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Ever get to the point of just being completely and utterly overwhelmed with everything? That’s where I’m at! Just too much to do and not enough time or brain power to get it done. The important thing to remember is that eventually it all clears itself up. I’m hoping the clarity comes sooner then later.

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  1. Mo Money Mo Problems.

    On a serious note I know what you mean, choose your time wisely and do the most important tasks first. Just always make sure to keep time for family and friends.

  2. I know exactly what you mean. I’ve always had a ton of projects on my plate and trying to manage them all isn’t easy. I’ve found that splitting my day up into the specific projects and planning hours for each one has helped me out a lot.

  3. John C. John C.

    Sounds like your at the point where you need to hire more employees, or consider scaling your operation.

  4. David David

    Maybe you need a good destabilizer event in your life to help see things with new clarity. like a vacation or going out in the woods, etc.

    I find this is always helpful to remind myself of what I really should be doing:

    Good luck

  5. Chad Chad

    Get more people. Start working on, not in, your biz.

    And if you have a team already, get a project manager and just delegate to them.

  6. Getting more/new QUALITY staff is easier said then done. The reason I’m so busy is because one of my people quit and it’s proven very difficult to find someone else with even half a brain.

  7. I’m there too bro! Just take it in strides.

    Create a Not-To-Do list to tighten up on things that you’re wasting time on. Whatever you don’t finish in a day roll-over to the next day.

    Also look to hire a personal secretary / assistant. I did this not long ago and it has helped out big time. From scheduling calls, handling workerbee stuff, etc. Huge relief.

  8. Sometimes I feel so tired I want to shut myself off. and stay off .But thats the worst thing have to get off the mat as soon as possible . And keep going .. Take one thing at a time . finish it and move on IT will get done!!!

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