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Do You Have A Plan For 2009?

I was speaking to Jeff, my affiliate manager at Copeac.  He asked me if I had a plan for 2009.  It’s such a simple question and sort of genious at the same time.  I don’t think that most affiliates have a plan for the year.  Like me, we wing it as we go, promoting whatever looks promising.  Having a plan for the year could actually make you a lot of money.  Rather then just promoting whatever comes up, try drawing out a gameplan of what you want to promote and at what time during the year.  By thinking ahead you could bank on seasonal trends, holidays and increased traffic on the interwebs.  By planning your valentines day campaign in December, you can give it a lot of thought, and possibly come up with something truly original when your not in a time crunch.

I personally am going to create a rough plan for 2009 of different products I want to promote.  Will you be doing the same?

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  1. GT GT

    I cant tell you how thrilled I am that I found this site!!!

  2. We plan on getting to the Billboard #1

  3. Ad Hustler Ad Hustler – Your already halfway there. LOL

  4. I am still working on my plan for 09. I will be posting it on my blog around new years day.

  5. Nice post. I think the ones who will be truly successful are the ones who take the approach you are taking! Can’t wait to chat over beers in Vegas!

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