What Networks Are Doing For Affiliates At Affiliate Summit

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So as is everyone, I am phsyched for Affiliate Summit West 2009 in Vegas.  The schedule is filling up.  I got to thinking that some affiliate networks treat their affiliates a whole lot better then others.  Maybe that’s an unfair statement.  Maybe it’s just that certain affiliate managers treat their affiliates better then others.  Here are some cool things some affiliate managers/networks have set up so far.


My affiliate manager Jeff is taking me to a nice Sushi lunch.  Can’t beat that.

Copeac is also having a killer party at the Palms called Thrilla In The Villa.  Its at The Palms  Sky Villa 1/12/09 at 10PM and is by invite only.  What this means is that if you want to go, get on your Copeac affiliate managers ass and give them a guilt trip for not inviting you.  Copeac are cool people and i’m sure their party will be loads of fun.


My affiliate manager Scott is taking myself and Ian Fernando out for dinner.  I’ve never actually met scott so I look forward to it.

Hydra Network

April will be taking me out to lunch.  I’ve also never met April so it should be a good time.


Honestly, I have very little idea who these guys are but they still inbvited me to their party at the Palms.  The party will be at The Moon Nightclub at The Palms on 1/10/09 at 10:30pm.   This is also an invite only party.  I look forward to finding out what these guys are all about.

Ads4Dough/Wickedfire Get Together

Ads4Dough in conjunction with Wickedfire are throwing a little get together at The Rio on 1/10/09.  This small get together is exploding and they are running out of room to take people.  My suggestion is to hop on wickedfire and RSVP so you can get in and chill with all your favorite degenerates from wickedfire.

Ianteract/Paradigm Visions Dinner

Ianteract and Paradigm visions have teamed up to take a special few out to a really nice dinner at Rum Jungle at the Mandalay Bay.  Paradigm Visions is probably not a very well known name in the industry but they are cool people and I suggest you check out their network.

Yep Revenue

My boy Elias, owner of the coolest damn affiliate network in the industry is taking out a Penthouse at The Venetian.  He’s having a get together for his industry friends.  Can’t wait for this one.

Tatto Media

Tatto are a bunch of true gentleman.  In gentleman fashion they will be having a cocktail party similar to their Ad Tech NYC party.  Should be fun and I look forward to attending.


I’m sure there will be tons more parties and get togethers but these are the ones I have penciled in so far.  It seems like a good portion of networks are doing some great things for their affiliates.  SOme companies that seem to be dropping the ball however are:

CX Digital – They send out a broad invite to a “Billionaires Party” that is supposed to exclusive and then tell you to contact your AM for more information.  What?  How about the AM just send an invite if they want you at the party.  Sort of insulting.

Affiliate.com – Haven’t heard of anything.

Xy7.com – Haven’t heard of anything other then a brief mention that of you did some crazy amount of business with them before Summit, they would give you a “Free” invite to their party.


If any other events come to my attention I will update this post.

Please Note: I do receive a Press Pass to Affiliate Summit which get’s me in for free however, all statements and thoughts are my own opinions.

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How Not To Be A Douchebag At Affiliate Summit.

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It’s sort of sad but some people don’t know how to behave when they get off the interwebs and into real life.  This is meant as a small guide of how to behave towards various people in the industry at a show such as Affiliate Summit.

How To Act Towards Other Affiliates

  • Don’t brag about how much money you make.  You will look like a tool.
  • Don’t wear a pink bandanna unless your a girl.
  • Don’t be a phony and try to pretend you are an expert at something you aren’t.  If you are involved in a conversation and you don’t really know much about what the other affiliates are talking about, just admit it and ask questions.  People can detect a phony from a mile away.
  • Don’t try to get “secrets” from other affiliates.  If they want to give you information they will, but asking for some sort of “secret sauce” is going to turn people off from you in a hot second.
  • Don’t ask other affiliates what offers their running.  It’s ok to talk about the niches you like to promote and ask what their into but it’s not ok to try to delve into privileged info.
  • Don’t think your a gangsta and try to start fights with other affiliates because of something they said about you online.  Act like a human being.

How To Act Towards Affiliate Managers

  • If you want some time with your AM at Affiliate Summit, set up a meeting before hand.  Don’t expect that they can just drop whatever they are doing to meet with you.
  • Don’t ask your affiliate managers what offers another affiliate that shares your AM is running.  You’re putting your AM in a bad spot and you wouldn’t want them to drop your info on another affiliate would you?
  • Treat your AM with respect.  Although their job is to service your account, they don’t owe you anything.
  • If your AM is a women don’t hit on her.  Your AM is in the industry to take your crap on a business level, not on a sexual level.  I’m sure she can do better then your ugly ass.

The biggest reason for going to a conference like affiliate summit is to network.  You can make friends in this industry that will last for years.  Talk to people with respect (unless their hobby is dressing up like spiderman to invade kiddie parks) and bring something to the conversation and it can pay off ten fold for years down the line.

Remember, It’s OK to be a dick but not OK to be a douchebag.

Do you have anything to add?  Post a comment!

Please Note: I do receive a Press Pass to Affiliate Summit which get’s me in for free however, all statements and thoughts are my own opinions.

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Changed My AIM Screen Name

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Hey All.

I decided to change my AIM screen name.  I’ve tried to contact just about everyone on my buddy list to let them know.  If you have not been contacted or need my AIM, please leave a comment with your email and I will email it over to you.

Thanks :)

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Do You Have A Plan For 2009?

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I was speaking to Jeff, my affiliate manager at Copeac.  He asked me if I had a plan for 2009.  It’s such a simple question and sort of genious at the same time.  I don’t think that most affiliates have a plan for the year.  Like me, we wing it as we go, promoting whatever looks promising.  Having a plan for the year could actually make you a lot of money.  Rather then just promoting whatever comes up, try drawing out a gameplan of what you want to promote and at what time during the year.  By thinking ahead you could bank on seasonal trends, holidays and increased traffic on the interwebs.  By planning your valentines day campaign in December, you can give it a lot of thought, and possibly come up with something truly original when your not in a time crunch.

I personally am going to create a rough plan for 2009 of different products I want to promote.  Will you be doing the same?

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Happy Holidays To Everyone

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Whether you celebrate Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanza, Solstice, Festivus or whatever, I would like to wish everyone a happy holiday.  Take a day off, unwind, eat some good food, focus on family and friends and have a good time.  That is all.

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