your wordpress post (generally titles and link) with auction2post running on autopilot you are tweeting each post, link back to the blog, one click to eBay… all relevant content and you can dominate searches (if you don’t get booted).

  9. Integer Integer

    Hello! Adhustler. Today I have found your blog. It’s very usefull. I have found some great marketing tips. Could you tell me please does this metod still working?

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