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  1. 1) I hope the bridesmaids are wearing HAWT ass pink dresses at Ian’s wedding

    2) I hope I’m invited

    3) ???

    4) Get laid and maybe profit!

  2. haha yes! the only thing missing is a tanned person. other than that its almost close to perfect

  3. I’ve been to a few hood weddings, but this tops them all! LOL.

  4. What?! Ian Fernando’s engaged to be married?!

  5. DAMN! Who needs Dolce and Gabbana, check the girl’s shades out 😛

    None the less, when Ian gets married, if he has a wedding like that, he should put an invitation up for auction… I just might bid on it 🙂

  6. turbolapp turbolapp

    That big fella was an inspiration to all white male Affiliate Marketer’s everywhere that ever thought they could/should dance.

  7. Silver Silver

    This wedding looks good, may want to get married myself after watching this.

  8. It’s sometimes painful to watch white people dance… I was waiting for the girls father to bust out with the c-walk. 🙂

  9. Ian your way to modest. You got smoother moves then that to impress your future lucky lady to be.

  10. @kris there will definitely be some gangster walk at my wedding and the Hustler has proof of my walk

    @pingo haha got to give some love t the white people

  11. Conv3rsion Conv3rsion

    Only thing missing was the worm. Ok and maybe the robot.

  12. That is hysterical! I wish I went to weddings like that.

  13. what is even more hysterical are the floggers reposting this video with bizopp links. Sigh…

  14. @Matt L- Really?! I haven’t seen any of that, but I’ll keep an eye out. Thanks for the heads up.

  15. Ian – if she can dance AND do laundry, you’re set lol.

  16. Ad Hustler Ad Hustler

    @Silver – LOL 🙂

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