Introducing Kim Ann Curtin – Life Coach

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Let’s set the scene.

I was at Affiliate Summit in the press room with Ian Fernando.  A lady comes up to me and asks if I would like to have a discussion about my life.  Needless to say, the Ad Hustler brand of dark humor and mischief surfaced very quickly.  I turned to Ian and said “I’m Gonna Mess With Her!”  I followed her to the corner of the room and she introduced herself as Kim Ann Curtin, Life Coach.  She started asking me a series of questions of which I couldn’t really come up with any funny answers.  Then she started talking to me about some of the answers I was giving and I was impressed.  What could have been a joke, ended up being quite a nice conversation.

Here’s what I like about Kim:

  • She’s overcome obstacles in her life and uses those experiences to help others.
  • She’s got balls (not literally: figuratively) – How many people do you know walk up to strangers and ask to talk to them about their lives?
  • She’s done some awesome guerilla/viral marketing which has gotten her national press attention.
  • What she says makes sense, it’s not textbook crap, and she doesn’t think she’s better than you.
  • She’s 100% likeable – Meet her and you’ll know what I mean.

There must be a point to this post right?  YEP!

I have asked Kim to be a contributor to  I want to share her with all of you guys & gals because she makes you think.  She will post once in a while and hopefully we can get some great discussions going in the comments.  The posts will be very different then my writing style but I ask you to read them with an open mind.  Kim’s first post will come to you this week.  I look forward to it and I hope you do too.

Kim Ann Curtin – Website | Blog | Twitter | Youtube

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  1. that blowjob must have been phenom!


  2. Sick bastard….but hey, it’s why I love you guys.

  3. Whats up B
    Look forward to these posts!


  4. As a trained life coach also heavily engaged in building online business, I can say that the coaching process will multiply both your business and life effectiveness.

    Wish you both the best of luck!

  5. So how much she paying ya for this post?!

  6. @Georgie – This is NOT a paid post. 0 compensation. I feel she can offer some cool food for thought.

  7. “share her with all of you guys”…mmmm….sounds like fun.

  8. I’m definitely going to keep a good eye on future posts. Appreciate the share man usually people don’t share insightful stuff like this. They just keep to themselves and all of that.

  9. How much did you pay her for the service?

  10. I ain’t sold. The words “life coach” ring the same alarms as “make money online” for me.

  11. @Lorenzo
    Life coaching is a well-established field. You’ll be hard pressed to find any top-level corporate executives who don’t work with a coach. If you’re interested in learning more, check out

  12. Adhustler introduced me to Kim while at ASE and I too thought I was going to hear some horseshit. The truth is she is legit and listening to her life story was quite interesting. Her post will get flamed by idiots simply b/c it’s different but she won’t be selling snake oil.

  13. I will keep an open mind, oh and zipper too . lulz

  14. offers life coaching for only a fraction of the price. You send money and I tell you to STFU and get back to work.

  15. I strongly support’s life coaching practice as well.

  16. I think the lesson here is not to judge any profession until you’ve had the chance to work with the best in the industry. As internet marketers, we should be quite familiar with that tendency 😉

  17. […] Brandon Hoffman aka Ad Hustler is one Righteous Dude. We met at the Affiliate Summit East 09 here in Gotham. He has written a nice piece about me on his site. I will be featured as a guest blogger and looking forward to giving some good juice to his peeps!Read it here: […]

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