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Affiliate Summit East NYC 2010 Day 2 Observations #ASE10

Affiliate Summit day 2 thoughts, things learned and observations:

  • It’s a really bad sign when the show is going on and your sales rep is sitting there reading a USA Today.
  • If Shoemoney’s product is as good and informative as his seminar than it’s probably a great product.
  • Some takeaways from Shoemoney’s session: 60% of Facebook users login daily.  “Affiliate Marketers are our worst enemy” ~Facebook 2010 – Affiliates are using event pages to promote things that Facebook banned through the ad system.  This pisses off Facebook because not only are affiliates still creating a bad user experience but now Facebook isn’t even making money on it. Big ad spend = the rules no longer apply.  He gave examples of major brands doing the exact same thing as affiliates are being banned for.  Early adopters make the most money in any new ad system.  Facebook considers any click through rate over 0.01% an EXCELLENT click through rate.  Whether you are bidding CPM or CPC you need to beat the house rate of about 23 cent CPM in order to get your ads to run.  Shoemoney’s research has shown that in order of importance the following aspects of a Facebook ad: 10% Title, 20% Body Text, 70% Images.  – 75% of clicks if multiple ads are on a page will be to the ad with booby cleavage.
  • People ask the stupidest freakin’ questions at seminars. If they would spend a second thinking about what they are asking rather then getting excited about hearing their own voices, they wouldn’t sound so stupid.
  • Emailers are a whole other breed in this industry.  Either they are coming out into the open or there are a lot more emailers all of a sudden because i’ve never met so many at an event.
  • Shawn Collins is a pimp
  • It’s interesting how small of a world it is.  I constantly run into people I know from other aspects of my life at affiliate events.
  • If you say something to someone and they immediately blow up at you/over-react you know what you said is TRUE.
  • MediaWhiz/MonetizeIt has by far the best events in the industry.
  • Getting stuck in the South Bronx with 25 affiliates can be an interesting experience.
  • There is a lot of talk about pursuing “Big Brands” in affiliate marketing offers.
  • People get extremely offended if they think i’m referring to them with these thoughts & observations.

Please Note: I do receive a Press Pass to Affiliate Summit which get’s me in for free however, all statements and thoughts are my own opinions.

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  1. newjersey newjersey

    Did you mean .10% ctr is considered good by facebook?

    Big ad spend = rules no longer apply .. reminds me that big brand websites can break the “rules” with seo (blatant link buying, etc) and not get punished by google

    Excellent observations.

  2. Frobles Frobles

    It should be
    “Facebook considers any click through rate over 0.10% an EXCELLENT.. “

  3. Agree on Shoe’s session, a couple friends agreed it was the best one of show. We produced the free DVDs he gave out to attendees, there’s good content on there that’s from his full $500 product.

    Too bad Dennis Yu (or whoever his name is) didn’t crash the session, that would have added some spice.



  4. Stop writing about me. I think brand recognition makes the sale a lot easier. If two products are side by side and one has a name no one has heard of, selling it online is going to be a challenge.

  5. Andro Andro

    0.10 Ctr is excellent.

  6. How were you guys stuck on the south Bronx? Pile into some gypsy cabs or hop the subway.

  7. Great observations. Affiliate Summit East was a success. Hope you had similar experience.

  8. Stuck in the South Bronx with affiliates, haha, sounds like fun. If you ever need help navigating the BX let me know, 😉

  9. joe joe

    yankees game was good… haha you guys just needed to take the train outside the stadium towards manhattan 😉

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